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Hey, I'm Mozzy, proud Warlord of Viorla, a clan that me and two friends started in October 2014 when I started playing Warframe. Although we found it hard at first to recruit new members and get our Dojo built we're now a very successful and fast growing clan! Check out our recruitment thread here:





About me: I'm 20 years old and currently studying Mechanical Engineering at University (college to you 'Muricans out there) and my life can pretty much be summarized as work/ warframe/ sleep. Previously I've spent a very long time playing TF2 and Minecraft (where I was mayor of a number of towns on servers) as well as RPGs such as Fallout and Skyrim and I still dip back into them occasionally. 


For clan related questions it's best to contact me or The66Monkey.



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