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  1. Would really like to re-use my Galvarc again (lol, I like how they fixed it for clients, but then broke it for hosts/solo play). Thank you for the heads-up for a temporary work-around until DE fixes the bug of 'no finisher prompt' from starting from the dry-dock instead of your orbiter.
  2. Also for @DeeDeetheSpy this fix also should've fixed the Miter + navigator combo. I just did a really quick test to confirm.
  3. @AdionN This finally got fixed recently! (Although I'll see if I can do some extra testing on other weapons, but every major projectile based weapon should be working now with Navigator finally re-pausing their life-span). Update Empyrean: Kuva Lich Changes 27.1.0 27.1.0 Although unfortunately, Zenistar's disc was not one of the projectiles affected by this fix (was really hoping it would, since that was one of the the projectiles that navigator could formerly pause as well).
  4. I originally thought that the Skathi's asymmetrical look would drive me nuts as well, but surprisingly it ended up not bothering me at all. I'm quite okay with it. I haven't changed her colours yet because, I actually like the default colours on her. Ivara Prime still has her visual starlight cloaking effect, it just fades whenever you move around now. There are display settings that can also affect the intensity of the starlight (video down below). What OvisCaedo says is true, as far as I have observed. Two settings that I've noticed in display settings seems to affect her visual starlight cloaking effect. 'Effects Intensity' and 'Distortions'. - Increasing the 'effects intensity' (default: 100) will make the starlight cloaking effect more noticeable (200 is very noticeable). Conversely reducing your effects intensity will make Ivara Prime's visual cloaking effect barely visible (say 10 for example). If you walk around while invisible, the starlight effect will fade away even more. - Turning on 'Distortions' will cause the visual starlight cloaking effect to look "glass-like". Turning it off will make her visual starlight cloaking effect return. My video to demonstrate how visible you can make the starlight cloaking effect as example: (I am not sure if there is any other display setting that affects her cloaking effect besides these two). Ooh,elegant pretty huntresses ❤️ I like your Skathi helmet on Prime, she looks very fine. Similar feelings as well with your black on orange-gold Skathi look, very nice looks overall.
  5. For anyone who was actually wanting a confirmed answer, I later found out yes, it is possible to buy prime access twice. Although it was a really strange round-about way as steam wouldn't let me directly get her PA Artemis Bow tier, but I was able to get the PA Prowl tier and then upgrade from there. So it was really strange with steam. Not sure why, but as far as I can tell, you can purchase one PA, then purchase the PA on steam again (it seems steam counts the PA as a sort of 'one-time purchasable DLC' for your steam account). Anyways, this makes me a happy Ivara main ❤️
  6. Title basically: (my two cents thoughts below for opener - TL/DR I like Skathi a lot more and its slowly been growing on me. I think I'll love Ivara Skathi more over time ❤️ ). (Sort of a thread in similar vein to when I was curiously interested in hearing others about 'Ivara Prime's debut etc) Ivara Skathi Deluxe: https://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/440a2edb2bea9cd2641b6a4b0ffef923.png I have my own personal write-up but I'll attempt to be, but fail miserably to be brief here. I had heard rumour long before that Skyers was working on Ivara’s deluxe skin for a while but other than a vague tweet, never had any real evidence to suggest until its debut at Tennocon 2019. When I finally saw it, I had my own mixed reactions to it. But what I was more surprised about was seeing everyone else’s reaction to Ivara’s deluxe skin during its debut. Somewhat fairly mixed reception overall. Anyways, Skyers updated the skin again for preview on Devstream 130 and there were a few more positive responses that I saw afterwards. Image 01: https://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/5c36406759947edc1345c7586eacc405.jpg Image 02: https://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/uploads/1b62dfb4479a8d3c0dc54fb202cf5b88.jpg Anyways, I was looking forward to the release of Skyers’ Ivara’s deluxe skin and now that I have it in-game, I can say that I really like it. It’s slowly growing on me and I’ve been appreciating the skin a lot more since my initial thoughts. And I think in some ways, I think its partially helped by Ivara’s Prime look. To use a word to describe my thoughts between Ivara Prime’s look and Ivara Skathi, juxtaposition. Ivara Prime’s jellyfish look I feel, leans more on being cute and adorable (don’t get me wrong, I love her jellyfish prime look too), but it’s something that I don’t take too seriously as a look for a ‘huntress’. Skathi, on the other hand feels to me, like a look that is more rugged, rough around the edges and something that could potentially be taken more seriously as a ‘huntress’ look (not covert ops in any sense though). Still, I have to remind myself that I’m with Ivara whenever I use this skin (not saying that’s a bad thing as I’m aware, deluxe skins can have the potential to push the frame to look distinctively different from their vanilla look). But the little details I’m really liking (like the dagger on