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  1. funny part is i got confirmed by 3 member of DE that this pun was not intended at all ^.^
  2. Wait a sec ... are you trying to tell me ordis is not a computer but ... WAIT AN X ... BOX !!!
  3. maybe this one : https://en.pons.com/translate/french-english/ordis Or maybe even the first node of phobos that means rock ?
  4. I'm here to request once again the "feature to buy rooms made by fellow tenno". there is market for that i swear ^.^
  5. They don't spawn or they spawn in a cave in the middle of nowhere because that also happen to me a bunch of time.
  6. Welcome to the forums tenno. It means the gain you have acquired during that moment as @(NSW)galvanicabacus just said ^.^ ( basically to help you track quickly how much you gained and how much you are at right now)
  7. Yeah Apollo Robbins and Bob Arno could agree but on the other end Daniel Madison spent time in hospital with both hands broken for getting caught lol That being said i'm more into little tricks and Rubik's cube stuff ^.^
  8. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ Doing great and you ? @Zimzala been trying sleight of hand on my side ^.^ btw this could be better in off topics but still a nice idea ^.^
  9. Some glyph are not avaible on the forums but most of them are
  10. Hi there tenno don't forget to link them there for the railjack allright ^.^ :
  11. Nice Allrighty then As for railjack i kinda used it a lot recently so i have a couple of ideas 1 - having a way to either gather more easely ressources roaming around or see them better 1a. A larger passive vacuum 1b. An giant vacuum ability with a cool down 1c. The ability to highlight resources floating around because they can be hard to see 2 - Everything command intrinsic ^.^ 3- The ability to make a queue of task in the forge ( linked to the proper intrinsic) 4- Just shooting nechramech as projectile ... drop the mic.
  12. you where indeed here just before it comes up believe its coming ^.^
  13. Ha i see then he must contact support because the bound email may not be the right one ^.^
  14. Welcome to the forums tenno. Maybe contacting support could help : https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/ Seems like a typical 2FA authentication mail requiring a code issue. Did this started suddenly ? i mean did he played before or just created an account ?
  15. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ You are currently in a double affinity special period thats why it goes that fast. Affinity gain does not reduce but maybe you had stacking booster ( like i do from the market or login reward) Btw reranking a weapon ( exemple a forma on a weapon ) wont grant you additional Mastery. On top of that frames worth a little more ^.^ The affinity required for each global MR also increase a little by little but the affinity gain rate is the same ^.^ https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/d/dd/Mr_affinity_requirements_chart.pn
  16. Thanks for the intel Drew ^.^ Long time no see ^.^ Keep being awesome ;)
  17. Welcoem to the forums tenno ^.^ we can only point you in the right direction here :https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/ Hope its nothing maybe a little negative plat balance from trading.
  18. Welcome to the forums tenno. as previous tenno said ( @(XBOX)R3d P01nt ^.^ ) discounts apply only to plat purchase ( buying plat ) but sadly not to Prime acess ;( Nvm lol console
  19. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ Recently an update forced all of us to use direct X 12 ( changing the default setting you can turn it back if you want) . Is it the case for you ? To see it in the launcher click the gear wheel. Ps: dont like or anything i need to keep those numbers LOL
  20. Just one question : Do we have another Command intrinsic progress intel ? Hahhaha No you are not. Don't you even dare because if you are what the hell am i ?
  21. For the first one there is a simple technique you take your account and change the password for a lorem ipsum honestly take any part of it nobody will ever be able to find it and call it a day ^.^ for the second one well the first technique will also work temporarly untill that tenno decide to create a new account. Most of the time people who wants to delete their stuff is to not be hold accountable for what they said but it does not seems to be the case here.
  22. Just a quick question tenno. Why does it matter if you do not come back anyway ?
  23. shhh maybe the fellow tenno did not unlock it ^.^ But that being said it would be cool to have places for more than one ^.^ ( and not tiny articulas)
  24. Buying revives with plat ! Happy to see you too old timer ^.^
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