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  1. 13 minutes ago, Drasiel said:

    heck throw in land based archwing and the kdrives too. They're "vehicles"

    Well technicly come to think of it i have a bunch of stuff to try on kdrive and never got the proper place to test it... 

    Wait a sec ... they could ... nah ... hummmm .... have a skate park simulacrum room ??? So much potential ... so little time ^.^ 

  2. 57 minutes ago, (PSN)Zero-Souls_00000 said:

    Mr 5 


    Oh! i see. A fresh tenno ^.^ 

    as @Shalath said just go and do second dream and war within Quests. Avoid all spoilers while doing those just do them and come back telling us how did you enjoy them allright.




    still here ? NO ! go do those Quests believe me its worth it ^.^ 

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  3. Please don't multipost.

    Try seperating your text with your idea to make easyer to read.

    Great idea but just for my curiosity what mr are you ? Just to know if you kinda did the entire starchart and have a railjack.


    Other systems have been mentioned and a lot of tenno are waiting for it.


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  4. 39 minutes ago, Voltage said:

    The Razorback Cipher resource (Cryptographic Alu) should drop from Railjack missions. This would give more options to farming for it and not restrict players into Salacia, Neptune.

    Yeah ! hum hell yeah !

    Thanks you are genius ^.^ 

  5. 39 minutes ago, Loza03 said:

    The meme is from flushed away, and the rap is from Bionicle. Specifically, the 2006 line 'The Piraka' which had... experimental marketing. The villains of that particular year, who were intended to have the vibe of being Criminals (as opposed to the monsters of previous years) had a rap song associated with it which, despite being lethal to the lactose intolerant due to the sheer concentration of cheese, has attained a following in the Bionicle community, not dissimilar to the DK Rap.

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    Thanks now i feel old.

  6. Yo ^.^ 

    Welcome to the forums but i'm not sure it fits in feedback but welcome none the less tenno ^.^ 

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