the right boot, the possibly Japanese archer muneate -inspired(?) chest plate cover, her arrow quiver bag and this helmet mask. Skathi’s helmet is just really, really intriguing for me to look at it. It feels like she’s wearing a really special type of mask. Or maybe it’s the two eyes instead of one eye which is making me more curious. Although the Kuvael huntress skin got away with it greatly. Just the helmet is quite alluring and curious to me. Oh and lastly, but not least, this Skathi Artemis Bow skin, so divine and beautiful, loving everything overall). It also occurred to me, but I think Skyers was actually trying to purposely cover/hide Ivara's 'hip and shoulder' cyborg joints using the asymmetrical look with the pauldrons, arrow bag and half skirt. Her knee joints seem to have disappeared completely. I find that interesting. IIRC, thematically Skyers was going for a 'forest temple guardian' look and I'm not sure what that would look like (tried seeing if I could find an idea of what that was, but couldn't really come up with anything). Skathi's helmet, IIRC as well, was based on a the look of a crested-owl. Eyebrows shaped like a bow and literally, she has an arrowhead on her mask/helmet. It's really an intriguing look to me and I'm growing fond of it more. And now I have a problem where I'm juggling between multiple favourite Ivara glyphs and can't decide. But again, have your initial thoughts changed about Ivara’s Skathi skin now, after its official release?
  7. Sweetness, been waiting for Ivara's Zamriu to get in ❤️ I missed the old V1 helmet, but I still love the design overall. Oh and Faven's iconic Graxx work has finally graced Ivara, wonderful. Will pick these up instantly whenever you guys release.
  8. Interesting, I'd pick this up if you can get it into Tennogen. It would be Ivara's first 'stand-alone helmet tennogen' as well if you can get it in. As an Ivara main, with 12 froggy/jellyfish waifus, I have all of her Tennogen skins. Would like to add this 'Froggy hood' to my girl's attire.
  9. I hope the video is clear enough to see the noticeable gap between helmet and body. Visual bug report video - Both the Loxley and Kuvael huntress helmets are not seated properly on Ivara's deluxe Skathi skin. They are disconnected from the body of her deluxe Skathi skin and show noticeable gaping holes when using either helmet on her deluxe skin. Video bug report:
  10. Oh Skyer's finally done with her deluxe skin, finally happy to see it in-game. Will probably post my 2 cents thoughts later. OMG. For reals?! I will need to some testing in-game to see, but if this be true, then thank you so much for taking a look at fixing her navigator. Been waiting forever for it to get fixed. Thank you so much! OOh, I missed this. Really happy to see my beloved huntress get some story lore, excited to see this in-game.
  11. Please tell me that Ivara Zamariu V2.2 got accepted this time around. Because it's still an absolute bummer that this missed the previous tennogen round. Seriously, I needed this Ivara skin like previous tennogen round. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1825712913&searchtext=
  12. Yes that's an established fact. But what the OP is asking for, is a change to this current situation where the exalted weapon is no longer shared among the copies of the same Warframe. What OP is asking for, is for more build options for Artemis Bow/any exalted weapon. I think I would be okay with this as a feature, if this change were to be implemented for all exalted users. This idea would also be great too, as it could also solve OP's issue as well. I guess the elephant in the room is, how DE could potentially implement this without cannibalizing forma sales (because I'm almost guessing that forma is a plat sink). I would be okay with a universal forma tho (the idea has some root due to the existence of the 'Aura forma' now being a thing).
  13. At this point, I probably wouldn't mind if this became a feature. I'd be okay with changes to Artemis Bow being separate, modifiable weapon instances per Ivara. Similarly like you and OP, I'm only ever playing Ivara 95% of the time anyways as well. To be honest, I think the biggest Ivara main who would be most affected by this would be @Dark_Kreig (or at least to my knowledge anyways), so Kreig feel free to comment on this topic as well. Feel free to also comment if you want @DatDarkOne A long time ago I just locked Ivara's Artemis Bow into a very tight polarity set up with 5 Vs, 2 -- and 1 D. Not a "universal polarities" setup by any means, but it was able to fit most builds that I wanted on Artemis Bow (along with mod swapping) since I generally tend to use the 90%/165% mods on Art-Bow rather than the 60%/60% status ones. It fits most things that I want to use, but its true as well that I'm locked out of other setups for it on Art-bow. Edit, actually I'm pretty darn sure we have very similar art-bow polarities Spring? (I'm almost certain we are only different by like one polarity, I can't recall your exact Art-bow polarities Spring, but its similar I'm sure). Is that just on Ivara herself or also including re-formaing Artemis Bow as well? I'm just curious and interested and wanted to know what type of builds you ended up changing for her. Please understand that I'm not trying to criticize you. I think we share similarities because we both practically play with Ivara 95% of the time and ... But again, I'd be okay with the proposed changes that OP is asking for.
