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  1. I do have space, however your psn settings do not allow me to message you there, it appears I can not message you here either, I would suspect privacy settings in both places.
  2. I'm currently at work, but will psn you this evening, look forward to it.
  3. Going well here, PsN if you are intrested.
  4. Upgrade going well, we invite those looking for a home away from the drama and toxic hate. No MR requirement, be active and treat clanmates with a touch of respect. Psn for more info.
  5. Upgrade complete, we have room for those who want to play without the toxic environment found alot of other places.
  6. Messaged by psn, details in there for you.
  7. Yes, we have expanded to Mountain tier. Read the intro message, if you love Warframe, and can treat other players with a touch of respect, we want to hear from you.
  8. We are currently full, but if you'd like, I can help you get into one of our 57 alliance clans.
  9. (PS4)Dorian-Hawkmoon

    Is farming MR worth it?

    I would agree, that 16 is a good place to shoot for, with your playstyle as I read it. Just so you are not locked out of anything by MR. Lower MR won't stop you from haveing fun, but you may miss out on some good weapons, or rivens if you use them.