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  1. for frames GAUSS NEZHA NIDUS OBERON TITANIA TRINITY VALKYR for abilities Immovable –  Atlas Valence Block –  Lavos Nimble –  Valkyr for mods with abilities  Icy Avalanche  Negation Swarm  Purifying Flames  Rumbled  Shield of Shadows for reference : https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Knockdown
  2. Bonjour ^.^ Ça dépends de quel tier de récompense. combien de case d'avionic avait-tu de maximisé ? avec combien de morceau de vaisseaux construit ? 4 case avionic plus 1 moceaux de vaisseau = tier 1 7 case avionic plus 3 moceaux de vaisseau = tier 2 toutes les cases et 6 moceaux de vaisseau = tier 3 Enfait je crois que la traduction approprié est probablement "épaves" mais bon. Désolé de mon mauvais français XD Voici le texte officiel en anglais Oh et bienvenue sur le forums tenno ^.^
  3. Hi there tenno ^.^ Well once complete you have a bunch of decoration representing all the planets and the others ( the forteress , lua ,the void and deimos ) and the emotes with it. Pretty much that we dont have anything else special asside from that
  4. Matchmaking and presence server upgrade but it affects all platform ? Hum thats interesting ^.^
  5. change of value on old builds. One of your mods will not be applied i bet on vitality ^.^
  6. The Second Dream is automatically made available upon completing the Neptune Junction. The Quest can be activated in the Quests section of the Codex. ^.^Enjoy
  7. hum well. Do those allright ^.^ And dodge spoiler do them quick they are masterpieces ^.^
  8. Hum have you done the second dream and the war within ?
  9. I will pray to my norg shrine for norg trophy XD
  10. Thanks Dani. Btw its good to see you on the forums more ^.^
  11. Its a guy that will arrive friday to the relay and sell stuff for ducats you dont know him ? cosplay but in game he looks like this and in meme http://i.imgur.com/OOyNfes.jpg
  12. Nah i was just really confused on the update numbers. Even if its not the point it just brings confusion XD To be honest companions in general needs a little look up because right now Vulpaphyla kinda has the upper hand along with the djinn on survavibility.
  13. Update 30 has hit on pc ? Are you sure you are not talking about 29.10 ?
  14. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ For the exalted blade i used to pick chromatic blade from the arbiter of hexis or steel meridian syndicate. Thats back when i was using excal maybe things have changed. Take a look if a tenno you know might have access to it .It was one of my favorite mod.
  15. they usualy do actually ^.^ but not for prime time i think well if i recall well ^.^
  16. Well its not confirmed but ive seen reports from a lot of tenno going on the side that if you stop for a couple of days you seem to be a 75% coupon magnet. Not that they coded it that way. Same goes for a part you are looking for finaly drops after that its literally raining that part too.
  17. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ Sadly its actually fair its basicly just RNG. You may not know that but back in the days you could get endo as a reward for sortie and so many tenno got that drop instead of other things that a guy even wrote a song about it XD dont worry it will come but sadly probably when you are broke or not expecting it .
  18. sadly i really think he means to mind control an ally -.-
  19. is it a das ultimate keyboard ?
  20. As far as i know they leave so basicly no body to descecrate as @Chroia said ^.^
  21. Welcome to the forums tenno. Have you completed the second dream quest ?
  22. Well hello there ^.^ so far i'm quite enjoying the new railjack command intrinsic. Of course some upgrades to liches would be welcome as mentioned by a lot of other tenno. Like doing something else than defending and also being able to be called "on-Call" ( i really want this one btw XD ) That being said ive noticed something about the pilot and got an idea on how to fix it. My driver really likes to drive around and aim at petty much nothing. So to fix that we could have a ping system ( or basicly an order system ) that would be available in tactical , in th
  23. a bunch just showed up on twitter including FROSTYNOVAPRIME
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