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  1. No. He can't be pickpocketed, nor can Nekros' desecrate work on him. Someone found out early on that he can't be double looted (presumably it's disabled for all the other looting frames too). Yes. I've sat there just shooting arrows in his face with Artemis Bow before. To OP. I wouldn't use an arch-gun to take him down myself, so I can't comment on archguns. But if you carry around with a kavat with sharpened claws or a melee weapon that has shattering impact, you can strip his armour and that's the bulk of the damage resistance. He apparently still has 'alloy armour' as health, which is uh, interesting. So I suppose still carry around rad based weapons.
  2. Side note that I just wanted to point out, since Ivara is in the header image of this announcement. Please fix Ivara's energy skirt. It's broken again (Ivara is actually missing her energy skirt in header image): Ivara's energy skirt is now TOO transparent (making it barely visible). On Ivara's Astrea (TennoGen) skin it's missing the 2nd colour/2-two tone aesthetic . DE can we please have these cosmetics stay beyond their allotted time ? Pretty please? I still have my Furax Wraith with their festival Ringers skin. Same with Hate being a peppermint stick.
  3. Please fix Ivara's energy skirt. It's broken again: Ivara's energy skirt is now TOO transparent (making it barely visible). On Ivara's Astrea (TennoGen) skin it's missing the 2nd colour.
  4. Recently I went back to Lua, Pavlov spy because I missed running around its great majestic spy hallways. But I recently discovered to my horror, that the Orokin spy drones that normally patrol these majestic spy vaults have gone missing! Screenshots to show what I mean: From vault A (or at least one vault): This hallway normally contains 2 orokin drones patrolling this area, but they're MIA! inside the middle of the hallway (should be a 2nd drone here) Except for this lonely orokin drone, who is dutifully still here... but is also bugged because he's actually stuck in my screenshot and can't move from his spot. He's lonely because his mates aren't here with him guarding this hallway :C At the end of the hallway (past the last Orokin Drone guardian in my previous picture), there should be a couple more orokin drones patrolling this area too, they're also MIA. From Vault B: There should also be another Orokin Drone patrolling around this area too. In a triangular formation as well I think? And lastly, he should have his buddy patrolling right around these dashwires and between these lasers. But he's MIA too! Please DE, please put the other Orokin drones back in to their patrolling areas. Lua, Pavlov spy vault hallways feel so much more emptier without them. And the single Orokin drone that is still there is probably feeling all lonely without his guard buddies :C.
  5. taiiat is right. The loud weapon only breaks prowl's cloaking when the weapon is being fired. It does not turn off prowl's headshot buff (not sure about prowl's loot stealing but that's outside the scope of this topic). Here are my own answers to OP in the scope of comboing Rubico prime with Ivara specifically: The mod works reasonably well with Ivara. It will give her energy while prowl is active (so it works through channelled abilities). In the case of Ivara though, you sort of have to be willing to give up a mod for the 'silent mods'. Hush/suppress/silent battery etc. I'll lead this into your second question, but about sharpshooter, I would say it has uses for Ivara. It's just a bit niche (like a lot of things for Ivara). I have used sharpshooter on solo defense games where I opted to use Vazarain (to heal defense objectives) instead of using zenurik's energizing dash (I used energy restore pads to fill Ivara's energy pool first then kept it topped off with sharpshooter). In that type of situation, that's where sharpshooter can come in handy to keep Ivara's energy pool