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  1. I don't mean to question your anecdotal experience. I believe that it is well in line with the potential situation. That being said, allow me a add a few caveats. Vitus essence drop rates are a fixed likelihood (6% now). That said, spawn rate will determine practical drop rate. Spawn rate is largely controlled by the amount of players on a map...because only Steel Path has learned to crank spawn rate to maximum at all times. I'd like to offer 16 drops in 25 minutes as my counter offer. Infested, survival, and two runs. The caveat here is that my worst run was 10 minutes in team and 15 minutes solo....where I had to start popping life support towers due to the terrible spawning. The corpus tilest and AI are a bug that's been around since the rework... DE decided to complicate the tiles, and the result is their simplistic horde AI controls broke. This is unfortunate...but not an arbitrations only issue. 100% behind needing this fixed, but it's not just arbitrations that suffer here. The bad RNG response is simple. 52 minutes. Assuming you kill a drone every 30 seconds (bad spawn rates factored in) the likelihood of your particular situation is 0.9498*0.066. This is a simple calculation because the drop rate is agnostic of the order, The number is exceptionally small because there's 2104 potential outcomes. As a side note, this is how those mathematics programs and creationists do magic math and say things are so unlikely...but when you do the math yourself with the probabilities based on reality (94% not, 6% is) you suddenly see that one end of the spectrum, despite being small, is much more likely (noting this is no drops in our example). Now the anecdote. 2 runs for me, 1 cited run for you. Being real....that's nothing. 3 runs between the two of us is a statistically insignificant sampling size...so we're really not capable of understanding if this is better or worse than before. That said, I used to run the same stuff at 40 minutes (full team), with about 20 essence drops. I'm now at mostly a solo experience, and earning about the same in 25 minutes (my other example was 21 in 20 minutes, take that with a grain of salt). I'd say that's about doubling my previous results. The booster... Let me offer another anecdote, from a couple of builds ago. I ran with a double quantity and double drop rate booster. That meant that some drops were worth 4 essence via kavat buff. I snagged 76 essence in 40 minutes of play. This is what I like to call a rather niche outlier, and why it wasn't used in my other calculated examples. Full spawn, unknown drop rate versus quantity, and arguably the drop rates were insanely high. This meant that I had nearly 4/9 galvanized mods in a single run, and the endo required for maybe 10% of the full rank-up of one. Not a bad haul for 40 minutes. My best boosted play prior to that run was years ago with multiple kavats, and we reached slightly below 40 essence. I'm not happy with the drop rates, but they're definitely better than before. This is all to say that better<>good. The better spawn rate of 6% is still depressingly low for something that you need in large quantities, and is spawned in single units. It's largely transparent that DE wants this to be a plateau game mode. That is to say, a game that represents a change in player progression. You get access to arbitrations, and you grind them for weeks to months. This allows you to accumulate endo, the primary reward by likelihood, and a few items that are critical to progression (galvanized mods and a few core survivability ones). By the time you get everything you need, and assuming you don't burn out, you have made little progress vertically in the game but immense horizontal gains. I don't appreciate that they keep tying in new modes with arbitrarily buffed enemies. It's not a challenge when the question simply becomes how much thicker that dummy thick enemy can make its eHp pool. That said, DE's only foray into teamwork and challenge has largely been forgotten. RAIDs were never a great thing (due to their stability issues), but they represent the highest attempt at this game focusing on challenge and team work. Arbitration are simply +levels with death penalties...so yeah.
  2. While I don't disagree...I do want to modify this statement a bit to make it more complete. 1) If they are listening, they stopped communicating with us a long time ago. They now communicate at us. Go back into the dev streams, and watch the earliest ones. Huge swathes of player feedback and interaction. Watch a recent dev stream. The claim is too much feedback...but then you see that what feedback is acknowledged is cherry picked. I'm not sure about everyone, but what I have seen is that less of the design council engagement exists. This covenant that players had a voice has been supplanted over time, and now finds itself relegated to mods...if DE decides that they get to vote on them and if they like the feedback. 2) If they are listening to feedback, it is inconsistent what feedback is being engaged with. "Universal Medallions" are not universal...and other insanity. A wiki page listing their promised features...and some are years old. When certain changes happen it's not because of logic or reason. What can be cited is a single tweet...so instead of a huge well of feedback you can get what you want, assuming that the developer also wants it. 3) If they choose to engage with players it seems like it's only after engaging in communication at us badly. See: the recent mess of feedback leading up to Sisters of Parvos. See: oh joy...kuva liches get duplicate item protection, but they forgot to include that with the sisters. See: stealth inclusion of basically adaptation to liches and sisters. This was claimed as a streamlining of the system...and served to extend it. Somehow in the lexicon of DE streamlining (a process by which a complicated system is made simpler) now means the opposite of streamlining everywhere else. I'd scratch my head, but the non-universal universal medallions were introduced long enough ago that I simply think DE translates English to French via google, hires a drunken French speaker to transcribe, and then uses the transcription in another google translation back to English. That's the only way that you could so miserably fail at simple words...but it's a consistent at DE. So...a lot less simple than initially stated. I don't like the simpler version because it simply implies that DE doesn't care. I believe they do. I believe they're stuck between caring about the monetization, the fun of the game, and the lack of understanding about what players genuinely want. The last items there and the monetization have over time become muddied...so DE is making decision to appeal to a wider base instead of making current fans happy. Fine....welcome to modern Bethesda. Hard core RPGs aren't great for everyone. That said, when Fallout and Elder Scrolls became interchangeable it removed a lot of the value of both. DE is doing this to Warframe....as space ninjas killing mooks has become mediocre fishing, mediocre animal capture, bad vehicles, and a litany of other non-core items. In this sense DE is not listening to its core players. They're following the market....and mistaking this for engagement. I get it...even if it pains me. That said, there is nuance. It's not DE being spiteful or mean. It's avarice to some extent, but not entirely. I can only state that after all of this I have to love or hate for them. You shouldn't either. Play the game until it isn't worth playing. Pay if you believe that they've earned it. You not paying is what will drive change. The volume of communication DE engages with is too small to ever hope you'll have your voice heard, but money talks.
