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  1. *Now that Hildryn is out and after some testing it is concluded that the common shield gating mechanic cas more flaws than not therefore it should be reconsidered to shift into a new mechanic, series of mechanics or adapt more positive interactions with mods and arcanes.
  2. They could either make it have 3+3+2BP+Main BP parts or 3+BP but all of them being rare, those are the options I can see as either fair enough or generally a correspondence in regard to the value of the frame similar to vauban prime, indeed Chroma required other blueprints in order to craft the frame but it did not require the entire players to build totally different frames, it only used some of the most common blueprint parts of other warframes in order to have each of his parts built respectively so a difference still exists. However do not forget that prime variant blueprints are trade-able so even if it is in fact 9 blueprints they can simply make most of them common/uncommon and people will be able to still obtain them pretty easily due to the fact that they are trade-able where as in the standard variant they ought to kill a boss a multitude of times in order to have all of the parts.
  3. Just a random stack of ideas thrown around... ... it would be nice to see the same system about body-part damage being applied on the literal enemies and their health as well as warframes similar to how armor in some games work where you break certain body parts to separately to increase damage, however maybe it could also be good to see a weakness-based system where body parts are actual actual mesh which can be shot at and damaged, hitting the feet and breaking them could result in movement speed slow for example plus 20% total hp damage which can either not be recovered by normal means (losing max hp temporarily maybe) or any other crazy idea, maybe breaking the chest area could result in shields being capped (in which case we could have overshield and simply being careful on how we fight so we avoid and prevent them from being de-gated again, another cool thing could be that, there could also be the case of each body part having its own unique shield, health and armor health points , maybe adding vitals too where if for example 3 out of 5 parts break (break= hp reaches 0 for that particular part) there could be a special state in which the warframe would start losing its life force and start dying and going towards the current downed state, this could help somehow prevent being one-shot in late game missions however there should still be required skillful play in order to survive, it would just assist the "one" shot prevention because essentially in order to die in game you would be required to lose 3/5 parts or something similar, basically the idea is to have a system that would be both fun to play around with and at the same time solve the problem that many warframes suffer in late game from with some exceptions. We could of course have directional attacks and body-parts on enemies as well to make things interesting and encourage skillful plays. The ideas came from the recent eidolon and orb fights since we actually do something similar to those bosses however with in-between processes that revolve around fast play and often times teamwork. EDIT: Due to the initial Original Post of this Thread being a bit confusing I will create a TL;DR Below with some extra information you might want to read and check out instead. TL;DR: I will Quite some additions that have been made to the post and compile it here for convenience, Here is the idea visualzed, took some time to put togerher, (dont mind the size, original was extra large so I could not fit it in the forums, turned it into a gif for ease and clarity for the readers): 1/1 means it is the head and any instance of damage will result in the downed state or death. basically priority goes to the external shields first, then to the health bars then to the 1/1, maximum health is distributed evenly on each limb while on the chest it is a little higher to emphasize the size, each time a part is destoyed or lethaly damaged the other parts that are of lower priority to be hit will be invulnerable for a brief moment with visual indication for the player, area of effect damage gets distributed evenly however one part gets destroyed and the others can stay possibly on 1 or something similar, healing abilities and effects heal the warframe's parts evenly (though for the chest area it should be a little higher most likely), shield regeneration will work after the shield is broken a while afterwards as per usual, health bars that have been destroyed can be restored if all other limbs are at max health with an X priority such as arm, leg, arm, leg, chest but that is subject of testing, it could also be the case that the way the warframe is facing the enemy counts towards which part will take the damage (similar to how baruuk's 1 works) however if that part is dead then the range of it will automatically be divided and taken by the remaining parts, it could be simplified though by adding just one HP bar with splits in it but the above would simply make it look more interesting but thats all subjective, this is the main idea though. As a bonus, we could lose our warframe temporarily (on a cooldown) and end up in our
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