topped off. Though to really gain back that energy, you really do need to do a lot of quick headshot popping to make it work. It's a highly situational niche mod I would say. But more importantly, leading into your 2nd question: What taiiat said is true about prowl's cloaking flickering on and off with loud guns (plus prowl's headshot bonus staying on as long as prowl is active). However, my question is, do you really want to flicker prowl's cloaking on and off with Ivara? Because that will draw enemy fire towards Ivara. I'd like to iterate, Ivara has 65 armour, and also sits at the lowest base health pool (among other frames) at 225hp at rank 30. The short answer, Ivara is fragile glass. Now considering that prowl's cloaking is Ivara's biggest survivability defense ability, and that she's glass, I'd like to ask again, do you really want to draw enemy fire towards Ivara? Especially when it starts to get to higher level enemies? At lower levels, maybe it's not so bad. And maybe with lag multiplayer it's sometimes not so bad either. But at higher levels, it's really desirable to be discrete and silent with Ivara when enemies will eventually just 1 shot her. So I would recommend using the hush mod and getting used to that if you plan to play with Ivara. Especially if you're playing solo with Ivara. Cause in solo, you're the only target the enemy can target, so drawing all the enemy fire isn't desirable. See taiiat's answer about that, as they stated it's additive to Prowl's headshot bonus, not multiplicative sadly. I myself haven't used it (I prefer to use a primed bane faction mod instead). I'm also very bad with calculating damage numbers and such, so don't ask me. But my main recommendation for actually comboing Rubico prime with Ivara, is to over-forma the Rubico prime so that its polarities can accommodate for many different builds and remain flexible. Looking over the base Rubico Prime's starting polarities, it starts off with 2 V polarities, that's quite good. I would recommend adding 3 more V polarities and 1 -- polarity (4 forma). This will give you a Rubico Prime with 5 V and 1 -- polarities in total. This will be enough modding space to work with to mod for 90% elemental mods with the basics and maybe squeeze in special stuff like primed faction mod, or primed shred for the future (unless you've already got those). Start with those polarities first. This polarity setup will keep you flexible to build a variety of Rubcio setups and accommodates for having a hush mod placed on it (because the hush mods are cheap on mod capacity). I'm just going to show how flexible a 5v, 1-- polarity setup is for Rubico Prime and does fit a lot of the basic builds (before you start adding in more heavier mods). Suppressed builds for Ivara as example. http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Rubico_Prime/t_30_22222030_132-1-5-133-5-5-135-7-3-137-0-10-140-2-5-141-6-5-159-3-5-622-4-10_137-7-132-8-140-5-159-5-622-7-133-11-141-6-135-5_WyIxIiwiMCIsWyIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiXV0=/en/2-0-123 http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Rubico_Prime/t_30_22222030_132-1-5-133-6-5-135-7-3-137-0-10-140-2-5-141-5-5-150-4-10-159-3-5_137-7-132-8-140-5-159-5-150-8-141-11-133-6-135-5_WyIxIiwiMCIsWyIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiXV0=/en/2-0-123 A non-suppressed build to just emphasize that this polarities setup can be accommodating for a number of setups: http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Rubico_Prime/t_30_22222030_132-1-5-137-0-10-138-6-5-140-3-5-141-5-5-150-4-10-159-2-5-847-7-5_137-7-132-8-159-5-140-5-150-8-141-11-138-6-847-9_WyIxIiwiMCIsWyIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiLCIiXV0=/en/2-0-123 In short, do what DatDarkOne and Fiewel did and over-forma your Rubico prime, but I recommend only adding 3V and 1-- to start off with and then determine if you really need any more polarities from there on out.
