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  1. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ Well syndicate have allies and enemy syndicate There is a way to up 4 of them thanks @NinjaZeku ^.^
  2. Yeah hardcore farm wont work anymore but alert with 1 as a reward will be availed i guess.
  3. And for the lazy tenno here ( like me ^.^ ) warframe merch store : https://store.warframe.com/?utm_source=website&utm_medium=nav-bar&utm_campaign=merch-2020 and For fans by fans here : https://www.forfansbyfans.com/feature/warframe-fan-forge-designs-from-the-community.html
  4. Yeah i get that i got the same thing once with the same ephemera in the previous years. And my account was linked correctly but seems like unlinking and relinking it worked.
  5. Welcome to the forums tenno. I would relink my twitch account and my warframe account and test it on the dev stream later today. I got my ephemera for watching the stream yesterday. So i guess its a link error.
  6. didn't we just made a contest for more ordis puns a couple of months ago ? It was in June got my most upvoted post ever in that contest ^.^ So i guess we just need to wait ^.^
  7. @Loza03 is right its in game but you are also right they must have really done something. the main problem is that most of the time they shove their head up somewhere and say "Yeah its nothing . I have the right to be a jerk" or something along those lines
  8. Welcome to the forums tenno. First have you tryed loggin off and on again ( restarting your game ) And what accessory did you bought ?
  9. as @Canach saidi warframe market with prime parts and syncidate stuff is a really easy method. Oh and to activate your warframe market account here is how to do so
  10. Nice ^.^ Does that mean that PS4@4 with dani will turn into PS5Mukbang@5 with dani ?
  11. Wait what part ? You are intriguing me ^.^ We can both agree on the being banned because he talked about destiny is totaly false. But the other part maybe it was just a marketing trick but honestly destiny players and warframe players are just in the same type of gamers.
  12. Good question. That and the fact it was pointing out that Talking about destiny can get you banned even tho guardians and tenno have been allies for like what 3 years now ?
  13. Thanks totaly forgot about that part ^.^
  14. He technicly need to unlock until maroo bazar should not be that far on mars. ( basicly tharsis and visit the bazar i think ) Hey welcome to the forums tenno ^.^
  15. Nice ! Hope you guys are doing well. Just a quick question : Any news on railjack crew or even having a way to call friend liches in missions ?
  16. Hum guys its been discussed before its a giant texture update as @NovusNova said. Dont worry final weight of the game will be smaller in the end ^.^
  17. Welcome back home tenno ^.^ As for the duration of zenistar disc in think it was reduced for a good reason. that being said i dont think you have the good approach tho ^.^
  18. Here is a link to the support :https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/ Sadly i'm gonna have to say the mandatory we can't really help here. Anything weird on your account recently ? Wait what breast for cancer code ?
  19. trunks013

    Wepon exp

    np have a nice one tenno ^.^
  20. trunks013

    Wepon exp

    Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ As far as i know for mirage "Kills by holograms count as ability kills and give all Affinity to Mirage instead of the weapon used"
  21. Hello tenno ^.^ Nekros prime or just regular nekros just to be sure ? Oh and is it crafted ^.^ ( dont craft it just tell me the intel allright because i dont want to make you do a mistake )
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