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  1. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ 

    Sadly its actually fair its basicly just RNG.

    You may not know that but back in the days you could get endo as a reward for sortie and so many tenno got that drop instead of other things that a guy even wrote a song about it XD

    dont worry it will come but sadly probably when you are broke or not expecting it .

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  2. 16 minutes ago, BiancaRoughfin said:

    I think you ment teleport to? Crewmates arent mindless constructs to be transferred. :P

    I believe the Tactical Intrinsics already allow you to teleport to Teammates/Crew throught the UI (L).

    sadly i really think he means to mind control an ally -.-  

  3. 13 hours ago, MagPrime said:

    I got a new keyboard.  It's a mechanical, backlit typewriter style and I love it.  

    is it a das ultimate keyboard ?

  4. Well hello there ^.^ 

    so far i'm quite enjoying the new railjack command intrinsic.

    Of course some upgrades to liches  would be welcome as mentioned by a lot of other tenno. Like doing something else than defending and also being able to be called "on-Call" ( i really want this one btw XD )


    That being said ive noticed something about the pilot and got an idea on how to fix it.

    My driver really likes to drive around and aim at petty much nothing. 

    So to fix that we could have a ping system ( or basicly an order system ) that would be available in tactical , in the slingshot and in the artillery.

    It could be 4 different orders :

    1- Aim at a crewship. basicly positionning the front end of the ship at a crew ship for slingshot or artillery and follow it 

    2- Aim at objective

    3- Strategic retreat ( basicly run away from all dammage source)

    4- Do as you please ( return to normal state)

    With that we could have an easier way to aim artillery on crewship and such. 

    Not that i had a moment where i placed the ship perfectly and by the time i was in the artillery my pilot just moved us out of the way XD


    So far for everything else its quite fun to be honest.


  5. Welcome to the forums tenno.

    I do understand nuances in blades and curves but honestly excal already suits that description. 

    Don't you think that doing a second frame with a skill using a sword would be redundant no ?

  6. Hi there tenno ^.^ 

    for defense and MD i use octavia

    for interception i either use octavia or limbo if grineer

    for disruption i use inaros with the khora ensnare ( remember you only need to kill one )

    For the boss fights i roll in a ball and cry XD thinking about the ropalolist 

  7. Welcome to the warframe forums tenno ^.^ 

    An Uncle Roger fan maybe ?

    I don't wanna seem biased or do an hasty judgment but the dances moves have been recorded by a Women so i guess they may be more suited for feminine characters ( if you accord certain types of movements to genders)

    I dont mind adding more but from my point of view the currents ones are amazing. 

    Well i'm kinda biased because i'm quite a fan of Danielle works on Saryn and Octavia ^.^ 

  8. Cool Thats a nice drop list ^.^

    I dont wanna sound weird but i'm starting to get worryed about Dani. Any news ?

    1 minute ago, A7roboBOT said:

    PSA: Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend in Canada. For the next two weeks, streams will start one hour earlier than usual for European viewers.

    Ha ! Finally meeting you on the forums A7 ^.^ 

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  9. Oh the solo only missions where you can't bring a friend?

    I would like it to allow us to join but warn us that we will be equipped with the same gear as you so we don't nuke everything and ruin the experience ^.^ 

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  10. 5 minutes ago, ShadowOfNekro said:

    I feel cheated as a veteran player. I got the vidar reactor with 100 avionics in December of 2019 after many many many runs. A ton of effort put to max the railjack.

    All this just for a new fresh player, to hop in and ruin my rj experience. Read it all, can see any reference about the "refine button".

    Rj was wonderful, but poorly implemented this isn't rewarding early adopters at all. keep your umbra forma... i Will need to spend a ton of forma in this "belt" to remotely reach my rj performance again.

    You all have 0 respect for your veteran player base, as always.

    Make warframe great again, respect your veterans I'm with wf since early beta and surely love it.

    But this changes...

    "Improve rj: destroy avionics"

    "Improve primary: nerf melee to the ground"

    "Add content: same enemies, 4000% more ehp"

    "New weapon: power creep"

    can or can't see anything about the refine button because i'm not sure.

    I also have questions about that part ^.^ .

  11. 5 minutes ago, ElKayJae said:

    Its would be even more streamlined if the railjack nodes appear on the same starchart instead of living on a seperate tab. Repeated nodes on current starchart can also be removed to make space, for example there may be multiple exterminates/ excavation on a planet, only one of each is enough.

    Well most of the time same missions type on the same planet are actually changing the map layout selection ( ground or ship for example and level ) or even factions ( like infestation vs current controlling faction ) but yeah some are really repeating themselves like Eris still has dark sector XD ( i know bonus xp )

  12. Well you need to build/repair a wreckage but wait have you done anything in railjack because if the answer is no you have a lot of work ahead of you.

    btw those requirement just changed ^.^

    Tier 1:
    -4 Avionic Grid Slots Maxed+ 1 Wreckage Built

    Tier 2:
    -7 Avionic Grid Slots Maxed + 3 Wreckage Built

    Tier 3:
    -Full Avionic Grid Maxed+ 6 Wreckage Built (i.e all Slots have something you’ve made).

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