  6. I still don't understand what the change was for. IIRC, they changed prowl to work like that in response to, oddly enough, people 4x prowling vomvalysts. Which feels like the most absurd reason to do it. Not really sure how game-breaking that was because, if you did even one terry run, you'd be rolling around in vomvalyst sentient cores, plenty to get first rank of quills, and realistically, that's all people used Ivara for on that initial farm for quills rep before prowl got fixed. For people who didn't want to just immediately jump right into an eidolon hunt to get sentient cores. I remember formerly seeing groups actively trying to recruit other Ivaras for this type of farm, it was an already extremely rare unicorn to see people actually want an Ivara for a loot farm before the patch fix to prowl. But now you'll never see people recruit for specialized Ivara-only groups, that unicorn is dead now. Ivara's been like this for nearly her entire life now though, she lost the ability to prowl sub-bosses/bosses like 3 months after she was first released back in Dec 2015 (Update 18.5 - Prowl will no longer be able to steal from boss-type enemies). It turns out, that includes practically almost all the meaningful types of enemies you'd want to prowl. Can't prowl silver-grove spectres, can't prowl VIP targets like the PoE Aerial Commander or Orb Vallis VIP targets like Vivisect Director, can't prowl any boss, can't prowl tusk thumpers either (I haven't met the bull or doma variant, but I have no doubt in my mind that Ivara most likely can't prowl those either). I think Nekros, and Hydroid can steal from all of those boss/VIP targets however, at least I'm pretty sure. Someone will have to check on Khora to see if she can do VIP targets or not. There's like 3 niche situations of which I can see Ivara's prowl loot stealing ability being useful. 1. Survival - getting more life support capsules, not for actual materials, but just to keep life support modules afloat. The main staple item of prowl's looting. 2. War Parts farming from sentients on Lua - one of the few enemies which DE didn't code as a boss. Granted, before her prowl fix, this was practically the only enemy where inviting an Ivara to the group actually made sense. Here she could make a meaningful contribution in this specialized type of group (which usually was 3 other Ivaras anyways). Still, she can at least prowl them for 1 extra drop chance at least currently. 3. Saturn six fugitives - the only thing a bit meaningful they drop is 'Target Acquired'. (Edit forgot this one) 4. Pigment farming - for dojo colours. At least she can help get those. In general though, I'm doubtful groups actually want to invite/use Ivara for a material looting farm, simply because Ivara steals far too slowly and is considered too squishy and is a bit hard to manage in a group because the Ivara player needs to have situation awareness. Ivara would have to operate actually slightly away from the group, so as not to get caught in accidental crossfire. The other looting frames are fairly tanky in comparison to Ivara so they don't have to worry as much about going down. Though it can be made easier if you have an actual comp that uses a corner room (which if you have a hydroid in your group, is pretty much the best way to make use of hydroid's tentacles in the mat-loot farm). Prowl pickpocket builds are kind of annoying, I can never find one which I feel is reasonably balanced that doesn't suffer in one area. I've tried to endlessly cobble together a prowl pickpocket build for ages now and ended up with 2 separate prowl pickpocket builds. One of them which I use purely for solo (it's not fast, just barely adequate) and the other is a theoretical one suited for groups (of which I've never tried): But to be honest, I don't think many Ivara mains themselves would even consider tasking Ivara out for material-loot farming. And I can't blame them, it gets difficult for Ivara to keep up without being a hindrance. I think I've given up on the idea of Ivara actually being a worthwhile pick for material-loot farming groups. Ivara will struggle to carve out meaningful contributions in the material-loot group, usually you have the 2 main looters (Nekros, hydroid and now Khora I suppose assuming it all stacks), possibly utility technical support (disarm Loki, Speed-Nova, Larva-Nidus for CC) and possibly a DPS (Mesa, maybe Octavia for toroid farms). Material looting-groups were already tight in choices, Ivara barely registers as a worthwhile choice to bring to these groups, she may not really even have a place in them. But as long as Ivara's prowl pickpocketing still works on getting life support capsules, that's about the most important thing I care about staying and probably the same for many Ivara players. As long as Ivara can do survivals, that's really more important for her. And the other 3 situations that I mentioned for prowl are nice as well.
  7. Wasn't that only the Chesa Kubrow's augment 'Retrieve' that got patched like that? Quickly reading off the wiki it says 'Update 24.6 - Chesa's new Retrieve functionality can no longer stack with Des ecrate and other looting Augments (Pilferdroid/Ore Gaze). This was creating some unintended double dips from a single corpse - the dead can only give so much!' So I think Hydroid and Nekros can still stack. The big question I'm wondering though is, can Khora's augment steal from the silver grove spectres? I hope DE remembered that, because that was the reason why Chesa's augment got fixed in the first place. I hope they just decided yes or no for Khora's augment and didn't forget about the issues caused by Chesa in the first place.I'd rather know now, then later.
