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  1. Rebb gave a hint on the warframe reddit. The mod might be a Baro release item. (Her comment is stickied at the top of reddit comments by a bot) "How nice of Baro to invite you on one of his safari's and not anyone else."
  2. Was there an earth spy sortie recently? Crud I meant to go check earth sortie spy vaults. Regardless though, its this laser isn't it? (videos below) Its also found on nightmare version of that map (Earth, Cambria). Granted, the one found on 'Earth, Cambria' doesn't appear on the regular mission mode normally (only nightmare, and by OP's statement, sortie as well). This, along with Eris, Brugia (Rescue) are the last two lasers which are bugged with Ivara's infiltrate. DE please fix one day, i really want Ivara's infiltrate augment to be fully consistent with these lasers, just like how Wukong's cloudwalker or Limbo's rift can pass by these lasers, but only Ivara's augment is bugged. DE please fix Ivara's infiltrate augment on these last 2 lasers so that it functions consistently like Wukong's cloudwalker and Limbo's rift. Ivara is the only frame who needs to clutch on an augment to bypass lasers.
  3. Forever, my heart will belong to huntress Ivara ❤️
  4. So Mike Skyers is still working on Ivara's deluxe skin from what I can gather if Titania's deluxe is coming out first. That's cool, I can be patient with Ivara's deluxe skin since I'm still a devoted Ivara lover.
  5. So, are you going to add the: Removed the ‘Guild a Modular’ Act. To the nightwave changes? Because that change was also given to the console tenno in their most recent update (in Hotfix: Atlas Prime (+Hotfixes)) What's with the inconsistency between PC platform and console platform nightwave changes? I assume you guys are still investigating whether the Amalgam mods are still properly dropping based off of Saske's reply in my bug thread on this issue. Please do update us later on the conclusions of Saske's investigation into the Amalgam drops, because we are all collectively convinced that the amalgam mod drops are re-bugged again and are not properly dropping. Okay, that fix is greatly appreciated. Even though I'm done my Atlas Neuros A6 farm, but at least less painful for others now.
  6. EDIT, Nightwave changes finally came to PC in today's hotfix (Atlas Prime: Hotfix 25.8.2). However, we're missing 1 nightwave challenge being changed on PC. Not sure why the 'Removed the ‘Guild a Modular’ Act is still missing from PC hotfix changes.
  7. Eh? These hotfix changes to nightwave are not mentioned in the PC patch notes update. What's going on? Oh, wait. These changes are only listed in the patch notes for the consoles (XB1, PS4, NSW). Do we still have these challenges on the PC version of Warframe? I get that the consoles are on versions just behind the current PC build of Warframe but are we going to get consistency enforced across all platforms?
  8. I haven't really kept track of enemy ai but it has changed over the years about how sensitive they perceive dead bodies around them or the multishot thing (I never could confirm what exactly though). They might be over-sensitive right now to dead bodies being near them, I'm not really sure. If you want to farm the stealth affinity multiplier then you need to make use of Ivara's sleep arrow. All enemies within the vicinity should be put to sleep being being killed, in order to reliably get the stealth kill affinity multiplier. Trying to stealth kill without using Ivara's sleep arrow will probably not get a stealth kill unless its a very discrete melee stealth kill (again, I'm uncertain why).
  9. @Kjore Ivara's deluxe skin was originally revealed at Tennocon 2019. It has undergone some touch-ups since it was previously revealed at Tennocon 2019. Here is the most recent picture of it from devstream 130. Artemis Bow has also been touched-up. There was originally a very long thread where everybody commented on Ivara's deluxe skin reveal and the thread had mixed reviews, probably archived by now. Ivara Prime's release is predicted as potentially next in line after Atlas Prime. Ivara Prime may release some time in January 2020 (tentative estimated date only, no confirmation). Past prime release dates and predicated upcoming releases for new prime frames data compiled by Carnage2K4. Future dates may change however.
  10. Thank you Saske for the reply! We greatly appreciate the investigation. Please update us later with the conclusions of the investigation, many cheers!
