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  1. I'm having the same issue. My kavat was first cured with the imprinting, but then second time when I tried to use the Vasca Curative the kavat remained infected.
  2. I'm taking it easy this year because of my busy schedule, but I hope I can create some drawings and comics for this year's Inktober. I may or may not follow the official prompts, and any Warframe-related Inktober pieces will be posted here. ❤️ Day 1: Ring - Flexing Nezha and Rhino - 2 panels comic Day 2: Mindless - Mindless Attack Drones Day 3: Bait Day 4: Freeze - Frozen Duck Day 6: Husky - Dogs dogs dogs! Day 7: Enchanted - Pelvic Sorcery (featuring Wisp) Day 8: Frail - I'm still Here Day 9: Swing - Wally Day 11: Snow - Operators in Orb Vallis *new* Day 16 - No theme but still WF related - Operator and Rook Day 22: Ghost - ghost kid mode *new* Here are my pieces from last year's Inktober: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1013821-official-warframe-inktober-2018-megathread/?tab=comments#comment-10186581
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