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  1. Very excited to try out the new Well of Life in active missions and seeing its new possibilities. Much appreciated for the fixes, as always.
  2. Thread cleaned up. Keep comments focused on the topic, please. This thread is not for discussions on whether or not PvE or PvP should be the focus of De's attention, nor is it the place for "No PvP" comments. The conclave feedback section, like all sections on this forum, is for constructive feedback. Not flaming, bashing, or toxicity. Carry on.
  3. Tsk, Generic mods continue to remain a mystery. I will find out what happened to them one day. Thanks for breaking up my boredom with a stream.
  4. This is the third time you've created this thread and in the wrong section. Please refrain from doing both in the future. Merging with your other threads.
  5. Q1: Awhile ago, you asked the Design Council to come up with ideas for generic Warframe mods, as well as opinions on the topic as a whole. Were there any submissions that intrigued you? With player feedback on the concept, will you proceed? What are your thoughts? Q2: For awhile now, there has been talk about diversifying the Corpus with female enemy types on the forum. I believe there have been a few instances of it being mentioned as something being looked at. Is there any news on this? Would it be possible to see some concepts being worked on, if any?
  6. No merge. I'd like some actual discussion to be salvaged for that. Locking. Keep that hype bottled a little more, please. It's not yet time.
  7. Use the report function on the thread/post in question and a Moderator will take a look ASAP.
  8. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/forum/89-fan-concepts/ Right here.
  9. If I can give my Kubrow a Glaive, I will freak out. Amaterasu forever. Amaterasu, always.
  10. I also struggle to use Mind Control on a regular basis, so I take advantage of it's banes. I always use it on an enemy that I want gone, or at the very least, not charging at me, like a Napalm. If a team mate kills it, that gets a nasty enemy out of my hair and frees up my ability for the next, if they don't I have a strong body guard for the time being. Using it as target elimination is not using it to it's full potential, but it works for me. Hitting an enemy it in the back of a crowd will usually gather most of their attention while keeping the target alive for a bit from allies. Altern
  11. Asking questions is never a bother. It's how we learn. As stated above, Platinum can be bought from the Warframe website here: https://www.warframe.com/buyplatinum If you're looking to get it without money, finding mods and prime parts from the void can be a lucrative solution thanks to the trading system, but either you, or the person you're trading will need access to a Clan Dojo. I'm not familiar with any India based clans, but your best bet would be to post in whatever sized clan category you're looking for and hope for the best: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/forum/169-pc-rec
  12. No better time like the present. Glad to hear you've stuck with Warframe for so long and also want to see it grow. Best of luck to you in your studies, Cavecricket48. Never stop learning and never stop improving.
  13. Indeed, and as such, doesn't belong in Art & Animation bugs. Moved to a more appropriate section.
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