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  1. shhh maybe the fellow tenno did not unlock it ^.^ But that being said it would be cool to have places for more than one ^.^ ( and not tiny articulas)
  2. Buying revives with plat ! Happy to see you too old timer ^.^
  3. Ha the good old days Thanks for making me feel old tenno ^.^ That being said i kinda like mostly all of them. I like the evolution of it ^.^
  4. Well technicly come to think of it i have a bunch of stuff to try on kdrive and never got the proper place to test it... Wait a sec ... they could ... nah ... hummmm .... have a skate park simulacrum room ??? So much potential ... so little time ^.^
  5. Allright tenno i get the idea belive me i do. The thing is the team who does the icing is not the one making the cake here. Thats not how coding works. But having more problem due to those changes is indeed annoying ^.^
  6. it is a huge update "We expect the download size to be 7 GB with an estimated 3.6 GB of savings overall, meaning the game just got 3.6 GB smaller in file size! These numbers may vary slightly. "
  7. And nechramech spawn too ^.^
  8. Oh! i see. A fresh tenno ^.^ as @Shalath said just go and do second dream and war within Quests. Avoid all spoilers while doing those just do them and come back telling us how did you enjoy them allright. .. ... still here ? NO ! go do those Quests believe me its worth it ^.^
  9. maybe under Legendary Fusion Core on pc right now they are starting at 125 plat.
  10. Please don't multipost. Try seperating your text with your idea to make easyer to read. Great idea but just for my curiosity what mr are you ? Just to know if you kinda did the entire starchart and have a railjack. ^.^ Other systems have been mentioned and a lot of tenno are waiting for it.
  11. Well i'm gonna sleep less dump tonight. Thanks man ^.^ btw for info it looks like this
  12. You can report poste if its arrasing and not appropriated otherwise you can just ignore them. wait thats a thing on the forums ?
  13. First welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ Semi automatic rifle hum thats a quite interesting one https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Semi-Automatic I'm more of an automatic kind of guy but for sniping vectis is a portable nuke to be honest ^.^
  14. Yeah ! hum hell yeah ! Thanks you are genius ^.^
  15. Khora was about slash , puncture and impact no ?
  16. I received it sorry for the late answer but seems like it worked fine. maybe next drop durandal -.-" i hate when it does that to be honest.
  17. I did not saw the progess bar either to be honest . Ill validate if i got a drop.
  18. trunks013


    ? allright i'm out ^.^
  19. trunks013


    Thanks now i feel old.
  20. trunks013


    Yo ^.^ Welcome to the forums but i'm not sure it fits in feedback but welcome none the less tenno ^.^
  21. No there is no plan on that they are working on cross save . well as far as i know ^.^
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