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  1. Clan: Quasars Tier: Mountain Platform: PC Role: Warlord / decorator Video notes: made by --Q--Homi Song: Dream ALEX CORVUS Remix Pictures: Obstacle Course by hiatel [DE]Rebecca & [DE]Megan visited us during Prime Time:
  2. seems good, really enjoying that the focus powers are tied to operator abilities rather than pressing 5 once, and that you are able to cross passives.
  3. Mortem Amplecti Faction: Tenno / Lootcifer Description: Made from the bones ancient earthen/infested beast, imbued with radiating void energy, this scythe provides greatest range among melee tier. base stats: 80 raditation, 20% critical and 30% status change, this scythe provides the tenno a power beyond enemies nightmares. scythe grip quick attack: 3 strike combo, 1st strike: from left to right 1,5x dmg, 2nd strike: spins the frame around (360) with the scythe, aiming the attack to floor level 1x dmg (innate knockdown), 3rd strike: massive over head attack forcing the scythe to the knocked down enemys chest 2x dmg (innate slash proc) Charge attack: while charge is in progress blade&skull turn 90 degrees up adding more range, reverse grip backwards spin (360) ( proc's all elemental's that are in the weapon to all enemies in range) * Blades are energy and become visible when equipping melee, briefly visible in quick attack. ** alt fire ( i wish...) turn in to a spear (blade&skull turn 90 degrees up) that can be thrown same way as javlok, 2,5x dmg ( innate slash proc / deals finisher dmg) yeap, its big.
  4. ive read enough to get the point of this s***storm, even read few hema rants then i decited to strirr this a little. for my self i really like this event and have no problems with it, or even hema.. cap between veterans and new players before hema |______________________________________________| cap after hema |____________________| its clan event... so YOU make your clan great again or rant, choice is yours if your choice is to be in solo clan learn to live with it, you cant have everything.
  5. When you do intercaption stalker comes more avare of you then you need to do exterminate so get him to spawn
  6. Have you learned anything about tenno's past and why we destroyed orokin civilisation?
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