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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Repaired an electric hazard during a railjack mission, but the electrical status de-buff (i.e - disabling of the tactical menu and scrambling of my map) remained permanently throughout the entire mission and didn't go away (remained even upon returning to dry-dock. Only went away after leaving to orbiter, out of my dojo). VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Receive an electrical hazard during a Railjack mission and manually repair it (possibly as host?). Some other notes: I was host, and this is my railjack shown in bug-video. Friend in video (
  2. Recently I went back to Lua, Pavlov spy because I missed running around its great majestic spy hallways. But I recently discovered to my horror, that the Orokin spy drones that normally patrol these majestic spy vaults have gone missing! Screenshots to show what I mean: From vault A (or at least one vault): This hallway normally contains 2 orokin drones patrolling this area, but they're MIA! inside the middle of the hallway (should be a 2nd drone here) Except for this lonely orokin drone, who is dutifully still here... but is also bugged because he's a
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