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  1. tumblr_inline_nyte5puEXb1r8xjo3_540.png


    I used the raven voice for my operator :o Kinda hoping they'll release hair in a longer style, but more swept up into a sort of updo (or just longer hair in general). But I'm pretty happy with how she looks now. It'd be cool to see outfits based on different warframes too.

    Also for anyone putting in links, put [im.g] [./img] tags (no periods) around it so it'll just show up as a picture :D

  2. I honestly despised Valkyr when I first picked her up (this was before the recent changes to her). I didn't like the abilities much, and I hated how Hysteria seemed to have as much effect as giving my enemies backscratches. Now that she's been tweaked I love her a lot more, and I look forward to trying her out more seriously. The Gersemi skin didn't hurt either :>

  3. I have to agree, this has always really bugged me. I hope DE took the opportunity to mix things up with the new modular corpus coming out soon. I get the lack of variation in the Grineer (being clones and all), but lack of variation in the Tenno and Corpus honestly breaks my immersion in the game. Obviously we can't really tell much about their races from just the lower halves of their faces, but it's not unreasonable to point out that there are virtually no darker-skinned NPCs/enemies in the game. One or two examples picked out from a couple seconds in the trailers doesn't count- google 'tokenism' and save everyone the time of grubbing over screenshots. If you have to pull up old/peripheral content to find people with darker skin, it should be pretty obvious that there weren't enough in the first place.


    And on the note of "It doesn't matter"/"It's the far future it's probably different"/"Race/Gender don't matter"- it does matter. This game doesn't exist in a vacuum- it was made by people living in a society influenced by cultural norms. Everything in this game is the result of a choice. Coming up with reasons why everyone would be light-skinned technically fits in universe (um, not sure why you're bending over backwards to do that anyway), but it's still the conscious decision to exclude- lore isn't some untouchable thing, and it's also influenced by our own biases. I'm not saying "Grr, DE is racist!", but just saying that we can't just pretend that Warframe is completely divorced from the biases of real life. It's not terrible to take issue with only seeing one type of skin in a substantial population of characters in a piece of media, and it's not demanding to ask that DE make some tweaks to make things more realistic.


    All the fantastical space stuff should be an argument for inclusion, not ignoring it- if we can fly around in wing-shaped jetpacks and travel to faraway planets in twenty seconds, why suddenly draw the line at including different models of humans? Honestly, there's no reason to get so up in arms about someone wanting to be represented. No one's losing anything. If "race and gender don't matter", then why are you arguing with OP? It shouldn't matter if someone wants darker skin on more characters then. Let them have it, you just said it doesn't matter to you.


    Anyway, sorry for the long post- it's 3:30AM for me and I'm procrastinating about getting to bed. Feel free to ask for clarification, I know I get verbose when I'm tired.

  4. The problem will still exist.

    The problem isn't the amount of scans to compete the codex.

    The problem with Helios is the AMOUNT OF TIME REQUIRED TO COMPLETE A SCAN. You can complete 3 to 5 scans while Helios struggle to complete one. (the last time i use)


    This. There are a few problems with scan amounts (hi, quest-specific enemies/objects), but in terms of Helios my main beef with using it is that it takes too long :/ I often find myself hovering around the enemy I need scanned waiting for Helios to pick up on it- I can save more time doing it myself. Maybe if we added an option to have Helios automatically start scanning when we zoom in on something in our reticle?


    Honestly though, if we're talking about codex disasters, I think there are bigger fires to put out- impossible-to-complete and duplicate entries are still a big problem. Codex really needs some fixes in that areas- and either reintroduction of some of the exclusive enemies or making quests repeatable (pretty please?).


    What I am doing, is asking you to calm yourself, take a deep breath, and approach the subject objectively.


    I understand wanting to tone down some of the swearing for the sake of keeping the thread from being locked, but objectivity isn't possible at this point and it isn't necessarily a bad thing. People can't completely divorce their emotions from topics that affect their lives so drastically; for trans people these things are often a matter of life or death. Trans people are regularly beaten and murdered for less. Treating trans issues as an abstract argument you can be calm about is a luxury in that sense; once the debate ends, so does your involvement. For trans people this is their entire life. Can you see now why Smimsy might be so upset over this?


    I'm not saying objectivity in discussions is bad, but it shouldn't be an end goal, and in turn emotional involvement shouldn't be seen as some sort of logical weakness. Sometimes being calm can be too much to ask for. 

  6. It's infuriating and saddening to see people try to brush this off as "just the way things are", or "just a joke." Everyone deserves to be able to play Warframe and feel safe and respected. And honestly, it takes nothing out of your day to be nice to another human being about something that hurts them this much. There are plenty of jokes to be made that don't hurt people this way, and if you're really so attached to your fundamental right to be a jerk I think you need to take a step back and ask yourself why. Same for if you're so willing to pass off egregious behavior as "just the internet". You're not being forced to say these things, so why not just not say them?


    People aren't asking for some sort of inquisition; no one wants anyone's head on a plate. Telluric and Smimsy and everyone else are just asking for some respect. I understand not everyone gets upset about the jokes mentioned, but it's important to recognize that some people do. Your comfort doesn't cancel out someone else's discomfort. Have a little heart.

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