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  1. kavat-dung-trolling aside... how can it be a grind if you're just doing what you're always doing? Why are you here? What do you think is the purpose of this game, besides killing you while you think you're killing time? There have been a really tiny amount of missions that were so specific (like the 60min kuva surv w/friends) as to be even remotely "annoying". Most of the stuff came down to; mod-for-this: have at it | do these specific missions : have at it | hey do something with a friend : have at it. Nothing intricate. Nothing really in the sense of planning far ahead. I ignored everything Orb Vallis/PoE and got to 30 on Sunday IIRC. By just playing. ~shrugs~ Now, sure, there's room for improvement. DE stated as much at the start. The notion that goals are different for beginners, seasoned players and veterans are different is something that they obviously tried to tackle, but failed somewhat in that regard. Trust me: they are probably well aware of this. But changing it mid-season would cause a whole heap of new problems, so this is something to tweak the next season by. That is how this'll work. The notion that for seasoned players only the top 3/4 rewards were of value... can I say, as a veteran of 4500+ hrs, that is... ummm.... sil... errr.. your opinion.. Come on man, what do you expect? A gilded diamond turd for every time you jump through a hoop? I kinda liked that gradual buildup. Some stuff I needed, some stuff I didn't. It's all free and you get it for doing what you're already supposed to be doing... what's NOT to like..? If anything, DE, might I suggest for next season you include that one rare ...commodity in the reward tree? Wotsitsname.. Ah.. Yes.. Patience.. PS: wrote a long winded (yeah, longer then this 😄 ) bit about what you guys call "the grind", it applies here...
  2. - Hi, this is Steve from DE.. We've decided to make a new shooter, think cyberpunk2077 - in space.. To fund this we're selling [item-primez0r], only available to backers... - Funding = 1700% in a mere 0.03 secs - Everybody owns [item-primez0r], You read it here first!!!!
  3. Wow.. does this mean we finally get proper lootboxes? So we can actually compete with the REAL games out there...? 😃😃 What...?
  4. Re: login bugs I had them too, managed to get in eventually. My guess is that the servers are getting hit hard because of all the new stuff AND an event..
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