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  1. As someone who has played for a very VERY long time (Since WF went open beta on steam in update 7 I think), once I had established myself as a "veteran" and the intitial rush of exploration and learning had begun to wane, and I had achieved what I wanted for myself, I turned my focus into helping others. New players, people struggling, if someone didn't understand something I put my knowledge to use to make things easier for them. That, however, is who I am as a person and no way could be the solution for everyone. Over all, I still very much enjoy the core gameplay of Warframe, and I didn't get into it because I had a goal in mind. I never cared about RNG, loot or achieving some kind of plateau of power. I was intrigued by the world, I liked the fast paced shooting, I just really liked playing and wanted to keep playing. That love of the gameplay hasn't gone away because the core of the game hasn't changed all that much. I would suggest evaluating what your goal is, and whether its something that you'll be satisfied with when you get it. If playing is a chore and the reward isn't helping, I'd say its not worth your time. For me, helping others is the goal and that always makes me feel rewarded when someone goes "OHhhhhh, now I get it" or "YES! I finally finished the quest, thank you for the help!"
  2. Hey there, Eddmario. Judging by your forum name, it seems you are an Xbox player. Sorry to say that the CMC are currently a PC only clan at this time. With that said, I can say that while we are a MLP themed clan, not everyone is a fan of the show, nor is it a topic that gets discussed more than periodically. All types are welcome, of course, so should you join as a PC player, its something to be aware of going in. Best of luck.
  3. Hey there, ThunderCloudNate. Everything looks good here. Nothing to be shy about being new, Warframe is a big game with much to take in. Invite sent. Welcome, Crusader. Hello again, Tisiyupaper. All returning members are welcome to return. Real life always comes first. Invite sent. Welcome back, Crusader. Good to see you, Crimson_Winds. As stated, real life comes first so there's no worries about taking that time off. We'd be happy to have you again. Invite sent. Welcome back, Crusader.
  4. Hmm. I've heard of clans that have fashion shows but not a clan that is centered around the fashion frame experience. Your best bet might be to look to Reddit for that outlet: https://www.reddit.com/r/WarframeRunway/ Edit: They do have a discord available so you can chat easily with your fellow fashion enthusiasts as well.
  5. Hey there, MrMorrison226. While I appreciate the honesty, wanting to join for an active clan and/or lab and railjack access aren't valid reasons. I'm afraid your application must be rejected. Best of luck.
  6. Hey there, Matthais123. Everything is looking good here. We'd be happy to have you. Invite sent. Welcome, Crusader.
  7. Your invite has been sent. Sorry for the delay. Hey there, Bubble2002. Seems as though you're already in a clan. You'll need to disband yourself from that clan in order to receive an invite.
  8. Hey there, Agdgdgwngo. Everything looking good here. Sorry for the delay. Invite sent. Welcome, Crusader. Invite sent. Welcome back, Crusader.
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