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  1. Do Maroo's weekly mission to get an ayatan sculpture. It's not the fastest way, but if you do her mission every week and fully socket them with stars, you'll have plenty to melt into endo.
  2. Thanks for featuring the Thank You, DE Project! I'm so glad that Megan and Dani weren't tormented by my drawing. You guys were such good sport for trying to figure out the languages and pronunciations. ❤️
  3. If you want all the rooms in the Orbiter unlocked, then you'll need to do the main line quests. As for getting new drop ships, either you find the blueprint parts from rare containers or you buy the fully built ships with plat in the market.
  4. Welcome back! I would do the mainline quests and take a quick look at the various new things added (like Railjack). If you have cleared the Star Chart, you could check out the Steel Path and Arbitration. There is also hunting Liches to get their weapons and exclusive ephemera, but that's not essential. Get some of the new frames and weapons as well as take a look at old frames and melee weapons that have gone through reworks. One of the big updates is changes to the melee system so a lot more melee weapons are more viable (or at least interesting) than before.
  5. LOL, it seems like every time I complain about RNG in public, the thing I wanted finally drops. On our main accounts my husband and I got all Wisp's parts in 9 runs but on our second accounts 10 runs so far and we got 5 systems and 5 main blueprints. Neuroptic and chassis refuse to drop. Anyway, glad you finally got all the parts you need to build Wisp. RNG can be so cruel sometimes.
  6. YOU are awesome! I still remember and appreciate your help restoring my anniversary armor set on my alt account earlier this year. ❤️
  7. Thanks for organizing this Kin! ❤️ I had fun participating in this little project, and we wanted to show how much we appreciate the people at DE. Things have been tough for all of us, but we make do with what we have. Good luck with Tennocon and everything~
  8. Like the guy above me said, that's the Rolling Stone logo recolored. Pretty sure that image wouldn't be approved because it's a copyrighted image. Your best bet is to look for loyalty free image or better ask an artist to design something for you. Not only can they create something original, they can make sure it fits the specs so the emblem won't be rejected on a technical issue either. Look at the fan art section of the subforum if you want to hire an emblem artist. Heck, even I've done emblem and emotes so I know what it takes to make something readable at 128 x 128 (or in my case 28 x 28 for emotes).
  9. This is a pretty cute idea. I'm not sure if I'll be following streamers' builds and fashionframes, but I'm sure plenty of people would. Thanks for adding another way of interacting between streamer and players. 😄
  10. Just take your time and enjoy and learn the game. Rhino's a good frame to start after your starter because of his Iron Skin keeps you tanky, his Roar to increase power strength, and Stomp for crowd control. If you can find a clan, they have lots of blueprints that will come in handy. You can even get Warframe blueprints (no RNG required, lol) for Nezha, Banshee, Volt, Wukong, and Zephyr. I highly recommend just going through the missions on your Star Chart and completing requirements for junctions. I also recommend you smash boxes and open as many lockers as you can. Higher rank players tend to zip mission map and not bother with lockers and boxes through, but since you'll be slowly going through the missions anyway, get those free resources and credits. Heck, you might even find some secrets like Ayatan Sculptures which are decorations for your Orbiter that can be melted down into Endo at Maroo's Bazaar. I recommend doing four excavations on Earth (or if you happened to get lucky and have a squad go further) because every four successful excavation you can get a reward useful for beginning players like you. You should also check out bounties on Cetus. Level 1 should be ok at your level and you can get some rewards usable for you, like resources on planets that you haven't opened yet (for example Gallium if you haven't opened Mars yet) or undamaged mods. Hopefully you can find undamaged essential mods and once you get them, level them up. For primary weapons, focus on level up Serration. For secondary, Hornet Strike. For melee, Pressure Point. You won't have too much Endo and credit yet so focus on leveling the damage mod for the weapon type you use the most. As for frames, I would level up and mod Vitality (health), Redirection (shield), and/or Steel Fiber (armor). Main priority would be getting more health for beginners though different frames have different stats so use your judgment what survivability mods you want to focus on. For example, if you do get Rhino, Steel Fiber will boost his base armor as well as make his Iron Skin stronger (Iron Skin also relies on power strength) but as a new player probably still better to have Vitality because your Iron Skin might drop unexpectedly and you may or may not to get it back up for whatever reasons. No need to worry about maxing out these mods because this will be a long term project. Oh, once you get your first sentinel, max out and mod vacuum as soon as you can--big QoL improvement for new players especially when you want to gather as much resources as possible. Finally, a lot of stuff isn't explained properly so unless you have someone to guide you, it can be extremely confusing. Feel free to ask people here or in game as well as check out the Warframe wiki: https://warframe.fandom.com/
  11. You can have juggle four syndicates fairly easily. On my secondary account, I have Steel Meridian, Arbiter of Hexis, Cephalon Suda, and Red Veil. On my main account, I went with the less optimal combination of Arbiter of Hexis, Cephalon Suda, Perrin Sequence, and New Loka. Ideally, if I was supporting New Loka and Perrin Sequence, it's better to support Red Veil and Steel Meridian, but because I didn't like the black and red look of Red Veil (I know, very shallow), I went with Suda and Hexis. Plus, my husband was already supporting Steel Meridian and Red Veil before we got our secondary accounts and the two of us were able to cover all the syndicates. The key is only level up two of the syndicates actively while leveling up the remaining two passively. As for Suda vs Loka, I would see which syndicate has more mods that your other syndicates don't carry and go from there.
  12. It really depends on your play style, the situation, and what you're looking for in a frame. My favorites suit my play style but they're not necessarily part of the meta. I would switch to different frames depending on what's the challenge or play mode. Some frames are better for nuking, while others are better for cc, etc. So, what you looking for and what do you think makes a good warframe?
  13. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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