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  1. Alright, as this thread seems have plummeted at an usually high rate, I've cleaned up the thread and will be locking it. Please be sure to remain civil, and post thoughtfully in the future. Take care.
  2. While issues regarding the end user license agreement can point to a few things, I'm sorry to say there's really no way to really know except by support. You did the right thing in making a ticket, that's all you can do right now. Make sure you gave them any and all information you had available regarding the situation and give them time to assess the details and see what has occurred. Depending on how many tickets are being made currently, it may take them longer than usual to address your issue, but please be patient and do not create more tickets. Unfortunately as there is nothing that can be done here on the forum, I will have to lock the thread.
  3. I'm sorry to say that there really is nothing that can be done, especially here on the forums and that issues between other members, and support are not permitted on the forum. All information regarding support tickets is between the support team and yourself. If Support has decided the issue is closed, that is the final word on the matter. I understand this may not be the most satisfying answer, but that really is all that can be done and/or said. As such, I must lock this thread.
  4. While I understand what you're saying in regards to contacting Support already for your issue, I'm afraid there really is no other avenue and the forum is not the place to air your grievances. Support is the only option for answers, and resolution. Support tickets may be closed if multiple are made, which is considered spam and may cause Support to take even longer to attend to the issue. I don't have any details on the matter but it's something to consider. I'm afraid this thread will now be locked. Please do not continue to make threads about this issue.
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