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  1. I think it was hinted in the new trailer for the next event that they did not use too much necramechs for sentient.

    It was because they were not technologically advanced well as Vilcor says.

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  2. On 2020-12-16 at 2:09 PM, Longeres said:

    @AlexanderXM @TheAvidoZ @gosteady Hey guys, check your ingame boxes, hope you will like your little gifts :) Sorry for bothering, just too many people ignoring my gifts,  i hope that they just haven't seen them yet, cos it becomes a little hurtful :) 

    Dont take it personal you are awesome and you know it ^.^ 

    that being said i must work on my thanks post because i was kinda overwhelmed ^.^ 

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  3. 34 minutes ago, (PSN)s3d_sas said:

    Fair enough 


    Just because no one closed the post permanently doesn’t mean that the ship crew are coming back right? 
    Well I do hope that they could find a solution I really like this ship and had lots of wonderful moments with it.



    Allright seems like you probably dont know me so its just a figure of speech demonstrating that even if the ship was sinking i would like a weird guy stay there and sing a song about the fact that even if it sinks i want to see and octopus garden under the sea. Am i clear or maybe just weird. Anyway its a funny song ^.^ 

  4. 1 minute ago, Hurtsich said:

    Happy Tennobaum from a new player :)

    Just reached Mastery 12/13 and the cap for many primed weapons, so any "primary prime" would be a god gift :D

    And potato because 30 mod slots is low...

    Thanks in advance form Hurtsich on PC


    P.S. : [Aksomatti Prime Link] doesn't want to drop... ;)

    we can't give prime sadly its only whats in the market

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  5. 3 minutes ago, (NSW)MaxxGraxx said:

    Did I say weapon skins are not cosmetics or conclave related cosmetics?

    Oh no i just got confused don't worry it happens English is not my first language ^.^ 

    Ive never really done conclave aside from snowball fight and the hearts & arrow.

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