  14. Oh is Skyers finally done with Ivara's deluxe skin now? I'm guessing this will finally be coming out soon.
  15. Well I kind of accidentally fell in love with her naturally over time and so that's why she's my waifu main. (oh I am terrible at these summons) But I'm probably in a similar boat with DatDarkOne where I'm literally only ever using Ivara practically 95% of the time whenever I jump on Warframe (it's purely out preference, I enjoy being with Ivara more than any other frame). But I personally feel that even with my usage with Ivara, that doesn't make me some sort of qualified expert or anything with Ivara (there are still some things that I learn about Ivara over time or things that I have yet to try out with her). But I can say that I've done a lot of things with her (to the point where Ivara is basically my "workhorse frame" that does everything that I want to do with her). But to OP: Crudoo Its hard for me to describe Ivara to others because I usually I don't comment my "2 cents" on specifically Ivara. But I'll comment in a really general statement for this one time. I'd say Ivara is a bit funny, she's like a jack of all trades, master of none (debatable), technical glass cannon type of frame with a lot of interesting and sometimes funky mechanics that one can utilize throughout different parts of Warframe. Ivara has lots of versatility in her kit which has allowed her to show up in a lot of different use case scenarios in Warframe. But, I also think it's safer to say that Ivara has a learning curve/skill ceiling for one to get used to while playing with her (Ivara is unconventional like that sometimes). She's not not going to be everybody's cup of tea, but that's alright, Ivara is sometimes just quirky/unique like that. I'll simplify the advantages/disadvantages a bit more. (Note: I'm greatly glossing over major details about Ivara and just highlighting the basics) Advantages: - Invisibility: very useful for so many things/utility purposes (besides just being a good form of self-defense), also a headshot damage bonus multiplier is very nice (the loot stealing can be useful for certain scenarios as well too). - Quiver arrows: Most players probably like the sleep arrow the most (good soft CC and also very useful for other things), cloak arrow is great for teammates and protecting NPCs (like on sortie defense or other special things as well). Dashwires are useful for certain things (and are also meant to circumvent some of the limitations imposed by prowl, but sometimes players forget this aspect), Noise arrow is fairly niche now (only used for more advanced things or other stuff). There are various different use-case scenarios for quiver to become useful in. - Interesting to play once you get used to her (though personal bias). If you look hard enough you can find some pretty interesting set-ups for Ivara (for example, players will often gloss over her 'Navigator' ability, but it's probably one of the most unique abilities in the game and finding unique weapon combos with it can be really cool/fun/awesome/unconventional.) Disadvantages: - Learning curve/skill ceiling - For the average player, Ivara might be a bit difficult to get used to (especially if the player is not used to playing glass frames). Ivara also has some unique quirks about her (like learning to use dashwires or rolling constantly to get around in prowl, later there can be other things to further circumvent this). I will end on this, I don't think there's an "incorrect way" of playing Ivara (and by same token a "correct way" either). There might not be great setups with Ivara, but you can definitely experiment with Ivara a lot to find really fantastic setups too. But I do think, Ivara is one of those frames that does sort of force you to try to do things "manually" with her, rather than in an "automated" fashion. A simile that I'd like to use is, playing with Ivara feels like driving a 'manual' operated car rather than an 'automatic' car, there are some things that you are manually going to have to keep track of in order to do reasonably well with her. But that might be also one of the reasons as to why people enjoy playing with her, you actually have to do stuff with her. That video that blimsoon posted (from Relentless Zen) is an example of what one could potentially do with Ivara if they put in the time and effort to play with her. It's up to you on what you what to do with Ivara and if you want to go searching for more info about her/setups/guides. You're going to have to do research anyways in Warframe because nobody progressed anywhere in warframe without spending some great amount of time reading notes off of the warframe wiki or watching video guides etc, so up to you on what you want to learn about Ivara. But Ivara at the end of day, has a good foundation, potential and versatility in her kit, she just might prove to be a difficult use at first approach (especially if you're not used to playing glass).
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