  3. So.... I don't even know where to begin. Let's start with the one positive....the Tetra ate a nerf. Great. It only took about a week...but at least it wasn't something that took a lot longer. I'm not counting it as positive, but indifferent, that you awarded us the things you promised...but couldn't deliver on because of the eternal "technical issues." Now, let's talk about the event. I don't care. It's funny that you showed 2019...then rolled it to 2021. My best is 2021 launch, 2022 first quarter stability, 2022 late first half for most of the features to not be jank. Thus, not a lot of care. Finally, let's talk content. The Kuva Grattler is....wtf? I got the thing, and it was underwhelming. Fine. You then patched it. What? The grattler has less reload time (2.0 instead of 2.5), more damage of all types (100 versus 50), and fires faster (6.25 versus 5.55). The three benefits are doubling the ammo in the magazine (30 versus 60), 2% crit chance, and 2% status chance. Even if we allow for +60% elemental damage, that's 80 damage at a maximum rather than 100. Did someone at DE get the numbers backwards, or is it considered an improvement to simply have to reload less...? Oh, but the stats in archwing give it an extra 0.1 to a lofty 2.1 crit multiplier. Please fix....because this is the first Kuva weapon which is literally impossible to see as anything but a downgrade. Between releasing a broken gunblade, nerfing two weapons, making one of those nerfs so harsh that the kuva version is literal garbage compared to the standard, and promising cross play as a feature...in development...with no expected date...demonstrated on a phone... I just can't help but think you've arrived to the party two weeks late. In your hands are moldy vegetables, and you want your consumers to thank you for this. Yeah....given the chance I'm shanking space mom just for the catharsis of not having to pretend that it's funny anymore.
  4. No. Any power used period. My initial thought was to pop invisibility, and place my warframe as a damage sponge somewhere. Instant fail. Regarding the other bit, the Rhino tank is also a fail. No damage. As in the second a stray bullet takes out a single shield point the thing fails. I've only contacted support to help with a riven once. That was early on with the killing Dargyns one. I killed them when they spawned in the air on the plains, killed them after they jumped into the Dargyn, and even did the Kuva Fortress. No dice, and support happily unlocked it after I requested assistance. The above riven though was 100% possible...assuming the RNG was good, the spawn was good, the AI ran away rather than simply rushing you. In short, if the stars aligned. Boy...it was frustrating to get the fourth node scanned, have the target dissipating, and then take a stray bullet from nowhere. I would also tell you that you'd think that the dash+magus lockdown should work...but scanning takes longer than that works on a scan target.
  5. Agreed. This isn't even in the top 10. My least favorite is the scan for Simaris, not using any powers, and not taking any damage. I had to go operator, pick my way through an exterminate mission, find the target, avoid literally any damage sources, and then manage to scan the target's 4 nodes. Of course, the target freaks out after only two nodes scan....so it's then a crap shoot. The lack of powers means invisibility is out, while the lack of damage prevents simply face tanking the damage. You'll note that the mines cause damage, the atmospheric lightning can cause unavoidable damage, and simply being in the same area code as an exploding barrel seems to cause damage...even if enemies at the same distance take none. As far as the Dargyns...the Lenz. If you can peg the thing with an arrow it first pops the ship, then the AoE slow and damage kill the dargyn pilot. If you pop into archwing, buzz down the dargyn, and lead them even slightly you'll find this an easy one.
  6. So, I have to agree with this one. Going back to the beginning, the purpose of Nightwave was to supplant the Alert system. The Alert system was a 24/7/365 system, which constantly had something to do....assuming you didn't already have the content. That is to say, the failing of Alerts were that once you'd accumulated a lot of content they ceased mattering. You'd be looking for thing A, and it would come up for reward at 2:00 am local time...and not reappear for weeks. DE decided to fix that by having the Nightwave. So far it's been a bad joke, where they introduce infinite grind potential....then cap it with a maximum standing. They extend the Nightwave...and forget to increase the cap. They introduce a new warframe that requires Nitain, and isn't a prime, after you can no longer get additional Nightwave credits. What an utter mess. Seriously though, who is surprised? So far the Nightwave has been getting longer and longer, with intermissions longer than the story bits. DE's probably sitting on this, so they can announce Nightwave 2.0 during tennocon. At which point it'll be another feature. I'm just skipping the stuff, and I think everyone else should too. The rewards pool is largely a joke, considering that the highlight of this one was the conclave mods being added to the regular pool....and I've yet to even see why these mods exist in PvE.
  7. Yeah...one more go, since memory does not seem to serve. This is the second time they've played with this. You might not remember it, but the damage reduction while in air mod also could functionally make invincibility. Instead of fixing their math years ago, they nerfed the mod values and interation. Back to my original point....is DE incapable of the math? Whether you are or you aren't, I personally don't care. The arithmetic addition of things is divergent. That means over 100% was possible. If they knew this....because it's basic math...then they have failures elsewhere. Thus, the original and somewhat comical portrayal of this as a carnival barker trying to get people to bid on why the failure exists is meant to highlight that no matter your answer, it's some flavor of incompetent. To be clear, somebody already knew this. Look at the damage reduction due to armor equation. Despite that, we're left with weapons grade stupid from mods. Sigh.
  8. I find this statement like looking into the sun. Every time I think I've got it, I'm confronted by more pain. So....the math here is simple. They even did it themselves. Instead of resistance sum, they multiplied each reduction. The logic here was literally something that I learned in 6th grade...though your mileage may vary. This, to be clear, was the difference between convergent and divergent numbers. Let me explain, for those who might have some time since they last looked at this. https://www.ck12.org/book/ck-12-calculus-concepts/section/9.4/ Convergence Properties of Common Series Types Series Type Sigma Notation Converges if Diverges If Arithmetic S=∑n=1∞[t1+d(n−1)] Never Always Geometric S=∑n=1∞arn−1 |r|<1 with S=a1−r |r|≥1 Harmonic S=∑n=1∞1n Never Always p-Series S=∑n=1∞1np p>1 p≤1 So....DE took something that was known about in a remedial text book (arithmetic addition never converges), and used it as their damage system. The stop-gap logic was that of course, you could never have enough of these arithmetic factors to get 100%. A less than ideal situation when you need to keep stuffing content into the game...and frankly stupid if anyone capable of math had reviewed the system in the last 8+ years.
