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  1. @[DE]Rebecca What about some kind of refund? At least a partial one, or for those who built something recently. I've farmed over 600 Wisps during Exploiter just to build those Zaw Arcanes I was missing. Plus, I still need to build 7 of those BPs, which you already said won't get converted to already built Arcanes. I do appreciate those economy changes, but, it's not that respectful for those who farmed hundreds or thousands of those resources needed to build Amps, Arcanes, etc. Hope you will change something about those things 🙂
  2. Just a few questions, hoping some of them will receive an answer! 1. What happened to Dark Sectors and Kingpin system? Are they on standby, or forgotten? May the new Railjack be a Dark Sector mode with alliances fighting each others' ships? 2. What about removing the bind for Sentinel weapons' mods used both on Warframe and Sentinel weapons? 3. Will we ever get a "Prisma Mordred" for Excalibur to match its wonderful Prima skin? 4. When will we have the same "Pistol and Glaive" mode for other melee weapons?
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