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  1. Hey there, Cakes. Of course you may rejoin, much appreciated for giving the creeds another looking over! Invite sent. Welcome back, Crusader.
  2. The main reason I leave out constitution is the cost is a bit high for the return, in my opinion. Narrow minded is a really good mod to look into, despite its drawback on range. It's one of those mods you just have to see how far works the best for you. You can get it (And other useful corrupted mods) from the vaults in Orokin Derelict missions. Abating Link is a Trinity augment that reduces the armor of enemies linked which is really handy too. That comes from the Perrin Sequence and New Loka syndicate. An interesting tip is that Blessing's range is connected to the affinity range and thus, not affected by ranged mods. WIth that said, the focus school Vazarins "Mending unity" perk does increase the affinity range and will increase Blessing's range as well. If you don't know what focus is, keep it in your mind for later. It's not super important for a typical Trinity build but it is interesting none the less.
  3. I'm afraid there is absolutely no way for anyone on the forum to tell you why you were banned, especially with such little information. If you were kicked from a clan, this is an issue you would need to address with the clan. If you were banned or kicked from a public chat, the best option I could suggest is to contact support and explain what happened and they may be able to provide information. You may contact them here: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us In any case, this cannot be solved here on the forum. Locking thread.
  4. If you're enjoying the tanky side of Trinity (I know I do) I would focus a lot more in duration, range and efficiency, in that order, and pair her with something that has a lot of innate stopping power like the Hek or Arca plasmor. Your preference on strength will be up to you as there is a cap on damage reduction. If you're worried about energy, I would suggest using EV on an easily killable target and decimating them as soon as you use the ability. This will grant you a good burst of energy and free it up again for the next target instead of waiting out its duration. As long as you can quickly knock out enemies you tag, you'll have a good supply of energy as needed without having to reduce the duration for strength. Here's my basic, every day build with 0 forma needed. That's 24 seconds for link, and 20 seconds for blessing just for context. This is usually enough for me to get through anything except raids with little trouble.
  5. Can't say for certain if this is a website issue or something to do with your payment method but you may need to contact Support directly in order to be sure. If you haven't already, you could try clearing your cache just to see what occurs but I'm afraid I can't be of much help. You may contact support here: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  6. Locking thread for going a bit far off track. The question for this help thread was "Can we buy tickets to pass a Mastery Rank?" and was answered promptly. At this time, they cannot be purchased to skip mastery rank tests. Regardless if OP wanted to discuss other topics, this was answered. Having a discussion on the validity of such a concept, or whether or not mastery rank tests are fair, among other topics are best discussed in a feedback thread elsewhere. Take care.
  7. Hey there, Warsapphire. Everything looks good here. Invite sent. Welcome, Crusader.
  8. DeathShade69 has confirmed needed information via discord. Invites sent. Welcome, Crusaders.
  9. Of course, TimeGuardian. Just need to confirm you've reread the rules before we can send an invite. Due to the realization a revolving forum login bug that could be delaying your entry, I'm forgoing the required information for you due to previous membership. Invite sent. Welcome back, Crusader.
  10. Hello, Big_wall. 2 things I would like to clear up. 1. While we are a clan with a MLP inspired name, we are not considered a "Brony clan". We have tons of members who do not watch the show, as well as having members who do. There is no confusion as to why you thought as you did, it's a very specific name and emblem without a doubt and I bring this up to ensure your expectations won't lead to disappointment. 2. The bigger concern is that we are primarily an English speaking clan and while we do not rebuke applicants for their place of origin nor those who cannot speak perfect English, if you cannot communicate without the aid of a translator (As you've stated you needed someone to explain our rules to you), I can't say for certain that our clan would be the best fit for you. I'm sorry to say that for that reason I'll have to decline your application at this time.
  11. Much appreciated for giving our rules and requirements a looking over. Invite sent. Welcome, Crusader. I'm afraid your friends will have to make posts of their own in order to be invited. We do not issue invites on behalf of others.
  12. Sorry for the delay, NewVicyo, very long weekend. Invite sent. Welcome, Crusader.
  13. We must decline your application for lacking information specified on the front page. Take care.
  14. Good to see you again, Eagerstbarell4. Much obliged for reading the rules, Vort_v2 Invites sent. Welcome, Crusaders new and old.
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