  9. DE, let's talk. I'm not going to cite how exactly you've failed in this post, but I do want to talk about how we can do better. First off, the murmurs. The version of this for the Sisters is pretty great. The first ring basically requires 8 dead doggos...and that's fine. The enemies are reasonably tough, and they spawn between 2-3 units per mission. If you could transplant this level of commitment to the Liches it'd be great. Right now, they basically haven't been altered in any appreciable way, so the grind there is by no means streamlined as promised. Next, let's talk holokeys. I'm not sure why you've decided to set the rewards value so low. Neptune is pretty much the place to grind, and it awards half of a void storm in the veil. That said, the veil is way more than twice as long to grind through. Maybe we can get a more progressive increase here. That is to say 2, 4, 7, and 11 keys. This would make the veil worth going to, while slightly increasing the overall rewards. I can only say that right now I have no reason to grind these void storms once I've gotten one of each item. They're already a 5 forma sink. They're already an element random roll. They don't need to force us to grind the void storms as well. Let's talk about the doggo companions (referred to as such to be distinct from the kubrows). They're stupid. That is to say their AI is standard companion AI in warframe...often making them suicidal. Each doggo is randomly generated...so it's a random roll as to their stats once built. Theoretically once you've killed a bunch of Sisters you can build your own...but I've thus far received two of the same brackets as rewards. Not an auspicious start. How about, instead, the Sister is guaranteed to drop all the blue prints for their respective doggo they had? This ironically would lead to more grind (resources for crafting), but it'd push players to slaughter the dozen or so Sisters that are required, then start experimenting with them. It'd also mean that instead of a crap shoot on the three types of mods we could run three experimental builds, then are incentivized to build "the ultimate" fourth doggo to be a standing companion. Right now 2 of the 3 ability slots are tradeable, with the third being locked to the type. It's unreasonable to ask us to grind the Sisters, grind the RNG single part drop, and do all of this knowing that in the next two years you'll inevitably stuff more weapons into this system and thus negate any investment we might make. Let's wrap up with the Helminth. I am going to express distaste that you didn't calculate new levels under the basic assumption of subsumed frames and required resources provide your early adopters with a level boost to match what they've already earned. Note that this is not in-line with other MMOs...it's insulting that you'd even think that was a justification. I'm starting to sound angry, because this was an insult. My fix would be rework this garbage system. Let's suggest that to gate progress you ignore the whole infusions and resource xp mess. You've got about 50 frames. Let's simply rank up those levels by the number of frames infused, and instead of unlocking those subsume limits you provide invigoration slots. This marries the two systems, and effectively rewards players more for what they've done. The math is dead simple and stupid. Let me do it for you. Rank: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Subsume cost per rank: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5 Cumulative subsume cost: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, 22, 26, 30, 35, 40, 45, By jove...it looks a lot like you'd need to crank out either an additional infusion, or a helminth ability, at about one per 18 months for the next 4.5 years...with the rate quickly extending to 21 months after. Hmmm...an expanding system, that is minimal effort from DE with a maximal build-up. All of this is hiding the fact that it's a stop-gap to replace certain useless abilities. Moreover, you can still expedite this system with platinum via the subsumes...but the players already invested are not suddenly put out. There is a statistical amount that is content...but at this point I'm still trying to understand why it is acceptable to go operator, fall through the floor, and be teleported outside of a mobile defense objective. Yeah...railjack might now be a bigger pain to grind with the keys and Ambassador....but it's still buggier than most pre-alpha demos on kickstarter.
  10. So...it gets better. DE used to release frames below 100 armor. These were generally casting frames, where their goal was to be a glass cannon. The way people got around this was to double dip with arcane guardian...and get a flat increase in armor. DE decided the double dipping was inappropriate, so they rebalanced arcanes. The community lost their collective minds. Myself included....because I liked Zephyr. The response from DE was to literally bring everyone up to a minimum of 100 armor. Great...our squishy frames are now not suicide. It's been less than two years. The arcane rebalance was prior to Scarlet Spear...where DE had to allow us to directly grind for arcanes. Orphix Venom was last year. In two years DE has released a frame breaking the minimum 100 armor rule they provided. They gave us a k-drive that forgot how bad the unmodded things are. Despite literal hate and releasing Primed Sure Footed to stop knockdowns, the new frame is highly susceptible to them. Oh....but inside of 48 hours they've applied buffs... Yeah....Monday. I finished my "Legendary" test. It gave me a blasted legendary core. Your gift to players, who have at a minimum spent hundreds of hours in your game, is an item that can be used once on a mod to ignore its upgrade cost. A cost earned hundreds of times over if they managed to grind through all the content. Remember, it only took about 3.5 years before you could put a catalyst/reactor onto modular items. It only took about 6 before the cost of Mesa became one nav beacon rather than 3. It only took us 8 years for the dojo to have 8 research rooms and a lich trading hub. It's only been each large release that breaks the Plains or other open worlds in some fundamental way. It's only been about 3 years since DE promised us the Ghoul Saw...and counting.
  11. Not an entirely accurate statement. Being fair though, not far from the truth in practice. There are a variety of k-drive mods that add damage types. These of course also have qualifiers: Thrash Landing - blast Bomb the Landin' - shockwave Cold Arrival - cold Slay Board - directional damage Kinetic Friction - electric Trail Blazer - heat What is far more interesting is the utility mods. I know people are complaining that the board is damage mitigation....but you can be knocked off of it. That could be fixed by Perfect Balance. You could use the board as a stop-gap between Rolling Guard, Adaptation, and Quick Escape to be invincible. Finally, imagine a free and fast version of an energy pizza, brought to you by Juice. So...instead of balancing this thing, testing the usability, and designing another forma sink DE decided to release this mess. I'd have wanted mods so that the ability would be an insane buff...but what we get is all the bad of k-drives on a glass frame. Ouch.
  12. Hey, I have to walk some stuff back. First off, the murmurs for Grineer have barely been improved. It seems like the last ring is about 75% as large as before...but the individual spawns for their thralls has been slightly cranked down. It's frustrating...because the specified planet model means that survivals aren't even really an option until you're at level 3 with the Lich. The Sisters are good...or at least better. The largest remaining frustration I have is that the stealth addition of an adaptation style damage reduction to all Liches was pretty....frustrating. It's not about the challenge....it's about making the Liches even tankier and stretching out an otherwise mediocre boss battle. Seriously, what in Hades was DE thinking... Oh, they werent. The Cadus is Amphis 2.0. The 72 hour research for Yaereli now means 24 hours for the room, 72 hours for the research, 12 hours for the bits, and 72 hours for the frame. That's 180 hours to grind this mediocre frame out...and we got a single 72 hour affinity booster to pay us back for all the other changes they've forced. Oh...and scattering justice is blocked from the Kuva Hek. Wow....every time I dig deeper I find new layers of feces. Maybe If I get another 5 layers farther I'll find the floor....but I'm afraid it'll just be hominey rather than corn. And on that visual gag, I'm out. Yep... Monday will be the point break.
