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  1. Welcome to the forums tenno Well seems like it changed trought times but are you looking for the current one ?
  2. you can't sadly cross save and cross play are not a thing. ( they have been working on cross save for a while but no results yet ) So basically they are distinct platform and saves right now. Welcome to the forums tenno
  3. The moment a tenno discover the red button on the gun . You had to be the bringer of joy today ^.^ Back to Original post just try the alt fire option on the Cedo and watch everything die pretty quickly ^.^
  4. thanks man you rock ^.^ ill get more of this knowledge give me a moment and I’ll dig something up ^.^
  5. yeah totaly ( same for sedna ) but its literaly a rock and the first node means ... well rock thats quite hilarious. Allright i might be the only one to laugh at that ^.^
  6. Yeah -> Paracyst sounds extremely like the french version of "Pas Racist" that you guessed it translate straight to "Not racist". Funny thing is most french joke in warframe ( asked to Megan and Taylor directly ) are not intentional such as Ordis literally means computer in french as its stands for the diminutive of "Ordinateur". First not of phobos means "rock" That being said warframe has a lot of hidden knowledge ^.^
  7. nah there is mods that are unique to syndicate for warframes. Augments mods like despoil for nekros and stuff like that you always find a tenno who is disliked by the syndicate and wants the mods so they buy them for plats. PS : you dont want me to speak noob because i'm gonna go like "You know the thingy beside the other thingy that allows you to buy thingy for thingy standing and you can then trade it at the thingy in the thingy called a dojo for the thingy also known as platinum " ... allright ill stop now.
  8. You buy them from the market. That being said you can get plat by farming prime parts and selling them for plat. Warframe market is a platform not officialy afiliated with warframe that can allow you to easely sell or buy prime partas and mods.
  9. short answer : Clem Long answer : CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM. Sorry had to make it. but honestly yeah ^.^ if you like this style of weapon.
  10. Happy new year tenno. Wish you that its NOT 2020 ^.^
  11. You too. Mery christmas ^.^ Hope you guys take care ^.^
  12. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ Ammo Case is obtained by crafting carrier its exact. Assault mod is a drop-able mod but its for all sentinel ( its a global one ) you probably have it already. Looter is from Simaris ( was always 75K quite pricey come to think of it )
  13. that or worst like the dragon killing sword in supernatural ( takes a a dead dragon to make a sword but you can only kill one with the said sword LOL )
  14. I must admit i am scared too but to think there is a wild card is quite interesting. Murmur farm and final phase with the new railjack features is a big expectation point on my side.
  15. Welcome to the forums tenno. As said by the previous tennos you will recover it once vanquished or converted . That being said maybe you will kill the lich for that tho ^.^
  16. its not bugged dont worry its everyone getting it even if they gift or do not gift. Its a common goal ^.^
  17. Well for mech mods i get why we can't but lets be honest why for the arch wing weapon ?
  18. So if i can TL:DR it necramech do superhero landing getting off the bed and going down one stair ^.^
  19. Its cool tenno ^.^ Look one day you will be able to help someone easily and turns out it may make their day a better one ^.^ Then you will know what its like ^.^
  20. Well even if they put it in TOS enforcing it would be a nightmare honestly how can you prove that ? Man thats hard of course you can stop the sites but a new underground site will appear. Of course incorporating auction house or even a vendor mode like in dofus ( if thats the proper name i think they have an logged off vendor mode that let you buy stuff from players while they are offline) could be great but i still wonder why they dont do it.
  21. Just tested it and what you said its actualy false of course you seems to redefine a lot of words so maybe in your perception is not. Basicly the rage and the repair mod together provide unlimited necramech equivalnet of iron skin its true but in the current event you must watch your health constantly. That being said its not working properly there is a bug preventing mech from using all abilities and transference so in the current state of things there is a situation where you can't heal and can't shield a necramech.
  22. Healing is regaining health. To full health or not is not the definition at all you just redefined what healing means. That beig said i was not sarcastic but worryed that the mod was not working ^.^ That beign said i'm not saying its the best heal ever but with the rage mod and void rig we should calculate if there is a loophole there ^.^
  23. Ha you dont come off as rude dont worry. And i'm not sarcastic i'm really exited thanks ^.^
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