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  1. Welcome to the forums tenno.

    Sadly crosssave is not yet a thing and a lot of people have been asking this recently . Like a LOT

    DE current official statements is currently "We want it too but we don't have news yet. We will scream it everywhere when it happens don't worry" kind of thing ^.^

  2. 1 minute ago, Xikto said:

    Worst case scenario, make the prices non fixed, and change them every now and then if needed.

    The reason i don't want to pay money for tennogen is that i already have thousands upon thousands of platinum in my accounrd with literally 0 use for them, it's all money, and i am unable to convert my money to tennogen skin, since i have already spent the money on plat i would like to turn it into tennogen!

    Yeah thats what we could call the "Programmer's Nightmare" its basicly a simple concept thats is extremely hard to apply.

    Like when someone ask you to code something that seems simple but is in fact extremely hard to code. Like a random a true one ^.^ 

  3. 6 minutes ago, Xikto said:

    Well i am no game developer but i can tell you my 2 sense on the matter, first you run the calculations and find out the Average price of unit platinum (which you bet DE has done and does it all the time), and then just take the amount and convert the money to plat!

    Well it does not exactly work like that since plat has probably a super highly volatile value in term of money that would make tennogen artists income move around.

    If you fix it to a certain amount then the opposite happens maybe someone will lose money in the end.

    Long story short why do you want to buy tennogen with plat ?

    If the conversion ratio is that simple just buy it with money no ?

    Probably because you gain plat another way right ? Well thats the same reason why the ratio money2plat will move.

    If you really like tennogen buy it with money it will get back to them directly and they will be able to continue giving us those.

    Btw i wish it could be simple i would really like to buy tennogen with plat but its way more complicated than this sadly ;(

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  4. 1 hour ago, DarthK3v said:

    Sounds like a "Prime" opportunity for a Frost cosplay.

    Gotta say, the picture in my mind of never-ending snow still sounds enticing.

    hahha yeah maybe for some. I have a wood stove and enough wood for an entire winter but for some power outage and too much snow may be a big problem ( on the long term )

  5. 1 hour ago, DarthK3v said:

    Took the words right out of my mouth.

    I'd love to move somewhere it snows eventually, but I've also heard shoveling snow can suck after a while. I'd have to try it out first and see if it's a sacrifice that's worth the view.

    Oh well its fun for the first couple of days but then ... IT NEVER STOPS !

    You have to shovel it from the ground and then the roof has too much snow and you need to shovel it from the roof to the ground and then re-shovel it from the ground.

    And then you have snow storms in April/march because it does not want to stop. you endup with only 2 seasons Winter and Preparing for winter  XD

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  6. 1 hour ago, StressedAndDepressedBoi said:

    Weirdly enough, it comes under both "in progress" and "claimed"
    It's been about 18 hours since it showed up in my twitch inventory, so I dont think it's a matter of time.


    Yep, I did it on the same day the news got announced


    Hmm, it still isnt there for me ;-;
    Thanks for the warm welcome!


    Dude I know, I read the article twice.
    I linked and unlinked my account on Friday itself.
    And by their instructions, it should be claimable from the twitch drops inventory too.
    Yet, after so many hours it still doesnt show up in warframe.
    And in today's stream (ongoing as I'm typing this) DE Helen confirmed it doesn't expire.
    So, logically speaking, I should have it, right?
    Thanks for replying tho


    Very helpful! Thanks man, I nearly gave up.

    Thanks for the reply mates!

    Yeah its still there for me too but its also in the claimed section

    very weird indeed lol

  7. They had issue with necharmech not fitting everywhere lol

    that being said we had hydroid for a little while doing that ^.^ 

  8. When someone screws up do you:

    E) Other (Explain)  : I start with laughing and quoting that i used to be the worst at spy and ask them if they want a do over and this time i can do all vaults ^.^ 

    And if you screw up do you: 

    D) Apologize, explain yourself, and ask to try again but i never have the time they leave before ^.^ This one did not happened in a little while now.


    I'm kinda the naruto of spy mission. Started by hating it but now i'm quite good at it  ^.^ 


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  9. The new Proboscis Cernos can help a lot ^.^ 

    This is totaly not a paid advertisement batteries not included other toys sold seperatedly we are not infested and not trying to get you at all ^.^ 

  10. 2 hours ago, (XBOX)Overloner said:

    thanks for explaining, but mkah_mvet is right, it sucks that i farm the part i just missed,

    Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ 

    Well you are totaly right. That being said if you farm 2 protea ( one to play with the other for helmith) you technicly should have enough staltha parts.

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