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    ? allright i'm out ^.^
  2. Thanks now i feel old.
  3. trunks013


    Yo ^.^ Welcome to the forums but i'm not sure it fits in feedback but welcome none the less tenno ^.^
  4. No there is no plan on that they are working on cross save . well as far as i know ^.^
  5. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ Warframe market i guess ? Sorry i'm not the droid you are looking for but maybe this will help ^.^
  6. Wait how can they actually do that ? Danielle is already prime ^.^
  7. Welcome to the forums tenno Well seems like it changed trought times but are you looking for the current one ?
  8. you can't sadly cross save and cross play are not a thing. ( they have been working on cross save for a while but no results yet ) So basically they are distinct platform and saves right now. Welcome to the forums tenno
  9. The moment a tenno discover the red button on the gun . You had to be the bringer of joy today ^.^ Back to Original post just try the alt fire option on the Cedo and watch everything die pretty quickly ^.^
  10. thanks man you rock ^.^ ill get more of this knowledge give me a moment and I’ll dig something up ^.^
  11. yeah totaly ( same for sedna ) but its literaly a rock and the first node means ... well rock thats quite hilarious. Allright i might be the only one to laugh at that ^.^
  12. Yeah -> Paracyst sounds extremely like the french version of "Pas Racist" that you guessed it translate straight to "Not racist". Funny thing is most french joke in warframe ( asked to Megan and Taylor directly ) are not intentional such as Ordis literally means computer in french as its stands for the diminutive of "Ordinateur". First not of phobos means "rock" That being said warframe has a lot of hidden knowledge ^.^
  13. nah there is mods that are unique to syndicate for warframes. Augments mods like despoil for nekros and stuff like that you always find a tenno who is disliked by the syndicate and wants the mods so they buy them for plats. PS : you dont want me to speak noob because i'm gonna go like "You know the thingy beside the other thingy that allows you to buy thingy for thingy standing and you can then trade it at the thingy in the thingy called a dojo for the thingy also known as platinum " ... allright ill stop now.
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