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  1. Our clan has existed over 5 years, why exactly is it unfair for us to have earned things new clans don't have access to? If you were a new employee, would you expect to get the same pay and benefits as a person that has been there for 5 years? I still don't get the 'all clans must be exactly the same or it isn't fair' thing.
  2. Just 1 thought, waterguns in the dojo, we want waterfights with our clanmates...
  3. You left out 'Old Person' the only catagory I fit into... ;)
  4. Still unclear to me, why a clan that has been in exixtance 5 years, should not be allowed to have things that a 1 year clan doesn't have . It is very similiar to the founders pack, those that found the gme and supported it many years ago, have things we can't get. I'm fine with not being able to have excalibur prime, they deserve to have something exclusive. Taking away the xp for trophies, makes trophies mostly pointless. What isn't fair, is in a 'competative' online game, we are constantly pounded with it's not fair, everyone should be the same. Supporting Warframe for over 5 years, why is it so terrible to have something to show for it?
  5. If still looking for a home, drop me a PsN, we'll see if our clan fits your needs. Ex Tenebris Vita Mountain clan.
  6. I'm curious, if the intent is to have all clans exactly the same, why is there xp for clans to start with? Since when is competition such a terrible thing that a clans efforts can't be rewarded and be given a way to show off those efforts?
  7. I have just a few openings in a mountain clan, Ex Tenebris Vita, Psn message if still looking, i'll send our info to you. Psn is same as here.
  8. Clan - Ex Tenebris Vita Tier - Mountain Platform - PS4 Role - Founding Warlord. Have to start this with many thanks to my clan, who help fund this, and my group of builders who are both friends, and very creative people in my humble opinion. I'm not good at the word thing, so hopefully you can get the idea of our dojo from the limited pics that only show a part of what we do. There is no theme here, each room is a surprise, mean't to entice you into looking for the next room. Main Builders - Alaboy1973, Arrgh2112, G_Angel34, Averthane, and myself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvicbftF4bk&feature=youtu.be
  9. I can vouch for Darken being a very helpful person for what its worth. A good clan worth consideration.
  10. Just an opinion, but if you want people to PsN message you about a clan, I'd suggest allowing non-friends to send you messages in your PsN settings. Many PS4 Warlords would rather use PsN to communicate when possible. Not telling you what to do, just a suggestion.
  11. No mention of cross-platform, or when the music sound track will be released I'm guessing there will be a new meta currency we'll need to purchase to access all the new content. I look forward to the 12 new resources we'll need to farm to build the neck-brace dlc as well. Thanks DE, I just got paid, needed a new outlet for my funds.
  12. Anyone else still have the Zenistar won't throw disc bug? The patch notes said it was hotfixed, mine and several clanmates still won't launch the disc.
  13. Still would be nice if PS4 flagged accounts were defaulted to view PS4 flagged clans when they clicked on the listing. XB as well. Since the moderation rules make it hard to advertise your clan, the clan pages could be useful for recruitment, but console users get buried under all the pc clans, most people don't use the filters, so an automatic filter would be nice.
  14. The endless spin happens in the Liset decorate mode too. So far, all of the clanmates I have asked to test it, have this issue. We were in the middle of a big overhaul on our decorations, all at a screeching halt while we wait. I hope it doesn't get buried like the promise to fix the shadows in dojo seems to have.
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