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Hi i'm Trunks013 the Tenno NH who does bad grammar and Typo Everywhere !

You can contact me in game or on the forum for assistance or questions.

I might be slow on the answer by time because i play with a controller ( believe me writing with a controller i'm not good at it )


See ya in game Tenno and take care 🙂

PS: NH refer to Newbie Helper or New Player Helper but Neil Patrick Harris stole us the NPH thingny 

WarMarketMan ? probably need this Tenno ?

If you are coming back to warframe @Digressive made a very good topic for that here to see what happen since you left

If you are asking yourself how to post picture then Benzinninja made a very good tutorial right there

How to make a proper feedback thread ? D20/LascarCapable did a rly awesome guideline for you ^.^ 


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