  13. Again, maybe I'm an outlier here. If you do the quick missions, you might only get one or two spawns solo. That sucks, hard. I do the survivals because it's trivial to have a decent Nekos Prime build simply wade in with the Lesion, and keep swinging until everything stops moving. I do not know if solo is slower than team, as I only do solo. The Sisters bouncing from planet to planet once defeated is an oddity. The fact that they only steal credits is...just mind boggling. Hopefully one of these updates makes things better for you. As far as the rebalance...when DE said they were streamlining them I had my doubts. Their tactic of larger sum, lesser spawn, higher values is...a way to go with it. Frankly, the goofiness of having to kill the Lich/Sister by luck, then having to do Railjack, so that you can do a boss battle, is just silly. I'm frankly impressed that people there actually thought this was a great idea...when the new doggos are randomly generated and if you want to build your own will require lots of killing. I can only tell you that I'm not building my own. I do like some of their powers though. I have the melee one with the magnetic bubble which disarms. It's unfathomable that DE packed all of that into the doggos...along with the organic health/armor/shield link mods. These things are nutty strong against basic enemies...if you could ever get them to logically use their precepts. Of course, instead of that they wait until you cloak, go in for the stealth kill, then Leroy Jenkins into the middle of the group and create a bubble that prevents any stealth kills. Oh boy....they made organic pets better... Like adding salt to sand paper.
  14. Your mileage, and mission types may vary. I did a Sister. Survival, Exterminate, and Sister attempt. First requiem unlocked. Move to entirely new planet. Two Survivals, and an attempted Sister kill. Second requiem unlocked. Survival, Exterminate, Survival, avoided kill attempt, and an Exterminate. Final requiem unlocked. Got lucky. Ordered the last two right, so I shanked the Sister. Went to railjack mission. Kill the crewships (2) and destroy the security nodes (2). Completed all side objectives. No rewards for the side objectives, Sister killed. Dog and Weapon in foundry upon my return. Bracket dropped as a "?" reward. Did not get credits back. Ran another mission. All credits returned to me in that mission. The experience was about a 1:40 (100 minutes) grind. Way better than the usual several hours of grind. While there are way fewer spawns per mission, each spawn is worth a heck of a lot more. Previously a survival would yield about 1/4 of the first murmur wheel. On this run I exposed slightly less than half. This all said, take it with a grain of salt. What is a feature, and what is a bug, has yet to be nuked from orbit with a "fix." Only one of those officially today.
  15. So....not responding after this. Have fun with the last word. I stated that people were freaking out. I stated that you were reading in, specifically, that nothing would be given. I cited that this meant nothing about what was earned. Elsewhere I did basic back-of-the-hand calculations (as DE should have) that indicated they could reasonably just calculate material feed and subsume xp, and confirm that players should have at least rank 14 if they were done...and likely rank 15. I stand by the statement that DE is absolutely crap about using words to mean things. I admit that this time the alternative interpretation was accurate. Finally....DE never seems to listen to players. They will listen to an overwhelming crash of hate....but the people willing to grind out helminth fully are likely to be a very minor voice. I'm glad you believe otherwise. I wish I still could. I can only tell you that right now I'm drained. The grind in this update is miserable....and as an insult DE gave us a 3 day booster....that due to build times will not be usable on the new frame. It's...comically crap. Regarding the additional nihilism...fine. It isn't wrong, but we have a few weeks to Tennocon. DE is releasing this turd, they'll polish for just long enough until they can make more promises, and by the time we're finally done with the grind walls they'll already be telling us about how the next thing will be great...while tacitly implying another helminth system or some additional grind wall. Yay.
  16. So.... at least there aren't a bunch of blue screens. Let's describe the progress of this update, so people can get through the grind ASAP. Buy the Bo blue print in the market. Buy the new staff blue print in the market. Start building the Bo. Pop down to Deimos, and buy the blue print for the helminth segment. Return to orbiter. Start building the helminth segment. Go to dojo. Start building the new lab. Return to orbiter. Go to Fortuna. Got to vent kids. Purchase blue prints for the new gun....requiring 3 build parts. Initiate quest. Talk to the kids. Go to Orb Vallis. Grind out the required 5 items. Return to Fortuna. Return to Orbiter. Start building Yaereli's signature secondary barrel and receiver. Watch painful motion comic that is blown away by free stuff on youtube. Go to Orb Vallis. Complete 5 more challenges that are largely time killers. Return to Fortuna. Return to Orbiter. Bleed slightly as you feel the bile in your body rise....because you now repeat 19-21 three more times to do this. Visit the kids again, and discover the status quo reset. Return to orbiter. Listen to Grandmother from Fortuna talk to you inexplicably...until you read "wave rider #1." Be frustrated to think there will be more of these. Three years too late to matter....and know that fully kitting mods made some of these items much easier. Wait about 24 hours. This is added because the dojo, weapon, helminth segment, and everything else is linked to build timers. Hopefully it'll be worth it. Now that everything is done that you can do, grind out the new stuff. 40 keys*4 items a week means 160 required keys. That means 27 missions a week on maximum difficulty. RNG runs from 26-59%...so you'll need to buy at least two of each items with a matching or preferred element. Remember the random key rewards are at most 6 at a time. Know you also have Liches. You then have the Sisters. You follow that up with an unknown grind for the robot dogs. None of this even mentions that you'll be grinding the snot out of the granum void again to get the new dust resource. Wow...and no idea what the Legendary MR 1 is going to give. I'm almost scared. Of course, what will keep me warm is the sheer pi** that is now raging through me because the only way to get parts and blue prints to a new weapon is to engage with survival railjack missions...and it's just dandy. I like spy missions, and even then the grind for the 5 new parazon mods seems punishing. Can we get this taken away, and put back into the oven for a few hours. It ain't done. Most frustratingly I gave you credit for not insulting the helminth system users for being proactive and getting all of the frames subsumed. Well guess what skippy, it's an open palm slap to this face. Seriously DE, WTF? -Edit- So.... Bug? I retain 3 blue prints for all weapons. The intention is that if something goes meta, I can build it. That said, you seem to have deleted part of my inventory. That is to say a majority of blue prints from the Energy Lab in the dojo simply no longer exist. The other 3 labs, and dragon keys, and fine....but I just lost everything from the energy lab. Maybe somebody else can verify? I didn't think anything of the update mucking with my inventory. That said, I was missing the blue print for several items...and had to go to the dojo. Nothing else was gone, but I had to replicate a bunch of stuff in the dojo for a sizeable chunk of change. DE...you can't even get your inventory stable? I know you won't fix this....but cripes. Now each major update is going to require I check that you haven't simply evaporated stuff into the ether? -Edit end-
  17. Apology....for? I stated that you were freaking out, and you were. I will admit that I had assumed too much of DE...and frustration that they are absolutely doing their best to drive away veteran players. I will not apologize....because you deserve none. We are all in the same boat. I will also highlight that the released content is a joke, despite all the hype. My money is still on people forgetting all of this garbage in about three weeks, when everybody who did the early adopter grind have already earned the max level again and DE announces a new piece of half baked content.
