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About Me

So I love Warframe, period. I've played almost nothing else since I started playing it. :D


My Youtube channel > https://www.youtube.com/c/SciAntGaming


I love contributing to the community and here are a few of my guides >


1. Sci_Ant's Comprehensive Chroma Armor Build Guide [in-Depth With Calculations And Results]


2. Quick Thinking Is Affected By Armor (Proof), Implications On Chroma (Sci_Ant's Chroma Guide Addendum)


3. Ash's Rising Storm Augment - A Study


4. [Guide] Parkour 2.0 Tips And Tricks / Tutorial Videos Collection




My most important ongoing bug threads >


Ash Prime Textures, Mesh & Animation Bugs Collection Thread


Equinox Pacify Ability Has Diminishing Returns, Falloff With Range And Broken Efficiency? (Data And Videos)



Warframe China Excalibur Umbra release teaser trailer on my YT channel >





I got sooooo lucky and was invited to the

for the first ever Kubrow Showcase contest and I recorded it on my end, so you can check out behind the scenes footage here >




Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the game!

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