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  1. Clan name: The Remnants of the Void Tier: Moon Platform: PC Role: Founding Warlord Our dojo video showcasing some of our best rooms with multiple new rooms added from our last submission. The Archives A place of relaxation and knowledge. Inspired by The Library of Trinity College with some similarities to the Jedi Archives from Star Wars. Seraphim This massive Angel is our newest addition to our dojo. Filled with details and with a terrifying presence, this Angel is bound to gather your attention. Dry Dock The All Seeing Eye will pass judgement all those that enter the Railjack. It's long Tentacles slowly growing and gaining more and more control of the Dry Dock. Inspired by HAL 9000 from the 2001 Space Odyssey. World Bifrost Cross the light bridge, beware of the monsters that surround you. Inspired by Marvel's Bifrost Bridge. Project Chaos Alpha The storage facility for Unit Chaos Alpha. Where all fixes and upgrades are done. Even having a lounge place for the mechanics to enjoy their daily rations. Coliseum Long ago fierce battles were held atop this mountain. The contenders have perished but their spiries remain... An abandoned gladiator fighting coliseum. From grand landscaping views to detailed cells where the gladiators where kept. Titan The Titan drew strength from the countless demons killed by the Slayer and a mighty battle ensued upon the Umbral Plains. This Grand Titan is sure to intimidate anyone that enters through the portal...
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