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  1. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    About future farm fest for Equinox prime

    Pretty sure DE has said several times, it will be 3 parts and a bp, like all other primes.
  2. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    vox solaris

    Perhaps a small case of jumping ahead of yourself, Orb Valis is a worthy goal, but spend some time getting mods and equipment to a better level, you'll be ripping through it in no time. Key to warframe is patience and endurance.
  3. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    Arcane Awakening triggers?

    I just put the arcane rank 1 on with a full Awakening. Manually reloading and end-of-clip reloading still trigger it. I can not speak to the mod effects, I have it, but not tested. Just my observation.
  4. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    What is Multishot?

    A percentage chance that when you pull the trigger, more than one bullet will come out, increases the damage dealt per trigger pull. The most basic description imho.
  5. Try petting your kubrow to restore his love for you.
  6. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    QoL-Changes: Mastery Rank

    I would agree that if all you are doing to rank weapons is running Hydron, I'd get bored too. Mix things up, run endless relics when they are available, get some reward for your effort. Regular Onslaught can level items quickly and lots of focus there. Spy missions if you stealth them, give good xp. You can just play normal wearing 1 or 2 things always ranking up. I would add that just because a weapon is MR locked very high, doesn't mean it is the best or that you can't play very well without it. Good modding can make many lower MR weapons very good to use, and there are alot of them. Warframe is designed to try to keep you playing a long time, if you try to rush that, it is easily done, but can suck the fun out of the game. Just voicing an opinion, I'm not judging the OP or trying to be critical of how others play the game.
  7. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    QoL-Changes: Mastery Rank

    Just an opinion mind you, not representing anyone elses view. I do not believe WF is designed to be played in a short timeframe, I see and hear alot of players that want everything to be accessible as soon as they start playing. To me, it is no different than most any other game, you start out with weaker, minimum equipment, and the more effort you put in, the better stuff you get tp play with. Most games created nowdays are set up with 30 to 60 hours of gameplay with a defined beggining and end. WF is set up to be played over thousands of hours and doesn't have a defined end. It's all in the perspective. MR is not hard to accumulate, 3000xp per weapon, 6000 per frame, archwing, pets, sentinals, and even just exploration give MR xp. I know some who take a MR test every 2 or 3 days til they reach MR18 or so at which point everything is basicaly unlocked. Others take weeks to raise just 1 level. WF is a grind fest, it has always been and not likely to change. It is kinda up to you and what you are willing to put in. Join a good clan, with all the researched equipment, xp with friends or clanmates, if you want things fast, it is doable, but requires effort. I prefer to not have a game where I own everything in a few weeks of play, I like the grind, and that it takes alot of effort to do well. I would humbly disagree that MR needs to be easier.
  8. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    Looking for a Clan

    If still searching for a clan, PsN message me, I run a Mountain clan that may suit your needs.
  9. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    Trouble at 30+ level missions

    Just opinion, but on your Nova build, i'd drop the armor for a diff mod, duration or health. Her base of 65 isn't worth the mod slot. stretch does not affect her 4th ability as you may think. Duration makes the wave last longer, hence more range, stretch makes the area of explosion larger when you blow them up, doesn't affect the wave range. I run 200 plus duration 100 range 145 str on my slow build. Prime mods would help, but you can do decent without. Again, just opinion. The Dread build, I use Fanged fusillade [sp?] and crit delay mod for a 140 plus crit chance, slightly higher charge time on a bow doesn't hurt for how I play. I don't mess with galatine enough i'll let others help there. Hope it may help. I should add stretch does affect her teleport range if you happen to use it.
  10. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #223!

    Just curious, will there be any explanation of how the judging worked? Such as did someone view every entry, any clues as to what they were considering when determining the winners?
  11. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Clan Name: Ex Tenebris Vita Clan Tier: Mountain Platform: PS4 Clan Role Warlord Main Builders: Dorian-Hawkmoon , ALABOY1973 , Jattarosaria Many thanks to all my clan, they are my 'peeps'. Special thanks to Steelergurl33, our alliance leader and my friend. A couple of notes, I am current founding warlord, but owe much to Sawisfamily, who got me hooked on Warframe, and gave me the opportunity . The last segment is Alpha Project. we hope the video shows the effort and over 600 pieces that go into it. Many awesome entries, we just wanted to show a bit of ours. Stalkers of Hunhow Alliance PS4
  12. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    Upcoming Forum Changes (September 21st, 2018)

    Not that it matters alot, but to clear up a few things, yes I was banned from forums for a day and given a warning point, lesson learned. However, I would like to offer my side of opinion 1 last time. The forum post for consoles was seperate from PC, as a console recruiter, I recieved 3 to 10 inquirys a week from my ad, however most console recruits do not respond on the website, in my case I get PsN messaged instead. So yes, I replied to my own ad to keep it refreshed and not buried, Most of the active console clans did the same thing. I waited 1 to 3 days inbetween my post and always posted different so it would be known I'm not a bot. This was done by me and many other console users for over a year, with good recruits received fom it in many cases. When this last update hit, I found my ad, buried 17 pages from the top with over 12 post deleted, some not made by me. Not knowing things changed, i replied to my ad, and got banned and a point. I will accept my punishment but felt both sides should be heard. I'm a almost 5 year player, warlord over 4 years, I just want a way to advertise my clan that an average user can find me. Currently, the clubs show listings by members on the website, the first 2 pages if no filters are used, are huge 6000 member ads from PC. My PS4 ad is so far back, no one will ever see it. If the default was that PS4 players were auto filtered to show PS4 clubs, I could compete with my fellow PS4 and you could do away with the recruit forum. As it stands now, my clan ads are buried no matter which I use, and I am not allowed to do anything to make them more visable. The average console person logs in, views the first couple of pages of ads at most, from my polling of recruits, seldom use filters or even notice there is a filter option. They prefer to PsN after viewing an ad, and seldom respond on the website. I am sorry to those who are offended by my actions, and I have stopped posting for my clan on here. Our clan will do fine, we always find a way, the website used to be a big help, I'm not sure what the intention is currently. But I thought it worth pointing out, recruiting on here is important to console users, but it is used differently than the PC members. I have nothing against the PC, but there was no issue until we were lumped together. I hope this at least promotes an understanding.
  13. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    Please Delete this message

    I do have space, however your psn settings do not allow me to message you there, it appears I can not message you here either, I would suspect privacy settings in both places.