  18. So.... That's a very deep hole. Years ago the discussion was about "required" mods. That would be the increase in damage, the multishot, and elemental mods per enemy type. DE stated their game was about choice, and they stated that they were looking to remove the need for these basic requirements. Fast forward to melee 3.0. There are now certain builds which exist sans pressure point, and do their damage through stacking and scaling damage. So...melee 3.0 gave us our first reasonable "death of required" mods....but largely supported this with other required ones. I preface this because the gun debate, about how to address the required mods, is years old. For what it is worth, the reason that a +165% damage for rifles as simply boosting base stats is never considered is that it is a primary driver for forma usage. 14 capacity on a 30 base capacity is nuts...and 7 on a 60 for upgraded is still above drain. As such, it'll never happen. Likewise, I've seen scaling with levels suggested. That is to say at 0 you do base damage, at 15 you do base+82.5, and at 30 you do base+165%. This seemed to die because it would make level grinding harder. Finally, there are a litany of other ways to address this going years back. No idea is perfect, and most address some of the core issues. That said, DE doesn't really seem to want to evaluate this situation. They want to slap arcanes in, introduce new scaling versions of old mods (making the old versions largely obsolete). All of this is then assumed to be fine as long as they also nerf the scaling of the melee...and my mileage on this making sense varies.
  19. So....I'd like to understand this, and frame it differently. If you played this around release, there were no random groups. We were promised this was an optional high level content bubble. We were told that it was "too difficult" to change the reward tables. We were then promised that the rewards would all be cosmetics. I liked this, because it was truly optional. That said, it bore MR points. I wanted to grind it out. I didn't enjoy about 90%, because it was not about refining builds or demonstrating skills. I abused powers. Grineer or infested mobile defense, that's a Limbo. Defense, that's a Revenant. Spy, hello Loki. Exterminate, well look at that Stropha and Revenant abuse of the combo counter. You get the idea. How did I solo the Zeloid Prelate? Well, that was Revenant and chain weapons. How did I do the Golem? Well....that's a long grind of invincibility and the Vandal machine gun. Today it'd be the Mausolon. My point here is that I didn't need to learn anything. I needed to apply cheese, and win. I can see people enjoying it, to some extent. If your friends want to grind this out, a four person team would likely allow for non-meta frames...despite most choosing meta to make things easier. Where I jump off the wagon is that nothing has fundamentally changed about the game mode. Rewards are still a joke. Steel Essence now drops on an extended timer and mini-boss, rather than RNG from eximus kills. That said....it's now no longer optional. It stops being that when power bearing items require you engage with the system. I just can't reconcile that DE is pulling another bait and switch...and in the process now forcing cheese tactics because the nerfs will disproportionately influence edge weapons. The meta will remain the meta, but those weapons which weren't meta choices are going to effectively entirely be removed from play when the thing that could get a crit or status before are suddenly only capable of it rarely. While I more than reasonably see where you are coming from, I just can't ignore what led to this. That's where I'm having immense trouble in biting the bullet. If this was the first time DE pulled this crap it'd be different...but I still remember having to farm archwing gun parts from archwing missions. If you don't remember this was a game mode that took over several nodes per planet. The were going to make it something special. They even eventually added 2 new modes that weren't just copy-pastes of normal modes (pursuit and rush). After which no content came... It's screaming out that this is similar....only to keep it relevant they added powerful items that you need to constantly grind. Only, considering the cost instead of being a thing to grind it'll be another thing that you have to balance against weapon performance. That is, if a weapon is bad it is MR fodder. If it is good you determine if you like it enough to spend forma, catalysts, pexilus unlocks, and now arcane unlocks. Give that huge investment, anything that used to be marginal is now fodder. Nobody wants to spend a huge amount of time grinding only to discover that it was wasted on a mediocre weapon...and that's going to further kill anything not meta. Ironic...but I want to be able to use garbo weapons that are fun. I like the Opticor. That said, it's not useful on most missions. This is going to further make the Opticor useless. I guess the positive is that it'll get better Rivens as it gets slotted further out of use...but that's setting this game that is constantly touted to have player choice farther and farther from offering anything but meta.
  20. So....I see two posts that are blocked... I'm assuming some sort of s*** post directly attacking my character. I need no defense, and I need no pity. The appropriate way to deal with this is to allow the person to scream at the top of their lungs until they burn themselves out. Hate and love are both excessively energy intensive actions. Love may have returns, and hate has none. It's better to allow that drain to continue. If you feed this, they'll only see to it that it continues endlessly. That said, this is an assumption. Based upon the fact that we're pulling out the childish "they're a liar" argument with no citations, I can only conjecture. Please, for the sake of rational discourse, allow this to die. The topic at hand is more important than a petulant response. -Edit- Count is incorrect. 7 so far. We're rapidly approaching the hyperbolic statement becoming a reality. My point stands. -Edit end- -Edit 2- Good lord. I logged out. I then decided to read. First there's ignoring the fact that I cited specific examples. Second there's the absolute double standard of being concise. Next we roll into the "I didn't make the DPS assumption." Finally, there's a verifiable bulls*** personal attack assuming that I create alternative accounts to give myself upvotes...because that makes about as much sense as chugging a gallon of bleach. Creating a trivial amount of upvotes on a forum where the developers largely ignore all feedback. This is....baffling. To fabricate an enemy I'm required to want a thing without value, hate a thing that makes no sense to hate, and believe that after years suddenly posting here will change whatever DE is doing. You know....because that worked for things like "universal" medallions providing non-universal syndicate standing....right? I'm almost tempted to permanently unblock. Seeing this kind of mental gymnastics is...it's a car wreck. There's nothing but a contorted mass of flesh...wrapped around the core point of this update missing the whole "divide" in the arsenal. To those making a defense, please stop. This is a "don't feed the trolls" situation. While you try and help, it's only going to hurt. Can't we all remember the days of stupidity, which we've all had? Those days where we can imagine malice from every corner of the world, rather than simply having a different perspective? Also, I'd dare the person making accusations to have the gumption to report me. I have no additional accounts. I have nothing to hide. It's fantastic to watch as someone else imagines you a monsterous narcissist, and you're just a person. It's like those wonderful people in the crazy vans who assault everyone coming back from a fireworks