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  1. Technicly since warframe market ins not officialy affiliated with warframe well its kinda on their side and even there how would they technically fix that ?
  2. Welcome to the forums tenno tryed that section : https://www.warframe.com/strictnat
  3. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ Did you upgrade any mods because thats credits hungry. I guess you could contact support but honestly its probably a place where you were not aware that it costed credits like upgrading a syndicate or upgrading mods.
  4. Well when you look at how much drop you lost it becomes way more dramatic. Host migration should too ^.^
  5. Allright seems like you probably dont know me so its just a figure of speech demonstrating that even if the ship was sinking i would like a weird guy stay there and sing a song about the fact that even if it sinks i want to see and octopus garden under the sea. Am i clear or maybe just weird. Anyway its a funny song ^.^
  6. you mean in mandachord? if yes you need @Buff00n thread here :
  7. as a link ^.^ :https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us you rock ^.^
  8. Hey ouran ! Welcome to the forums man ^.^ Another one is tired of getting killed while preparing stuff to do i see ^.^
  9. Nah Thank YOU guys ^.^ You rock and have an happy holidays ^.^
  10. me and myscho have history on the forums ^.^ i did not even realised how he phrased the whole thing ^.^
  11. 10 to 12 minutes ago why ifs its not arrived i can send another one if ya want
  12. i saw you ^.^ mouhahahha ps : btw you can raturate gara collection man ^.^
  13. we can't give prime sadly its only whats in the market
  14. some tenno forgot that a lot of tenno are gifting decoration for the good cause instead of giving less but pricyer gifts. Thanks for giving tenno. Kids help phone is a cause i hold very close to my heart ^.^
  15. Oh no i just got confused don't worry it happens English is not my first language ^.^ Ive never really done conclave aside from snowball fight and the hearts & arrow.
  16. Wait weapons skins are not cosmetics ??? Btw i'm surprised its only on switch to be honest.
  17. sadly no ;( you can farm for prime parts then trade for plat then buy gift from the market if you want ^.^
  18. Nah you are not the ladderboard seems to be hard to find lol https://www.warframe.com/tennobaum Its not on the main page @[DE]CoreyOnline -> https://www.warframe.com/tennobaum is not on the main thread can we put it there so we dont have the questions a bunch of time on the thread ?
  19. maybe the management of the crew will be in the drydock ^.^or maybe not ^.^
  20. ishh must resist ... signing ... I ... D ... LIKE TO BE UNDER THE SEA IN AN OCTOPUS GARDEN !
  21. Well as long as the gift is the right one am i right ^.^
  22. tomorrow dev stream December 16 at 11 a.m ET -> "And perhaps there's a ... Command-ing... presence compelling you to the Dry Dock" hummmm ... maybe ?
  23. Thanks tenno ^.^ I guess its started now ^.^ Happy tennobaum^.^
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