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  1. On 2020-12-18 at 4:17 PM, Schwarzsturm said:

    Good idea with the gifting of Lavos collection, hope i get one :)

    Thank you @trunks013 for the Lavos collection. I don't know what to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I could say it a thousand time and still not enough. Thank you very much. I truly don't know what to say :)

    Thank you and happy holidays to you. Hope you get a really good next year, you truly deserve it :D

    Its cool tenno ^.^ 

    Look one day you will be able to help someone easily and turns out it may make their day a better one ^.^  Then you will know what its like ^.^ 

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  2. 11 hours ago, fr4gb4ll said:


    easy. they could put it into their ToS that this isn't allowed... ofc since they don't offer an acceptable alternative to it, they would make themself enemy of many of their users - paying ones and free player alike... this could therefore easily firingy back at them in a very uncomfortable way. my guess is that's one of the reasons they let this happen and will tolerate it as long as there is real damage to their core business.

    some people also claim that DE is really behind some of those trading platforms and thus can control their own market quite well... conspiracy everywhere ^^)  but it would be something I would do in their position, that's for sure...

    Well even if they put it in TOS enforcing it would be a nightmare honestly how can you prove that ? Man thats hard of course you can stop the sites but a new underground site will appear. Of course incorporating auction house or even a vendor mode like in dofus ( if thats the proper name i think  they have an logged off vendor mode that let you buy stuff from players while they are offline) could be great but i still wonder why they dont do it.

  3. 5 hours ago, (XBOX)TehChubbyDugan said:

    There is not, because:



    So one of the two mechs can heal, and if you want to put up with how clunky it is to use (because Bone Widow is clunky af.) it can deal okay damage.  This does nothing for the other Mech, and any other mech they release later that doesn't have her 1.  It's almost like the existence of her 1 actually makes my and OP's point that they should not have nerfed the healing sources we had, since she still has it, but Voidrig does not.  You're acting like the existence of a particular build and ability cycle on just Bone Widow justifies them nerfing healing on both the mechs and that is not a valid argument.  

    Just tested it and what you said its actualy false of course you seems to redefine a lot of words so maybe in your perception is not.

    Basicly the rage and the repair mod together provide unlimited necramech equivalnet of iron skin its true but in the current event you must watch your health constantly.

    That being said its not working properly there is a bug preventing mech from using all abilities and transference so in the current state of things there is a situation where you can't heal and can't shield a necramech.

  4. 3 hours ago, (XBOX)TehChubbyDugan said:

    I know you were just being sarcastic, but I would argue that it does not function as "healing" in the sense that it cannot heal your mech back to full under any conditions.  It's a bandaid that you have to grind for and manage to fit into your build to replace all the options they just removed because of this event.  "these options slipped through" my ass.  Convenient that they only caught them right before we actually needed mechs to be useful.

    Healing is regaining health. To full health or not is not the definition at all you just redefined what healing means. That beig said i was not sarcastic but worryed that the mod was not working ^.^

    That beign said i'm not saying its the best heal ever but with the rage mod and void rig we should calculate if there is a loophole there ^.^

  5. 26 minutes ago, Xylena_Lazarow said:

    Well, those memories are another reason why players immediately leave coop missions if they see a Limbo, who may be less intrusive now, but players still don't want to be responsible for personally managing someone else's frame mechanics. "Why can't I hit anyth... oh I got put in the mucking Rift again." I'm also unsure why we still can't shoot enemies inside the Rift from outside of it, other than some dev's stubborn RP ideas of how the Rift should technically work if it were Real Magic.

    Yeah well technicly its not RP idea about Real magic but more a physics stand point.

    That being said it could be solved with RP weird huh. But more on the other way around a tenno should be able to shoot enemies outside the rift from within the rift as if they would be able to let projectile quit the rift but not enter making them almost invulnerable. Also stating that would make limbo player way more broken then they are right now.

    I understand that from a playing perspective its annoying as hell. But form a story , mechanic and playing stand point lets be honest its a super strong character with amazing synergy and background. Feels like Obito from Naruto or any speedsters from DC or even Vision form Marvel universe and if we want to go far we could state Casper ^.^ 

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Xylena_Lazarow said:

    It seems to be primarily for trolls to annoy their fellow tenno. It's yet another "feature" that actually discourages coop play, and is yet another reason why players immediately leave void fissure missions if they see a Limbo in them. Nobody wins here, especially not Limbo players, so how about we get rid of it altogether?

    Well someone forgot what it was like before when limbo could just rift people right and left and also rolling out of it was impossible.

  7. 8 minutes ago, Slayer-. said:

    Haha I just looked it up, also banned in Russia.

    Oh well. such is life. 

    Crazy am i right ^.^ 

    1 minute ago, -CdG-Zilchy said:

    I'm gonna end this cos I'm bored, this is where you tell the gameshow host you'd like to solve the riddle and claim the prizes.

    You have on your profile the following.

    Warframes - 294000 mastery points
    Primary - 183000 mastery points
    Melee - 157600 mastery points

    In your equipment you have the following.

    Warframes - 49 frames max rank
    Primary - 60 max rank + 1 kuva weapon at rank 30(3000 points)
    Melee - 52 max rank + 1 rank 16(1600 points)

    So, that's the following

    Warframes - 49 x 6000 = 294000
    Primary - (60 x 3000) + 3000 = 183000
    Melee - (52 x 3000) + 1600 = 157600

    Ergo, you are not missing any mastery points, regardless of what it said on your screen. Your question has been answered, I'll send you the bill.

    Thanks for the number crunching man you rock ^.^ 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Hashie1000 said:

    thanks..i did a imgur post and uploaded it her as link

    Neat ^.^ if you want you can take one by one and tag them with the link that ends up with .png to post direct picture like the handy picture i just posted ( for future post if you want )

    That being said can you also post us the profile picture of the completion of the said weapons and frames in the proper profile tabs ?

  9. 2 minutes ago, -CdG-Zilchy said:

    That picture is gold :D

    Yeah handy is the best ^.^ but don't tell flippy ^.^ 

    2 minutes ago, Slayer-. said:

    If you truly think you've been done over contact support and get them to take a look.

    Haha man thats a good one. Basicly its handy from HTF thats when he tryes to put off a fire he has everything to do so but ... he HAS NO HANDS !!!!

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  10. the portal is for your fellow tenno technicly not really for you.

    Maybe the proper fix would be making limbo not trigger in his own portal but keeping it for the fellow tenno is worth it because an example:  ash can bladestorm out of the rift while being in the rift ^.^ and so many more insane tricks like that

    Totaly missread the word "off" basicly just we are clear the portal stay there but would not affect limbo right ?

  11. I think it was hinted in the new trailer for the next event that they did not use too much necramechs for sentient.

    It was because they were not technologically advanced well as Vilcor says.

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  12. On 2020-12-16 at 2:09 PM, Longeres said:

    @AlexanderXM @TheAvidoZ @gosteady Hey guys, check your ingame boxes, hope you will like your little gifts :) Sorry for bothering, just too many people ignoring my gifts,  i hope that they just haven't seen them yet, cos it becomes a little hurtful :) 

    Dont take it personal you are awesome and you know it ^.^ 

    that being said i must work on my thanks post because i was kinda overwhelmed ^.^ 

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