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  1. Thank you, thank you so much DE for updating Ivara's Artemis Bow! Much appreciated!
  2. Question, does this mean that if an Ivara is subsumed for the helminth chrysalis system, that the Quiver ability that she gives up, will only give the noise arrow and the cloak arrow? I.e. you can only get 2 out of 4 of Quiver's arrows and not all 4 quiver arrows? If that is the case, I'm totally happy and fine with that and I feel very comfortable with that balanced approach. I wasn't expecting quiver to be used because I felt it was also one of Ivara's signature abilities (actually I feel like Ivara's kit just works well together), but if it's only 2/4 arrows that she has to give up then I'm totally okay with that. I just wanted to ask for clarification. Thank you DE.
  3. Bump again, still waiting for a fix.
  4. Well, Baro brought the Primed rubedo lined barrel mod out today. Cool, something new I can add to the primed mod collection. I guess the new 'incomplete' tab will be useful for getting some early sneak peaks at mods.
  5. Found this while I was browsing the new 'incomplete' tab of the mod bench. 'Preview of Primed Rubedo-Lined Barrel' Is this new? Are we getting sneak peaks of what Baro's going to be bringing to us soon-ish? On a side note, the new 'incomplete' tab at the modding bench is quite useful for checking what mods you're missing from your collection and even mentions their drop location, that's kind of handy.
  6. I don't think these changes will be enough to make people change from over-using the Kuva Bramma imo. It's very easy to bypass any ammo restriction via mods or Carrier. The increased range and decrease of the fall-off damage sounds like it will actually help the Kuva bramma be an even more effective spam heavy weapon. I don't have high hopes of these changes making much impact and I'm guessing the Kuva Bramma will still actually remain as most over-used primary. I think more changes to the Kuva Bramma, would be needed to try and further address the issue.
  7. Kuva Bramma is undergoing some changes in next upcoming update.
  8. bump again, still hopeful this will get fixed eventually
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