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  1. Hell yeah pearls are back !!!! ^.^ Wait what ? Man thats hilarious. So Nakak ill take that soaktron skin please. ALLRIGHT MIKE UNLOAD THE TRUCK !
  2. GOLDEN INSTINCT (15) wait what ? Really ? Whoa Thank you soo much !
  3. Oh maybe ill try making a short video this year ^.^
  4. Maybe i'm too old XD but back then there was not drop at all only plat winners and stuff like that. After that some drops were just stuff from in game ( display , a norg display ) but also stuff unique to watching the streams ( syndana , tea set ) but only from time for events. Now since its on all streams they added a grab bag sometimes its unique stuff sometimes its farmable stuff. Honestly i'm not against it. Its great and sometimes we get stuff like pearls ^.^ From my point of view the whole thing is just upgrade from the nothing we had in the past.
  5. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa allright like thinking out loud kinda thing right ? I get it . Well from a programming stand point having just a tag that could be put beside the glyph that note what you are aiming at like lets say 4 choices that shows different icons 1- Regular run 2- Quick runs 3- Long runs 4- Helping others And those icon would show up beside either their name and something like that letting you know that if they leave they are most likely to just pass by but if they are on the others meaning that maybe its linked on how the mission ended ( long runs guy le
  6. Wait your solution was not automatic disband group ? "I think that if leaving matchmaking was automatic,"
  7. Personnaly i had a situation opposite to that during the mutalist incursion and it made me stick to warframe. The story if you are interested ^.^
  8. To be honest most of the time its not linked to that at all. If they really dislike you they will take the time to insult you first XD and then leave. Most tenno are in a hurry don't take it personal and don't be scared most of the time tenno are awesome.
  9. Well right now i can tell it looks amazing ... and that it makes me feel old. But mainly its amazing ^.^ given time its seems backward thougth new stuff that way <- and old stuff that way -> ?
  10. She really makes me think about Ray Tracer to be honest. I like the idea i just need separated controls for toggle crouch on kdrive and ill jump back into it ^.^
  11. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ Yes its very likely unless she is released in another game mode relic drops. So if you are scared to never get her dont be she will be avaible in the futur only Excal Prime wont return ^.^
  12. I dont know but infinite duration would be ... really apereciated ^.^
  13. Hi there tenno welcome to the forums. The main answer was in a way "each tenno has its own railjack" and its not linked to the clan. The second part was more like assassins' creed black flag where you could send your crew to do a mission while you do other stuff and they come back with the loot. ( feature we sadly don't have )
  14. after all those years finaly a lazy way to get the 2 missing ones ! ^.^ nice
  15. the intermission act is the same for everyone once you made all the challenges you need to wait for others. After that you go into the plus 30 realm where its only intermission credits. I guess thats only on how you build your frames because Octavia and Oberon Actually Transend enemy levels they basicly bypass level and control wide area if built for it. Its not burst damage but it ticks fast.
  16. As Danielle said one per person but technically you can make more and submit only one making the others for our enjoyment tho ^.^
  17. Well thats funny because i saw one last week ^.^
  18. Whoa thanks for putting all of the together in the same place ^.^
  19. steel path seems to attract all encounter at a higher rate was it in normal mission or SP ?
  20. Take care of yourself then tenno ^.^
  21. As soon as the digital ticket stop making an error when i try. I'm in ^.^
  22. like you get a hockey stick ? Honestly i dont know what they will do with that it would be great to have "Have 3 crewmates while playing with other tenno" that would bring the ship to possible total of 7 crew members XD Look i have the right to dream allright ^.^
  23. tryed going into your railjack to start missions ? Always worked for me but maybe i'm wrong ^.^
  24. Loki was a starter frame and i also paid plat for revives XD Just to put in perspective i also paid 1$ to get an entrance at the theater when i was a kid but i'm only in my 30 ies ^.^ i feel very old
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