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  1. Healing is regaining health. To full health or not is not the definition at all you just redefined what healing means. That beig said i was not sarcastic but worryed that the mod was not working ^.^ That beign said i'm not saying its the best heal ever but with the rage mod and void rig we should calculate if there is a loophole there ^.^
  2. Ha you dont come off as rude dont worry. And i'm not sarcastic i'm really exited thanks ^.^
  3. Wait necrhamech repair does not work at all ?
  4. Wow with that review i can't wait to try it out ^.^ <- Not sarcasm i'm really exited and i express myself pretty badly ^.^
  5. Sounds like a divorce to me Nope i dont think so ^.^
  6. Yeah well technicly its not RP idea about Real magic but more a physics stand point. That being said it could be solved with RP weird huh. But more on the other way around a tenno should be able to shoot enemies outside the rift from within the rift as if they would be able to let projectile quit the rift but not enter making them almost invulnerable. Also stating that would make limbo player way more broken then they are right now. I understand that from a playing perspective its annoying as hell. But form a story , mechanic and playing stand point lets be honest its a super strong
  7. [PH] trans for Per holidays or Power holidays right ?
  8. Well someone forgot what it was like before when limbo could just rift people right and left and also rolling out of it was impossible.
  9. Crazy am i right ^.^ Thanks for the number crunching man you rock ^.^
  10. Oh believe me it looks like Happy tree friends is a kids show am i right ? ... ... ITS NOT !
  11. Neat ^.^ if you want you can take one by one and tag them with the link that ends up with .png to post direct picture like the handy picture i just posted ( for future post if you want ) That being said can you also post us the profile picture of the completion of the said weapons and frames in the proper profile tabs ?
  12. Yeah handy is the best ^.^ but don't tell flippy ^.^ Haha man thats a good one. Basicly its handy from HTF thats when he tryes to put off a fire he has everything to do so but ... he HAS NO HANDS !!!!
  13. this is how i feel right now man ^.^
  14. here is how to post screenshot tenno ^.^
  15. the portal is for your fellow tenno technicly not really for you. Maybe the proper fix would be making limbo not trigger in his own portal but keeping it for the fellow tenno is worth it because an example: ash can bladestorm out of the rift while being in the rift ^.^ and so many more insane tricks like that Totaly missread the word "off" basicly just we are clear the portal stay there but would not affect limbo right ?
  16. so many things you could have started another of the same weapon before but not maxed it. Quite interesting to be honest ^.^
  17. Just a special thanks to @Arkandae @CLERINERT @Styx_Prime @Krilexis @Schwarzsturm @Longeres you guys rock ^.^ Happy tennobaum ^.^
  18. I think it was hinted in the new trailer for the next event that they did not use too much necramechs for sentient. It was because they were not technologically advanced well as Vilcor says.
  19. Dont take it personal you are awesome and you know it ^.^ that being said i must work on my thanks post because i was kinda overwhelmed ^.^
  20. Well you are right but i'm not exactly in quarantine but yeah COVID situation is currently making me crazy.
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