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  1. First i really like how you separated Steve from the rest thats funny  ( Devs, DE, CM, Community, Steve <- XD ) He is his own cathegory.

    That being said i see a lot of tenno that are here and do not care about reputation.

    Low reputation high post tenno that are here just to help others.

    You never saw one ? not even one ?

  2. 1 minute ago, Loza03 said:

    Also love Korats. I love both my/My family's Korats, even though they're little monsters who torment the neighbours because they don't understand that the windows on that side of the building aren't home.

    hahhaha ! 

    Mine once brought me a toy mouse and dropped it in my face while i was sleeping , I threw the toy in the corridor.

    To my surprise they are natural fetchers SHE BROUGHT IT BACK AND DROPPED IT IN MY FACE AGAIN!

  3. 10 minutes ago, ZeroX4 said:

    You didnt get me i didnt mean logging in with same acc on 2 devices
    I meant using 2 different accounts to play in a same squad doing whatever

    Ive seen ppl coming here accused of account sharing and banned just for (AS THEY EXPLAINED) being able to play at their grandparents house or school with same acc
    I remember a guy came here after his wife got banned after she logged into her acc on his PC
    I do realize things like that happen every day and no1 is getting banned
    BUTTTTTTTTTT thats the whole point of this post imagine wave of false bans that will come with crossplay/save


    Ha ! that thing. Well some people says that but honestly if those accounts don't trade with one another you should not really have any problem what so ever.

    Lets be honest lets say while on vacation at your grandparents house and you play warframe with family ( thanks Vin Diesel ) technically you should not really be trading because if you play together you kinda get the same drops ( unless you are really mission a lot of mods and you short cut them and give them straight some mods).

    I had lan party at my house ( long before pandemic man now i want to do another one so bad ) and we had a session of warframe et no tenno were banned and we were like 8 players ( 2 squads ).

    Pretty sure that when those things happens and its not someone exploiting the system you can easily reach support to help you (yup it can take a long time )

    Will we see an increase of bans ? Not sure to be honest.

    Will we see a bunch of multiple complains threads and posts . Hum hell yeah i'm sure of it ^.^ 

  4. i'm also a workin adult and to be honest some challenge are quite easy. Not that its any use right now because nightwave is currently ended.

    I do understand the frustration for nitain.

    Welcome to the forums tenno.

    Just a quick tricks that i use a lot.

    - keep the maroo quest ayatans for an easy nightwave challenge when the ayatans one shows up. 

    - Use forma on a kubrow/kavat/sentinel that you use all the time when the challenge shows up



  5. 34 minutes ago, Ailia_Grimm said:

    You're late to the party, this has been here since sorties were created

    In case you're wondering, no it's not a bug or whatever, it's rng

    wait wasn't endo the first to be exclusively dropping from sortie i think a guy made a song about it XD 


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  6. 21 minutes ago, (PSN)lnsanelySkilled said:

    Thanks appreciate it

    No problemo tenno ^.^

    If you want to tag it as answered you can by clicking the arrow up ( left part to the left of the profile picture ) on the desired answer if you don't want a bunch of tenno to still try to answer this question in the future ^.^

    Have a nice day ^.^  

  7. 6 hours ago, (PSN)lnsanelySkilled said:

    I never got the stab for me lich to spawn. A mission to go too it just says on me game kuva lich birthplace telesto made from protea weakness gas or toxin unsure as skull shows under weak from level one lich not even got all mods uncovered for bottom of profile only one shows second half circle and third yet show there 

    Ha !!!! Yessss we got it !

    Ok tenno stop that mission you wont find it there its the lich birthplace she does not hang there anymore XD.

    So basicly they are on different planet depending on their level. For level 1 its earth ^.^ go on earth and select a red mission with your lich name on it. You will find thralls and your lich there. Its gonna be around lvl 55-75.

    So heres the liches hang spot for their level for later on.

    1-earth (yours is here right now )




    5-kuvas fortress

    Thanks @Slayer-. you made me realise what was happening ^.^


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  8. 23 minutes ago, (PSN)lnsanelySkilled said:

    No i have a lich made from protea on saturn t planet node but if i go there the kuva thing to spawn for lich with weapon not show is wat saying

    Okay okay what planet your lich is currently controlling ? ( it should have a bunch of red nodes )

    Have you already found your 3 parazon requiem mods in order and stabbed the lich with it ? If yes then the mission is a railjack one.

  9. wait do you have a kuva lich spawned and controlling a planet yet ?

    If yes you must do mission on that planet.

    If no you can always do Cassini capture on saturn and when the light flicker find the lich candidate down him and then look if the weapon is what you want then parazon him.

  10. 10 minutes ago, LillyRaccune said:

    Yes PC and PS4 (and probably Switch, I can't verify tho) also has the "toggle crouch" option in the gameplay tab of the options menu.

    EDIT: My bad! DE must have taken the choice for toggle crouch out! Sorry for the arrogant confusion 😿 I was certain the option was there before...

    You can change keyboard and controller bindings easily also. However the way to access it is dependant on how you open the Options Menu.

    • ESC> mouse-click on Options> you will see "Customize Key Bindings"
    • StartMenu> controller-click on Options> you will see "Customize Controller"

    There is something you made me think about tho. Transitioning to new platforms will be a little annoying at first because lots of options are stored locally and not stored on DE's servers.

    Everything in your Options menu is stored locally. Controller/keybo shortcuts, gameplay toggles, ping-threshold, sensitivity, screen resolution, audio and visual effects, chat interface, UI customization, also favourite colours and gear wheel are all saved on your local machine. 

    Players will have to manually readjust those personal choices so they can feel comfortable whereever they play.


      Reveal hidden contents

    There will also be the new gameboy "Deck" from Steam...



    Not arrogant it used to be there i swear i saw it too ^.^ 

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  11. Hi there fellow tenno using a controller ^.^ 

    I actually use toggle crouch on PC on right stick and crouch , slide and roll on left stick. You are right its not in the menu its directly in key bindings and i heard its not working as it is in console.

    That being said controller issue on pc are mainly in 2 categories as far as i know

    1- Toggle crouch / crouch/slide and roll issues ( including separate control to remove have crouch on triggers only when on Kdrives so that when you hit the button you don't need to untoggle it when you jump off a ramp otherwise you endup breaking combos)

    2- Having the option to bind menu items in ability menu while holding the ability key ( omnitool is a good thing but pizzas , kdrive , archwing , archgun would be much desired too )

    So yeah i'm also interested in seeing what crossplatform will bring to controller users.

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