display with the rhetoric that "jews rule the world and control the media." Being very clear, this is a view I despise but is allowed to be stated in public because free speech is...messy. It protect both deplorable sociopathic nonsense, and people expressing their ideas. That comes as protection and burden. For those that are in the US, I recommend you travel to Milwaukee, WI on the 4th of July once. They do a fireworks show there, and every year the same vans spouts this insanity at onlookers as they walk home. It makes it painfully clear that sometimes people need a monster. To find it they spout nonsense, and imagine slights. The way to stop these people isn't to argue with them. You can never offer a reasonable explanation. You win by ignoring them, and showing basic human respect to the people they imagine as monsters. If you argue they think they can win...and their version of a win demeans all of us. Please, I beg you. Do not defend. Do not feed. Allow them to do what they may, and join me in the fun when the rope we've handed them is converted into the noose by which they hang themselves. If DE continues down this path much longer they'll discover exactly how many of their players still remain. Specifically, how many of us "free" players remain to have the whales lord their fashion frame. Remember, while DE may be doing better financially they are also dependent upon the free players to have a whale economy. When there's no respect for time with free players, the whales will also move along. -Edit 2 end-
  21. I'm going to ignore you now. You are...just not on the same planet. What I will admit to is the following DE updated the initial post to 15 Steel Essence. Reading through again, they have not updated spawn rates. To get to 15 minutes per unlock you're looking at a spawn less then every two minutes...so that's about a 60% reduction in spawn timer if you play and want to grind for the stuff without being bound by a selection of RNG missions. DE have introduced new function, that is not demonstrated. Incursions now give out 5...so you are assured, if you complete the daily limit, to earn 1.67 arcane slots a day (assuming they don't need construction of any sort). Great...assuming that they don't do something silly. If you want to cross your fingers, and assume it isn't one of the days where 3 defenses are on the agenda, maybe you can make it in15 minutes. This does not mean 15 minutes per arcane unlock unless you want to grind every day for literally 240 days...assuming 400 unique weapons... I'm of course tangentially linking this to your...rant against another post. One in which you dismiss their criticism not because it's invalidated. but because "the only people who get to comment are those that grind out everything." As such, you must be able to talk, and therefore must be in this for the long haul. Remember, 400 weapons and nothing else. If you then lose 150 essence every 7 weeks (5*5*6, or 6 full days making 7 weeks take 8) for the one unique reward it's suddenly now spiraling out to literal years of the daily incursion grind. DE has posted videos that are age locked onto a platform requiring you sign in and get tracked. I cannot even fathom why they made this choice, but I guess it's easier than explaining things, and much easier to later deny as the plan. I mean, it's not like they released a tennocon video years ago with features that are still not in the game today. Of course, the explanation for that was that the video displayed a developer build, and anything displayed showed the vision instead of written promises that they would be held to. Hmm... do I detect the same here? When you quote a string of statements, it'd be great if your quotes didn't demonstrate that you either have some moon logic going, or want to redefine reality. As a check, if I stated that say ...assuming it does not lose its "charges" as long as it is not used when actually killing a lich. The implicit statement is that the Oull requiem would lose charges unlike all others. This is what is known as a logical conclusion following a simple statement. If I then state: I did not assume or say anything about the wildcard that would be any different from the requiem mods we currently have... There is a quite simple relationship here between what I said (if the mod doesn't have some new function), and an assumption. But...maybe quoting yourself is too difficult. It's kind of like you read some new definition into words. At this point you're welcome to create more forum poison, where you require 18 posts (hyperbolic) to answer a single one. I'm tired of this. You are just straight getting ignored, so relish having the last statement to your hearts content.
  22. Funny that you don't want to engage. Let's review exactly what I've asked for...and what you seem to think that I've asked for. Did I ask for weapon statistics, the primary motivation for if any of the content is "good?" No. Did I ask to understand how the streamlining works....for the Lich system already in-game? Yes. Did I ask for specifics on costing? You know, the thing that will define the grind intensity. No. Did I ask for anything regarding the dogs? Read that again, because it's a no. I said that a lot is still amazingly vague, and cited the dogs as an example. No request for information, only a citation as a means to demonstrate the point. Have I asked about build times for the Dojo? No...despite stated optimism that it may hold the greatest source of long term content in this update. Hmm.... For the amount of unreasonable asks it seems like I've asked one real question, about a system they are touting as better. It also seems like this was a system introduced, reworked, reworked again, reworked a final time, and is heavily pushing for people to pay to get into (in order to avoid the face melting grind). It almost seems like my concern is that DE is claiming things, and then saying contrary things, and I just want to understand which of their completely different statement matches reality. So....what would I expect as an answer then? Well, surprisingly little. The Lich missions will be similar to the current Grineer missions where you kill a commander... The Lich missions will be more akin to a boss battle. Either answer would give enough information to let us know that things are good, and they would reveal what "special" information exactly? This isn't DE introducing the Plague Star event over a long period of time by allowing the doors on the plains to open. This isn't a mystery box. This is requesting they tell us the genre of the movie we're about to watch....but that's unreasonable to ask for... I have to put this as a very new member who didn't got through a lot....ever. Not the outstanding promises of three orb mothers. Not the years of promising that RAIDs aren't dead...but never actually stating they will ever come back. Not the release state where certain content (Archwing) was promised support, took over a huge number of nodes, then decayed into a single prime and 3 models which did nothing for years...until they released an open world summoning item that you constantly needed to craft to summon them... What I really mean is when DE doesn't provide data it often means features aren't ready. The promises here, and their extended duration, make me afraid that too much of this is going to be hammered out the 5th...and the 6th will be an utter s*** show release. Answering even simple questions night alleviate that, and would absolutely not require "unreasonable disclosure of information some people might enjoy organically discovering." You know, the whole reason that 90% of data is provided on a third party wiki...because like Bungie's Destiny, DE can't be bothered to make the instructions for playing their game available in it...but there are slide shows to "train" new players...assuming they can find them.
