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  1. Nice, now we play wait-for-fortuna
  2. (XB1)LexaHex

    Cetus Wisp spawn rate

    The spawn rate for Cetus wisps seems too low compared to PC. I was running a resource spawn booster and only found 3 Cetus wisps at night. I've seen videos about collecting Cetus wisps from PC users and their spawn rate seems to be way higher.
  3. (XB1)LexaHex

    Dev Workshop: Virtual Cursor Action Plan

    I am unable to unselect a sentinel weapon.
  4. (XB1)LexaHex

    Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    What is planned to be bundled in for the next console update?
  5. (XB1)LexaHex

    Last Post Wins

    Damn, this is still going.
  6. Yes, I'am downloading it currently, restart your xbox if the update doesn't appear
  7. FINALLY!!!!!! Bless everyone at DE!!!!
  8. (XB1)LexaHex

    XB1 Bring Back a Prestige Pack - You Decide!

    From a business standpoint, wouldn't it be more effective and beneficial to release all packs for a limited time?
  9. (XB1)LexaHex

    Devstream #84 Part 1: Tenno Choice Awards!

    'Father of the tenno' gave me terminal cringe and I was paralyzed for at least 5 seconds... 'We want all of your bodily fluids' made me laugh way too loud
  10. (XB1)LexaHex

    XB1: The War Within Status Thread [Live Now!]

    Please include all the winter cosmetics, and the liset decorations in this build, from what I remember, The grinch stole the last christmas
  11. (XB1)LexaHex

    Coming Soon: Devstream #82!

    This might be a bit premature, but what will the main focus (In terms of prioritizing development towards things) be after TWW? I personally would like to see a lot more QoL updates with the addition of more story/cinematic events, with side of new content. Would be even better if you go back to older weapons and add more mechanics like the new infested melee displays.
  12. (XB1)LexaHex

    Dedicated Conclave Servers

    Sad to hear console getting left in the dust like that. I suggest you, DE, at least setup some dedicated servers for PS4 & Xbox 1 considering our total population is minor in comparison to PC, which implies it shouldn't be as costly. That being said, I feel like people who host servers should get a small but steady stream of plat constantly running to their account, it should be based around the Karma points and play time
  13. (XB1)LexaHex

    Anndddd it's already October.

    Very easy fix if universal vacuum was added... Pause > Options under gameplay, select vacuum Turn off
  14. (XB1)LexaHex

    Vacuum: Discussions Post Devstream #80

    I agree with Devoid, this would not only remove this whole hassle with modding and what not, but also give players enough freedom to play whichever way they wish to. Weather they love to gather everything at once, save health/energy for later, or just not suck up anything at all. I agree with this to an extent, but I feel like the only thing we shouldn't run around for is mostly credits, thats the only thing that should be obtained instantly. This is major key, the practicality that shade, dethcube, djinn and even wyrm to an extent lack is very sad. It doesn't matter if vacuum becomes universal, and other sentinel usages go up, because those less practical sentinels will still remain as the least used. they should be buffed or reworked to be more fitting and 'popular' Also, if we do get universal vacuum, Chesa will need to be looked at. Love you guys over at DE!