  11. Hello Saske, thank you for the quick reply. I just wanted to ask about a bit of follow-up and clarification/confirmation about this issue. So I understand that the drop model being used by the Hexanon and Orokin cells were using the generic mod drop model and that this will be fixed in the next update. But my main concern: Can DE confirm that the special amalgam mods are legitimately dropping from amalgam enemies spawned in the secret labs (in the current build of Warframe v25.8.1.1)? I am uncertain if your reply is a confirmation, if I have misunderstood, please clarify for me. It has been growing concern from many players (including me and others in this thread) questioning whether these mods are still dropping in our current build of the game because many have gone through multiple runs (even hundreds) and still have not received any of these mods as of recently in-game. More reports that I wanted to highlight as well with similar findings: And of course in my OP I had linked the reddit post (in spoiler tag) where others have commented similar findings of doing many runs but still not receiving these mods. May I please ask for confirmation that the amalgam mods are still dropping?
  12. Self-reminder bump, sleep arrow timer is still bugged on bosses/sub-bosses as of update, please remember to fix DE (it's actually all bosses/sub-bosses that exhibit this sleep arrow bug. More noticeable on maximum duration Ivara builds).
  13. Self reminder bump, I will update this bug thread later (with a different title and such). But see situation #5 in my OP as this bug still occurs specifically between Sap Comba Fog Scrambus powers still permanently affecting Ivara's cloak arrow on sentinel, even after the effect was supposed to wear off.
  14. Bump, bug issue still persists as reported by OP. I am still kicked out of navigator while navigating a glaive (while I still have energy left), whenever I am not host. (tested again on a public lith fissure on PC version
  15. Video bug report below (the video is only about 1 minute long and very short and easily sums up what makes me think that the amalgam mod drops from the secret corpus labs is bugged. In brief, With my beloved Ivara, we clearly prowled a mod drop but received hexanon instead. We think the amalgam mod drops are bugged again). Text summary: The special mods (Kavat's Grace, Gale Kick, Anti-Grav Array, and Odomedic) that can only drop from Amalgam enemies (Amalgam Arca Kucumatz, Amalgam Cinder Machinist, Amalgam Arca Heqet, Amalgam Phase MOA, Amalgam Swarm Satyr) that spawn in the Corpus secret labs might be re-bugged, again. Video was recorded on 2019-10-15 on current PC build of Warframe (ver. I have been trying to farm for these mods recently through several runs. But, I still have not received any of these mods after multiple tries. However, I noticed something very odd/buggy during one run. Ivara prowled a mod drop from one of the Amalgam enemies, but received Hexenon instead of a mod drop (it was clearly a mod drop as shown in my video). I am guessing/theorizing that one of the recent updates (maybe hotfix 25 0.8(?)) possibly re-bugged the code for the drop chance of these mods and that they are no longer dropping correctly (it might accidentally be dropping hexenon instead maybe(?)). Regardless of whether I'm right or wrong, I humbly ask if DE's developers could please check and test that the Amalgam mods are legitimately dropping correctly from their respective enemies. Me and several others have reported findings that suggest that the Amalgam mod drops are re-bugged... again. I am sorry about the ping @[DE]Tweep but I just wanted to draw your attention to this matter, since I've seen you actually respond to these bug reports which gives us a clear idea (as a community) of when DE becomes aware of a bug. Its also a bit pressing because, besides me, others as well were under the impression that the recent addition of the 'Mod Drop Chance' booster would've aided us in the farm for these special amalgam mods. But if the drop chance or drop tables of these secret amalgam enemies has been bugged for this entire time, then it would feel like we've wasted a horrendous amount of time as players trying to farm mods that we could never get in the first place. I humbly present my bug report video to please warrant if DE's developers could check and test that the amalgam mods (Kavat's Grace, Gale Kick, Anti-Grav Array, and Odomedic) are in-fact legitimately dropping from the secret amalgam enemies. Please DE.
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