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  1. Yup, i'm the old guy. We met awhile ago if I recall.
  2. Might try a support ticket on this, if no response here. Just trying to help.
  3. There is a /ignore command for a reason. I try to spend a little time helping others in Q/A myself, help those that want it, just ignore or block the 2 year olds. It is a shame DE doesn't stop some of the insanity, but it is what it is.
  4. Just for the weekend of Tennocon wouldn't interfere with the contest. The quarterly contest isn't really a contest anymore anyway.
  5. Just a curiosity, but why not put the 10 winners on display on the starchart? Let people explore those dojo's you deemed worthy of showing off.
  6. Intresting idea, 118 rooms decorated,128 total, toured in 2 minutes. Wear some comfy tenno slippers :) Look forward to seeing where this goes. Good luck to all the former winners, i've visited some very cool displayed dojos in the past.
  7. Possibly is there a way to create a clan recruitment thread where we can advertise say once per week? The restrictions on the current recruit tab make it tough, advertise once, don't repost or bump your post or you get kicked and a point. If space is a problem, auto-delete messages after 14 days, rather than kicking people for trying to improve thier clans. The lack of support for clans from DE is frustrating. Good, active clans can help player retention, and promoting Warframe. Please work with someone, find a better way to support clans and recruiting, other than removing features and
  8. They usually notify you when it is approved, then you'll get it usually the next update. My changes have all taken less than 2 weeks to be approved after submitting the new emblem fwiw. It was a few months ago when we redid our alliance emblem.
  9. 'normaly' they will edit the original post about the contest, and put the winners there. This hasn't happened yet that I see fwiw.
  10. Maybe more related to server load, despawning a dojo if no clan members are in it, should save a bit of overhead I would think. Just as they despawn unused relays.
  11. Our clan won twices as well, however, in the last contest, 3 Moon clans entered, 0 were displayed supposedly to give smaller clans a chance. But currently there are only 4 of 5 possible clans on display, the Moon tier slot is empty. I know 2 of the enties had won before, i'm not sure about the 3rd. One can only guess previous winners are not allowed to win any more from these actions. I could care less at this point if my own clan was chosen, but all 3 moon clan entries were ditched for a blank empty slot. Hence my question.
  12. Thank you for finally clarifying the rules better, will there be a point someday when previous winners can be considered again? Many do actually add new and improve old builds.
  13. Gotta love the 'everyone gets a trophy' policy DE seems set on. Gold wasn't hard to hit on consoles, nerfing requirements in half for trophies, why not just give all the clans trophies?
  14. I sure wasn't getting that from the rules, last I heard if there were no entries in a catagory then a smaller clan got the spot. Our clan tier did not change during the contest. But thank you for clarifying, we won't waste our time putting together an entry in the future.
  15. Pretty sure the contest has gone from being a contest, to DE picks a random dojo they like to display. Last "contest" 3 Moon clans entered on PS, none were displayed. Still no word from DE on whether this is a new rule, or what exactly the goal of this is.
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