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  1. 2 minutes ago, kulow said:

    question would be : is it even worth it ?
    unless you give out umbra forma or other items, that I can't obtain any time I want them.. well.. it's not worth it.

    Not all tenno can afford to miss a free loki prime or a cool saw skin. Maybe you do own everything but its not the case for all tenno. 

    And a free slot is a free slot ^.^ 

  2. Yup maybe you will need to like relog or go to a relay and back to pop in inventory but you can.

    Why do i feel like i just found another tenno who will watch streams on his cellphone while playing and claim on his phone ^.^ 

  3. 21 hours ago, (PSN)Raven-Ghosthawk said:

    Resident Evil?

    dont know also got second dose of phizer and it hits differently. ... BRAINS !!!!!

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  4. On 2021-07-12 at 1:01 PM, General_Durandal said:

    I got no money for non-important things.

    Do I have to buy a ticket though?

    I'd like that sword skin.


    Nope you don't need to pay for the tennocon relay ( unlike the baro one ) 

    You are all good tenno ^.^ 


    Whoa that was a weird back scrolll i'm extremely late XD

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Kaotyke said:

    It part of human nature. They never left. :clem:


    ha man XD made my day ^.^ 


    back on topic with obvious understanding of the original question. I think they didn't since they are quite allergic to the void they just "traveled all the way" from the veil and the war is starting pretty much on the solar system.

  6. 11 hours ago, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

    I’ve been here for a while and I’m mr 17

    Well that was weird it was showing one post XD anyway sorry for that.

    So its not first quest error unavaible stuff ^.^ 

    That being said.when you claimed the loki bundle did you still got the skin for it ? Or that part was also missing  ?


    Wait a minue its 4 in the morning here... The thread got merged with another one i was answering itsyobikilla.now i see i'm not crazy ^.^


  7. Welcome to the forums tenno.

    Just to be sure what MR are you and at what progression are you ( lets say in the intro quest if you are still in it )

  8. 3 minutes ago, Perisie said:

    The official announcement states that they are adding the Helminth changes listed in the first post, so at the very least they're not making any changes to invigorations or the five new abilities unless they change their minds about it within the next week. It doesn't say anything about the loss of Helminth XP that people have been talking about, so we won't know that for sure until the patch drops, but I'd expect that if they changed their minds about that they would have said so already to calm people down.

    Well i have doubts from experience in that regard. I can honestly say we had plenty of time where the workshop was changed and was only notified in the patchnote.

    I guess we will see next week ( sadly i wont see it on release but at the end of the week ^.^ )

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  9. depends on what missions


    here is my list maybe it can help

    Spy - ivara

    Mobile defense and defense - Octavia

    Interception - Limbo max range

    Exterminate - octavia, saryn , oberon , ivara ( sealth kills focus farm ) , baruuk

    survival - limbo , octavia

    disruption - inaros infused with ensnare and a quick melee weapon you only need one win ^.^ 

    did i forgot any ? 

    Oh yea hijack i use octavia too and also mesa ^.^ 


    as for weapons it ranges from ignis wreath to zarr with octavia. For secondary i use pyrana prime or the atomos to spread status  and for melee i use a nikana like zar and a great sword zaw.

    btw since you are in steel path ill let you in a secret. The trophies inate contact restriction to what they are linked to. basically if you put them on a pedestal prime ( or pedestal umbra ) they will act like a little real wall that stops things including roller floofs so you can make a ball pit ^.^ 

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  10. Good question.

    Technically primed frame are made of the best material possible. So technically i guess they could exist.

    I would like more diversity on nechramech because i kinda really like the gundam feeling ^.^ 

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