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  1. Ooh, both of you have my vote and hopefully my money too, in a future accepted tennogen. I'm looking forward to seeing this get officially accepted in, hopefully one day. I'm very excited now, the anticipation.
  2. Ooh, Halloween event is a go, nice! Happy frog/jellyfish noises, thanks DE!
  3. Ooh an infested huntress skin ❤️ do want for my frog-wives. Will gladly gladly upvote it whenever you might future release on the workshop Vulbjorn
  4. Yes. And unfortunately, I still miss my corpus spy
  5. I'm just re-bumping this thread. Default hood still a bit scrunchy unfortunately.
  6. What you experienced was a simulacrum specific bug with concentrated arrow in particular. One of the recent patches accidentally introduced this bug where Concentrated arrow was firing all multi-shot arrows instead of the usual single arrow in the sim. Concentrated Arrow augment is supposed to only give Artemis Bow one single arrow instead of the usual base seven arrows. Somebody misinterpreted the bug and accidentally changed the wiki article (it has since been changed back I think). DE recently fixed this bug in today's patch.
  7. I met to reply back to this thread. But the good news is that Ivara's Artemis Bow did get it's status chance finally updated in one of the patches before HoD launched. Thank you DE. I think you also brought this up too @CloudATL So this is good news I feel. Regular Artemis Bow now finally getting 20% status chance per arrow now.
  8. Thank you, thank you so much DE for updating Ivara's Artemis Bow! Much appreciated!
  9. Question, does this mean that if an Ivara is subsumed for the helminth chrysalis system, that the Quiver ability that she gives up, will only give the noise arrow and the cloak arrow? I.e. you can only get 2 out of 4 of Quiver's arrows and not all 4 quiver arrows? If that is the case, I'm totally happy and fine with that and I feel very comfortable with that balanced approach. I wasn't expecting quiver to be used because I felt it was also one of Ivara's signature abilities (actually I feel like Ivara's kit just works well together), but if it's only 2/4 arrows that she has to give up then I'm
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