  23. 1) Agree to disagree. 2) No, it isn't. The topic was grind. The topic was RNG. You can argue all day about how you could minimize that, but it doesn't negate the core RNG roll that is forced upon the players as a "feature." A feature that requires a grind, and rewards you with a 5 in 6 failure rate with literally no reason except "I didn't guess right." Regarding the illusive explanation of streamlining...and your apparent desire to make it a word with no meaning, let me explain. To streamline is to remove non-necessary bits. This is paraphrasing a dictionary definition. If you add more bits, by definition, you cannot streamline. This is not up for debate, unless step one is assuming you can redefine words. If we have to start there, I cannot waste time on you. The reward for this exercise will be to strip one argument of its teeth, and in its place will be a thousand more people who want their own lexicon. No. 3) This is what we call double think. You either imagined that the requiem mods are a time limited consumable, or you presume their benefit is that they don't disappear at all. Both are fundamentally altering the provided information...so it really doesn't matter. I'm not discussing this further, because you are incapable of understanding that this is 100% a situation of your fabrication and I already stated my point that it's just another one. It isn't as good as you'd assume because the order still matters. People are inherently bad at math, and DE is selling us on this new shiny thing, because most people will assume it is a gift. I also love the second world war. Not for the fighting, but the complete bonkers stories. In German gift means poison. The US stamped "A gift from America" on the aide boxes. My professor looked at us, explained this, and I could only laugh. This is why good intentions are not enough, and arguing with people willing to redefine our lexicon is a useless argument. They win by corrupting and rejecting meaning. There's no way a good faith argument can ever be heard by them. 4) Read again. Although Void Storms remain as dangerous as ever, they now offer up exciting new Rewards: Corrupted Holokeys! Collect these valuable Corpus artifacts, bring them to Ergo Glast at any Relay and trade for new Tenet briefcase Melee Weapons, complete with bonus elemental damage! One of four Tenet Melee Weapons will be available each week in Glast’s rotation, so check back regularly with a fresh stash of Holokeys: Confront Liches faster in three new ways: a streamlined Murmur system that identifies known Requiems faster; Oull — a Requiem Mod dropped exclusively from Liches that counts as a known Requiem no matter where it’s slotted on your Parazon; and the new Requiem Ultimatum — a Gear item that can be used on any influence node to summon your Lich or Sister for a fight on your terms. I'm going to give you credit, and assume you are capable of reading. Note that it says elemental bonus damage. It is reasonable to assume either magical 60% maximum values...or more likely that you'll have to check back regularly to get a weapon+element combo that is desirable. Of course, the alternative is everyone out there wants gas damage melee weapons...so yeah. Likewise, streamline and faster. They indicate Oull is exactly like a regular requiem mod. This is right on the front page...but I figure maybe highlighting them might help. 5) You...are...dense...on...this. Go back, watch dev stream. Come back. THE DEV STREAM STATED YOU START THE CORPUS LICHES BY FINISHING AT LEAST THE FIRST ROUND IN THE GRANUM VOID, THEN KILLING THE SPAWNED PARVOS THING. I have that in capitals...so you can maybe educate yourself. I chalk this up to only paying attention to a fraction of the written words...and really hope that this isn't intentional negligence. Whatever though, you've already demonstrated your point is based in fundamental ignorance. I stated that a DPS frame was the choice to do Granum Void. Not all frames are DPS. You stated there were DPS frames so the argument means nothing. You then quoted me to me without the subsequent argument. I'd scratch my head, but the blatant misunderstanding shows your ignorance. As such, I will not speak on this until you either educate yourself, or otherwise bring something valuable to the table. 6) Please stop misquoting. I said the most interesting bit about this update was the new frame that was three years too late to the k-drive party. Your retort was surprise after my content gating comments that called this unreasonable were then praising content gating. My response back was that the frame is immaterial. The interesting bit was about the dojo lab. You then try to partially quote back to me. Good try, but before you do maybe you should consider the argument. If each bit was devoid of context this makes sense. Unfortunately, when you frame it your criticism is laughable. Points for effort on replication of using my words to tear me down with internal inconsistency. Points lost for obfuscation of context which makes the partial quotes seem like a dishonest strawman being constructed. Yes...you are projecting a strawman. You want to claim that I don't have a good answer, because you perceive inconsistency. Great. Valid tactic to establish that an opposing point is irrational. The strawman is then quoting bits and pieces, leaving out the full story. It's easy to fight that kind of strawman. Without context a long running discussion is easy to hijack, and it's easy to attack only partial bits of the argument and look like you've "won." You'll note I don't do this for you. When you claim that it was really only 4 tries, I explained that this is true on paper, but it doesn't influence the first RNG combination I cited. If I wanted to strawman you I'd suggest that this was idiotic. If your core conceit is that it only takes 4 tries demonstrate three consecutive runs with your Lich only reaching level 4. Note that is 1-2 (first kill) - 3 (second kill) - 4 (third kill), and because you always get the combination in 4 or less the Lich should never get to level 5. Do it. You know why I didn't? It's a matter of respect, and not caring about an argument that doesn't matter. Because of the way the Lich spawns work you are virtually guaranteed to get to level 5 by how the Lich can auto-level before you are anywhere getting a full murmur known. There are plenty of exceptions, but getting these exceptions 3 times in a row negates their random roll nature. Despite this, I didn't call you out on an argument that counters your own, despite it being trivial to ignore everything else you said. In turn, I have to re-quote myself, so you don't skew my points to something else. Maybe I was right before. OK. I'm done. Have the last word, because I no longer believe you are a good faith actor. I hate it when I get proven right, when assuming the worst of people. -Edit- I've read through your discourse with MistressMoonPaw. Yeah... Bad faith actor through and through. Point 1 - Use the multiquote and edit functions. Spamming multiple responses to one quote is...just not good form. Point 2 - Facts. DE has not announced a new spawn rate for Acolytes. They have not announced the cost of the arcane slot unlocks on an official post or stream. Despite knowing nothing, you pull 15 minutes directly from your backside. I cannot even imagine why you justify this...but assume the arrogance is the core issue. Point 3 - Again, the absolutism. There are about 400 weapons in game. People only complain if they keep 100% of them and fully upgrade 100%. It must be fantastic to live in your head where there is only black and white. Let's introduce Grey. 8 forma'd slots on my Opticor. A riven. A catalyst. Despite this, I didn't buy it a Pexilus slot. Am I not experiencing the full potential? Well...that's stupid. I have not upgraded "fully" because even with all slots polarized there isn't enough capacity to apply any more mods. Seems like you don't fully understand this as a cost to reward equation, and some people are frustrated because the rewards here are slight, and the cost is engaging with a game mode that isn't fun for most people. It's almost like when DE rebalanced enemy scaling they did good...and Steel Path basically undid this...which was fine when engagement with it was optional, but now it's required for power. Things required for power, in a power fantasy game, by definition are no longer optional. So....definitely hard stop. Going forward I'm going to just not engage with you. Best of luck. -Edit end-