  8. Potentially, I might be able to get used to this? After playing with Ivara for so long, I made a change a while back in my options where I switched to the 'invert tap/hold abilities' to being on. So now I can actually spam many quiver arrows of one type very quickly, without having to resort to pulling out Artemis bow and alt-firing. However, this has resulted in me being very slow to select the correct arrow that I need during mission combat critical situations. Sort of a trade off that I was willing to put up with, because I absolutely hated accidentally "rolling over" the quiver arrow that I wanted and had to quickly rotate again. So, I might be able to get used to your Multi-Purpose ability wheel idea. Though that still causes me to have to pause and select in the middle of combat the arrow type, but I might be used to it already, given the current option I have turned on. I think it's clear consensus that switching to the desired thing on 4in1 or 3in1 abilities is a pain in the butt in Warframe. I do want a smoother 'on the fly' ability switch.
  9. - Ashen Kuaka is the uncommon variant. Ghost is the rare Kuaka variant. Sort of will have to rely on luck to get that one to spawn while calling them (took me a while with them). I can on some rare occasions however, find ashens randomly roaming the plains in groups of 3 (also some with the ghost kuakas rarely, but does occur). - Yes the wooden pheremones should guarantee that the Emperor Condroc (rare variant) will spawn. - Mergoos are very tiny to spot while flying in the air, I have not found one "roaming the wild" as of yet. Most likely you'll have to call those one to lure them out. Remember that switching between your echo-lures will only show the poop locations for that specific animal. There is like one poop spot that is however, very buggy and will not start the tracking (I should probably screenshot it and bug report it). It's always the same location, Other than that 1 location, I've found the other poop spots to work. I do not have specific spots that I go to, to find the "roaming ones". At best, I truly find them anywhere.
  10. I have made a thread in the feedback>Warframes section, for Ivara players who wish to discuss about persuading DE into getting the bug returned into a QoL feature for Ivara.
  11. I have made a thread in the feedback>Warframes section, for Ivara players who wish to discuss about persuading DE into getting the bug returned into a QoL feature for Ivara.
  12. Oh I've never noticed with the Hyekka masters. I believe this, I want to check in on this, thank you for the heads-up. But then I would think it's only the Hyekka masters as grinneer units. I doubt the Thumpers and Dargyns are intended as those seem like bugs as others have reported. But I have to check in on those reports to see what's up on those other incidents. I'll try to check in on the kuva ballista tonight if I can, see what's up with her too.
  13. It would be a bug. The only special enemies that can see through stealth is that annoying Scyto Raknoid (DE finally mentioned something about them having an invisibility detector, but I want to see it in-game to see what it looks like), and the Orbs to a certain extent. But those are all corpus enemies. The grineer have no special tech that would allow them to see through stealth, so I suspect there was probably a bug that dropped in during the mainline update. I'll have to go test checking to see what grineer units have AI script errors later. The ghouls are a perfect example of grineeer enemies that were notorious for being broken and occasionally seeing through stealth, but DE kept fixing them in-between updates here and there. Stealth gets broken a bit every now and then with updates. (another example was when syndicate death squads would spawn in, seeing through invisibility entirely and attack the stealth frame. Not sure if that one got fixed or not, haven't had a hit-squad on me for a while, suppose I should've bug reported and checked).
  14. I was only able to do some really light quick testing last night (I'll try a bit more later tonight). But I wasn't able to throw bait or dye while on the dashwire/zipline while out on Orb Vallis. PoE I know still has this issue with bait/dye (but I only did quick testing). I'll do so more testing out on Orb Vallis and PoE again. But the fact that the throwing animation is now finally fixed up on the dashwire makes me quite happy. I'll do more checks tonight.
  15. Wait what? Were there attempts to fix Ivara's dashwire fishing? I haven't gone fishing recently so I'll have to rummage through patch notes to see where the changes occurred. I want to check myself in-game when I'm on later. If the issues are related to PoE, but working in Orb Vallis, then I suspect it was Orb Vallis that got fixed up instead of PoE. It's odd, but the whole spacebar/jump button skipping which causes jumping off of dashwires only occurs on Orb Vallis, not on PoE. I'll check in later tonight. I have been waiting for this fix for ages now, was Ivara dashwire fishing since day 1 of when PoE/Cetus first dropped.
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