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  1. there is no need to be an ass and no, what if i dont have any friends who play this? the last friend i had who played this died irl. The other people ive met arent always online and dont always want to play railjack. I am not a selfish person who wants them to drop everything that they are doing just so they can help me get into a mission.
  2. So yeah, topic title basically says it all. My problem is not that I am "forced" to play a role other than pilot, in truth i enjoy being the guy that is constantly jumping in the slingshot to go do the secondary objectives more than i enjoy being a pilot. My problem is however, that im forced to babysit a ship with 1k health and 800 shield in void storm missions where it basically goes down every time it takes damage and I'm not sure how many of you noticed, but in a LOT of the missions i join now with Railjack the host/pilot INSTANTLY abandons his post because he has NO idea what he is
  3. is this... normal? (mod capacity) https://imgur.com/a/ucxzkbi
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