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  1. I sure wasn't getting that from the rules, last I heard if there were no entries in a catagory then a smaller clan got the spot. Our clan tier did not change during the contest. But thank you for clarifying, we won't waste our time putting together an entry in the future.
  2. Pretty sure the contest has gone from being a contest, to DE picks a random dojo they like to display. Last "contest" 3 Moon clans entered on PS, none were displayed. Still no word from DE on whether this is a new rule, or what exactly the goal of this is.
  3. The question is not about who should or should not have won the contest. 3 moon clans entered the contest, none of them were chosen. The contest states that 3 clans from every tier will be chosen, unless there are no entries in that tier. The question is, have the rules changed? If so, they should be posted somewhere. No one has been 'belittled' no one said they deserved to win.
  4. Fyi, the texture on the christmas package decoration for dojo's got wrecked in your texture update DE. One of them is now all grey with a weird lump on top instead of a bow. I keep a set of these decorations to put out every year, just in case they are not given out.
  5. Because DE doesn't always give us the christmas dojo decorations, we keep a set built and hidden in our dojo. We can pull them out every year that way. We have had our spawn hall full of christmas trees since thanksgiving. I would note, DE broke the textures on the christmas package decoration when they updated the textures a couple of updates ago. Some of them are now grey boxes with a grey lump on top instead or colorful with a bow. Don't be surprised if they release them still broken this year.
  6. Heaven forbid if a large group of people would like to see a real competition betwwen clans, and/or alliances. Or that people willing to put time and effort into a group effort should get any sort of reward, unless everyone gets the reward. Don't like doing liches? DE should just give everyone kuva weapons. Boss to hard to fight? DE nerf it so everyone can beat it. Everyone gets a gold trophy, to heck with that competition nonsense...
  7. Thnks to DE for keeping the game going so long, and all the people who have helped me keep our clan going 7 years now. I'm a bit older, and a bunch slower now, but Warframe still entertains me. Happy Thansgiving to all who celebrate, and safe travels during the holidays.
  8. Tradeing Primed mods is likely the only real issue, and if the tax is to hard, farm some ducats and buy from baro, You do have choices on some things imho.
  9. It's been near 1 year now that the lighting in inspiration halls was broken, and DE Helen told us a fix was coming in the next big update. I still can't build in my own dojo, due to the new bug that no one at DE seems to want to hear about. Please DE, fix my dojo...
  10. I'm curious why you think your sexual preferences must be made public in the first place. DE has disallowed the word as it has been abused to death to troll, offend, and disrespect others. I'm ok with it, I don't want to have, or see discussions about sexual preferences in a chat. Talk about warframe, you wouldn't have an issue.
  11. Not even sure what the discussion about how serious a problem is, has to do with how DE treats the issue. There is a timeline with documented acknowledgement from DE that there were issues and promises of a fix. They literaly destroyed multiple rooms of our dojo fixing an issue someone else had, but we did not have. We rebuilt many of the broken rooms, then DE 'fixed' the lighting in the dojo, which is still broken near a year later. Hardly the same comparing this mess to Saturn has no rings on NaV. These are proveable, repeatable and thoroughly tested bugs that we have sent picture
  12. On a good note, support did very politely tell me to go away on my last ticket.
  13. Further testing- About 70% of pieces tested auto-fill when placed, if the clan member has the 'Use clan resources' flag turned on in clanrank. Founders can not turn this flag off, so building has become much harder. You can not do temporary layouts and come back to them later. Also discovered all polychromes when placed, are auto-filled. This makes testing light changes very expensive, since there is also a bug that will not allow you to remove a 'filled' polychrome. If you drop one, it is going to cost you, and no way to change your mind. I get that dojo's are not considered 'important'
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