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  1. The room information podium, is placed to close to the wall, if a room description is entered, it can not be seen, as it is projected inside the wall.
  2. I can confirm this as a repeatable bug in our dojo, I turned in a ticket on this weeks ago, still no response. We get multiple people a day reporting bluescreens from our dojo.
  3. Clan Name - Ex Tenebris Vita Clan Tier - Mountain Platform - PS4 Clan Role - Founding Warlord and Lead Decorator Our dojo is a work in progress, with 106 out of 107 rooms decorated. This includes Elevators, Reactors, and all Hallways. We design our builds and dojo for the explorer, as you enter each room, you may wonder what you will find through each door.We have 10 Inspiration halls, 1 is a 7 story tall maze, consisting of over 800 walls, many a visitor have fallen trying to escape it. We try to offer a variety of builds you'll see giant serpents, huge statues, gardens, rockets, riverboats, a market place with over 15 patrons it is a long list we hope everyone can find at least 1 thing they like. The pictures listed below are many, they do not do it justice, but perhaps you can get a sense of what we do. I'd like to thank my friend, and co-builder Arrgh2112 for his tireless help, and my entire clan who have supported our efforts, and donated tremendous amounts of resources for over 6 years now. I have a great group of friends who help me run the clan, and allow us to indulge in this, so thank you Ceph and Averthane. There have been a few other builders over the years, I appreciate each of them. https://imgur.com/a/6jBAM5f https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGs2pH2kmDQ&t=31sg
  4. Mountain clan, 5 plus years of gaming fun. 100 room dojo gold trophy winner. All research, no MR requirement. All we ask is treat others with respect, follow basic rules of conduct, and play often. 14 day no-play rule. PsN message me, or pm in game.
  5. Curious, why does the PS4 not get a leaderboard? #We'reNotWorthy
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