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  1. Let me know if it works for you! Oh, that I didn't know about! I'll have to be mindful of not watching on multiple devices. Thanks so much for your helpful advice! Oh, I agree that the error caused your stream viewing. I admire your dedication to the cause and good luck! I hope you can get afk watching on Edge as well. 👀 I never paid attention to the desktop Twitch app. I guess I could give it a try, haha.
  2. I always give proper credits to people, and your post definitely put me on the right path figuring out afk watching so thanks! :D Aye, thanks for digging up that reply. I wanted to include the post but my quick search wasn't very fruitful. Glad you posted your reply so now it's part of the conversation! <3 Before drop 2.0 went live (January this year?), Edge's inactive tab function was introduced and I had to change the settings to get afk watching to work again. I figure some people might not realize that so I added a note about that. Thank goodness for the mini Octavia noggle campaig
  3. Probably best way of finding the answer is to contact them directly. https://www.twitch.tv/kalon75
  4. Thank you so much!! I'm glad you appreciate the time and effort I put into the piece. Since I'm replying, I might as well add something new here. I was commissioned by DE to make a set of ten emojis for the official Warframe Discord server. It was a lot of fun coming up with the ideas and drawing them. It was definitely a fun and collaborative effort between me and @[DE]SpaceySarah 😍
  5. I just wrote up a little guide for those who want the drops but can't watch the streams live. Hopefully this can help some people.
  6. We all would love to be able to watch streams live and grab the rewards, but many of us can't for various reasons. Maybe you're like me and live in a time zone when I'm sound asleep during many of the stream slots, or maybe you have real life obligations that won't allow you to be watch stream (job, schools, etc.). I was partially inspired by @Slayer-.'s advice given in the Warframe Twitch Drops 2.0 thread but I also incorporated a few things I've learned from my own experience. Click on the spoilers for screenshot. This method doesn't work for Chrome, but it does work on Firefox and Edge
  7. Yes! This has been on my wishlist for so long!
  8. I have no idea if DE will do more creator only twitch drops, but in the case of this weekend, they wanted to test drop 2.0 on a slightly bigger group. They asked us for feedback as well as report any problems we or viewers encountered. Iron out more kinks before expanding the system to whole Warframe category. I wouldn't be surprised if they'll have more category wide drop campaigns in the future, but better if this is sorted out first because we are still seeing some people not able to get their drops for various reasons.
  9. Leeches gotta leech. I have seen out in the wild leeches complaining other people not having the relics they wanted. I get it's frustrating, but it's not illegal and your punishment doesn't fit the supposed crime. Only way to deal with this is make your own squads if you want to farm parts with like minded people or just ignore those who are trying to leech.
  10. 24 hours alert is fine because they did clearly stated that there were three 24 hours alerts: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1249646-celebrate-the-year-of-the-ox/ With that said I agree each alert lasting a few days (or all three alerts starting at once but run for a week or so, like they've done with some past events) would have been nicer. More opportunity for people can jump into the game to do the alerts...
  11. I guess you can open a ticket to support and ask them when was your registration date. XD As for me I still have my activation email so I know when I registered but, yeah, I did like old account management let us know how old our account is.
  12. Glad to hear that! I'll give it a try with next week's stream then. Thanks for your advice. ^^
  13. I checked the inbox when I logged in for the first time this morning. The message wasn't there. I got a notification the second time logging into the game, and when I looked at the inbox, the message was there. I've noticed this kind of lag before and I would trigger the appearance of the message by either relogging or doing a mission and get back to the Orbiter.
  14. My family and I are in similar situation (also in an unfriendly time zone for streams) and I noticed same thing as what you observed. I unlinked and relinked Twitch and Warframe accounts last weekend. For the Tuesday stream we did the usual. We were afking (we're sleeping!) and next morning we checked and none of us had the potato in the In Progress section of the Twitch Drop page. Pretty sure our account went through the whole stream because in the morning we were in someone else's stream via raid instead of remaining paused on the Warframe Twitch page. For the Wednesday stream, I was a
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