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  3. Rynvael

    Coming Soon: Devstream #39!

    Will you ever introduce anything (like an orokin reactor or catalyst) that would give you more mod slots (not points)? Can we has a Lotus backstory quest? :D Like save the Lotus or something? If you have the Stalker, is there an Anti-Lotus that helps him? Because it is kind of strange that the Lotus can't detect him and warn the player. New Warframes please? Love this game!!! :) Have you ever thought of being able to maybe fuse different warframes together...combine their powers to create a super warframe? Or has Alad V thought of/done that yet?
  4. Rynvael

    Coming Soon: Devstream #39!

    Is there any chance that later on in the game you could wield two different melee weapons together? Like an axe and a dagger? Maybe if you didn't bring any guns, you could just bring multiple melee weapons? Will Archwing also include landing on ships, fighting inside, and then going back outside again?