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  1. TYPE: In-game / during Railjack mission as a client. DESCRIPTION: When a client uses any Battle Avionics (noticed during piloting, not sure if it happens on side turrets too), the Avionics isn't fired directly where you are aiming, but it gets fired kind of on the bottom, with no control over its direction, making it impossible to use some of those avionics (Void Hole, Tether and many other which require detonating or aiming). VISUAL: Don't have any. REPRODUCTION: Everywhere/everytime,using a Battle Avionics as a client. EXPECTED RESULT: When activating a Battle Avionics, it shoots where you are aiming (usually in front of you). OBSERVED RESULT: When activating a Battle Avionics, it shoots under your Railjack and it goes down instead of forward where you are aiming. REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime you use a Battle Avionics, playing as a client in a Railjack mission.
  2. TYPE: In-game / during Railjack mission. DESCRIPTION: When fired, Tether avionics is most of the times of a green color, instead of using the Railjack energy color. Sometimes it's launched using the correct energy color and when you detonate it turns green again, and stays this way for the rest of the mission, or for the whole session. VISUAL: No need. REPRODUCTION: Everywhere/everytime, both being a client or a host, when you fire a Tether. EXPECTED RESULT: When fired, the Tether should use the Railjack energy color. OBSERVED RESULT: When fired, the Tether uses a light green default color. REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime you use it, both being client or host in a Railjack mission. Sometimes the first Tether has the right color, but when detonates, it turns green and stays that way.
  3. Jessie and James, from Team Rocket! (more like Team Warframe really ahahah) And guest star: Meowth!
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