  24. Just... wow. I don't agree, but thank you for proving that it was reasonable to grant doubt. Point 1 is that this has been a promise for a long time. Namely DE started out promising A, morphed it to B, and the release notes are actually C. For the record this is A defined as a buff for everything to be useful. C is a nerd to scaling, and stats, to equalize outcome of gun usage...not to equalize the opportunity to make everything viable. Point 2 is bifurcated, but should not be. As stated, the chance of ordering mods is 1:6. You then changed the goal, and said using logical elimination you only need 4. This is tangential, and not brought up because the point was the grind. The bifurcation is that you are ok with DE releasing an unknown. Let me challenge you with their history. K-drives were an unknown. They all have separate part costs. The most expensive and least expensive were found by the community to be statistically the same. Hmmm... so their acceptable release is item one costs 3x more than 2...and to understand this you grind out the board, trade standing, build the boards...and learn that you wasted your time. I didn't need to know 1 was different than 2 by 10%, but discovering they were the same after as all that grind was miserable. This is why this is not "spoon feeding," but critical basics for understanding Do note, I have 0 stress over Lich weapon stats...so frame the discussion with that. Finally for 2, there is no data. That's the point. If I knew a Lich was like a boss battle it'd be fine. If it's like current railjack you grind the murmurs. You grind a mission in railjack. You then grind a boss battle. That's more steps than now, despite them literally saying the system is being streamlined. WTF? Point 3... What? If you assume the thing works differently than all others, it is useful. You mean, on top of being a wildcard it doesn't decay? Then why not just make it two murmurs? If I assume that Yaereli will make enemies explode into rare resources on kill she's also able to be assumed to be great. Of course, this is all fantasy...so it's not a discussion. On top of that, previous dev streams indicated it would be a normal requiem but function as a wild card...so the fantasy seems irrational on both our parts. Point 4 is facile stupidity. You are implying that cutting your grass with napalm is preferable to letting it overgrow. There's a middle ground of using a lawn mower. I want a grind that rewards. This is a series of RNG time halts. There is a difference. To cite where DE did this right, focus schools. You had a huge affinity grind, but were rewarded with real power. I did all the grind of Liches...and use about 2 of their weapons. That is a grind, with rewards so slim as to be insulting. With DE's policy of releasing content under powered, tell me why these new multiple layer grinds will somehow reward differently. Point 5....another facile argument. I don't need or ask for all information. I ask to know enough to gauge whether this is going to be a rewarding system, or basic Liches all over again. I also have issues with your DPS frame assumption. With the spawns in the Granum area being a touch wonky solo, it'll be difficult for some frames to cope. Elements link to frame, so some elements will be harder to get. That's fine, but something that will limit choices or force meta. When meta is the only choice for most players, this game is bad. I want to know that DE conceives this as an issue, and has some balancing factor in place. You know, the idea that they aren't going to release another Kuva Bramma, which literally lacked basic balance and became the only way to play for a lot of people. Point 6...no. A time gate is something you are forced to wait for, like a build time. That is an issue in the dojo, but you missed the whole picture. You get the frame...and have a whole new themed place for content. It takes no brain power to see DE is setting up a place to theme modular archwing... and that is content. I am enthusiastic about the potential of a new dojo area. I criticize the new frame, but keep an open mind. If you do not recognize potential, with a one time build cost, how are you still here? A 23 hour wait for forma literally hundreds of times should have broken you by now....even if those forma are worth waiting for to make your favorite item stronger. So...I think the difference in opinion here is largely you projecting a strawman onto the opposing argument. It might be worth listening to the other side. You have rational arguments, and expressed them well. Thank you for that. With that offered, I cannot buy your premises. While they come from a reasonable place, they miss a lot of fine nuance, and selectively ignore the established modus operandi of DE. Please don't be afraid to demand data. Often DE makes stupid assumptions. Leaving figuring things out to players is the same "mystery box" that killed Star Wars, Star Trek, Lost, and anything that director touches. If we let DE do the same don't be surprised when we see more systems that hit 3.0 revisions in less years. Remember, there are still videos out there of a railjack being summoned to Fortuna, picking up tennos, breaching atmosphere, engaging an enemy ship that is shielded, contacting a ground crew to destroy a ground installation on the plains, then obliterating it. We, as a community ate that crap up. Years later we have....Scarlet Spear. That's the price of not calling shenanigans.
  25. There's a part of me that wants to respond to this...and another that knows this is a conversation with a bad actor that simply wants to have a fight with "those less skilled" than themselves. That said, let me give you the benefit of doubt. DE has sold this on two things. Item one is that guns were being reviewed and would get a buff. Item two was that we were going to get the corpus Liches that were heavily implied to be part of Railjack 3.0....and the week before launch were quietly back pedaled to not be a feature despite all of the conversation. Both of these things would be potentially great. Player power upgrades are nice, and the whole Lich thing from the other side would have been a nice complement. Now, what do we actually get? Hmm.... Let me bullet point. Buffed guns became gun buffs and melee tweaks. This then became gun buffs and melee "slight nerfs." This then winds up being gun grind, and scaling damage nerfs to melee. I now have to grind what was sold as "an optional and challenging game mode" to get the item, to unlock the ability, to grind for an arcane, that might or might not actually buff guns dependent on whether I'm playing a mode where DE's enemy AI will produce enough enemies to be a challenge. Ouch. The Lich system makes a return...but they've been light on the details of how you face your Lich in space. That's frustrating, because the common complaint is that even knowing all 3 mods, you have to arrange them in the right order. 3*2*1=6. Hmm.... after all the grind I have a 1/6 chance of getting the right order. The Lich system is getting easier. You'll be able to stick a random "freebie" requiem. Of course this sounds great, but it isn't. The luckiest I can get is to unlock two mods, get insanely lucky and have them be 1 and 2. Be even luckier, and order them correctly. Be absolutely lottery winning lucky and face off against the Lich...all to burn through a resource I now have to grind again that has a low drop percentage and I'll have to grind more missions to get requiem relics to even have a chance to unlock. Hmmm....you have a weekly RNG shop requiring presumably large amounts of RNG railjack holokey drops. This is how you can both time gate, gate the fusions to power up weapons, and then top things off with an RNG spice that screams "grind me until I'm dust tsundere senpai." But, the actual Liches will be good, right? Maybe. I'm looking at their information...and it's another black hole. How do robo-dog parts drop? How difficult will it be to do the Granum Void with frames that aren't DPS focused? Only more questions. Yaereli is looking passable. We have no data, but I can give her the benefit of doubt as being good. Likewise, a dojo upgrade is great....because the last one was the dry dock. It'd be nice to get a real stream of content, an this could make that happen. So...my bright spot is that despite the otherwise grindy and nerfy nature of what is coming, a motion comic and k-drive races are what I look forward to? I cannot even believe that's the bar, but here we are. So yeah. This isn't about whining. It isn't about wanting more. It's about wanting an update where DE doesn't install three new kinds of grind....which seems like won't ever happen. It's really difficult to be happy, when what I see first is a gigantic change of priority, then I get a grind sandwich, and my bright spot is a frame that's almost three years late to the k-drive party. What a resounding wet thud of enthusiasm.
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