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  1. To those grinding, buck up. All four components are on the drop table. DE's values on the drop table are about right, but RNG is as usual. I ran for 23 runs (11 system, 9 chassis, 3 BPs) prior to getting a single neuroptic. The 30+/-8 run calculation for 99%+ drop rate is accurate, and still better than the grind for Equinox (the non-primed variant). I think my frustration now is the mobile application. Grind for the Wisp parts, pop them into the foundry late at night, and discover the mobile app doesn't recognize them. Another 8+ hours of build time added, because the app is a secondary conclusion. It's a first world problems situation, but highlight how useless the app is for anything now that alerts don't exist. Sigh...well, that'll free up storage space.
  2. The Ropalolyst has a twin laser that is functionally an instant death, with nothing that I've seen thus far actually able to absorb a hit beyond invincibility. Sometimes the dangly bits at the bottom, which actually fire the lasers, can activate during the cutscene. I've gotten into the habit of spamming the dodge roll immediately, as the spawned amalgams and the like also have the tendency to ignore the cutscenes and do huge damage. Regarding this being a feature...it's an instant death with little warning and no ability to avoid. I would like to call this a bug, but anyone who has done an Tridolon capture has noted that 18+ months later (post PoE release), there are still instant kills in the fights which aren't telegraphed. The logic is you have "high level content," so it must be done in a team, or it must be done with a cheese capable frame. It isn't a bug....if it never gets fixed. Hopefully this is a bug, and DE fixes it.
  3. So, let's offer the feedback. New resource is a joke. It's simply the latest thing to have to grind, and the low drop quantities (4) mean that you'll have to grind the stuffing out of it to get what you want (1200 for wisp, 350 and 300 for the weapons). It's expected, if depressing. The new event...It really highlights that the amalgams are less a unique new enemy and more a bump up the broken level scaling. An Arctic Eximus Crewman (level 89) can take 20k radiation damage and some impact, and it was literally adjusted to 0. The Soma Prime then hit for 250-350 damage (don't remember the spread, but bleeds sure helped). Amalgams are less a quirky new faction, and more a level bump to address the slow power creep in the game. It's....not something to be enthused with. The UI changes are...frustrating. It's interesting, but thus far shows no new information (regarding syndicates) and rearranges formerly intuitive things. If I want to buy a relic pack it now requires a center screen click, right side click, left side click, and a center screen confirmation. This is extra bouncing around the screen, whereas the old interface was all in the center. Why this changed is beyond me, but hopefully that will be defined. I'm done with the anger. The Ropalolyst fight is good. Buggy, broken, frustrating, but good. Even the annoying transmissions are worth it. The gas city tileset which requires actual mobility is awesome. Finally, the Glaxion not being complete trash, thanks to the Vandal, is nice. The corpus targets still have a better one, but this doesn't feel like a joke, even without the Forma input to give it a chance to fight properly. Even the Spectra moved from unusable garbage to decent (though it definitely isn't a great beam weapon secondary). Best of all, the 26 runs required to get all the parts for Wisp weren't too bad. I'm frustrated that the next "ultra rare" mods being inserted into the game are for garbage weapons, who can't be saved with them and a god roll riven, but accumulating those rewards has largely been actual fun. Another 3 or 4 revisions and hotfixes and this will be a good update. It's frustrating that a mainline update carries so little content, and that the regular failure modes are still present here, but the good stuff is genuinely good. I even look forward to the needler (based only off the description, it is basically the Halo series needler), and sniper version 1.7 that will benefit from good rivens because it hasn't been around long enough to be nerfed.
  4. Let's look at the math that DE finds acceptable. Hopefully those of you who didn't like statistics can take this as a cheat. Any given drop event has two probabilities; it drops or it doesn't. This means 100%-Drop%= Non-Drop% and the opposite. This is necessary because you can't directly calculate a drop% after a number of runs with just the probability of drop per run. In practice; A 50% drop rate means a 50% non-drop rate So, what's the likelihood that you get a drop after a certain number of runs? You start out with the non-drop chance, to the power of the runs, subtracted from 100%. Mathematically, the drop% = 1-(1-drop%)^n. In practice; 50% drop chance with 8 runs means 1-(0.5)^8 = .996094 = 99.61% of people will have at least one of the drop. So, why is this padding from DE, and a crap rewards system? Look at the drop% from items which require 30-40 minute investments. I'm looking at you ephemeras, Aura Formas, and the Xiphos (though to be fair, the Xiphos is a middle finger to those who don't want to pay). Let's see the 2% results: 1-0.98^50 = 63.58% of people get a drop 1-0.98^100 = 86.74% of people get a drop 1-0.98^456 = 99.99% of people get a drop Let's look at the player base as 1,000,000 people. Functionally assured drops at 2% would require 99.99996% likelihood for everyone to get a drop. Being that last person, would require a total of 729 runs. So yes, there's a lucky person out there who got the drop on the first run. Statistically, 4 people in 10,0000 will get a drop twice in a row. Even better yet, if the community hit 10,000,000 people 8 of them would get 3 drops in a row. This is then weighed against the person running 729 times for a single drop. Seems a bit unfair, and like gambling. This is why the shenanigans pulled by EA are so heinous, and why the random drop components from DE are now locked to grind only rather than drop% (yeah, the dragon mod pack being removed actually is DE covering up, not an act of fairness; I would not fault them for this, as the EA taint has made the whole industry start to evaluate their actions). If this is so bad, why do it? If you put out content once a month, and the content takes 30-40 minutes to complete, then you've got the rest of the month to not play the game. By installing grind gates Warframe gets to be grindy, people get to flaunt the new stuff, and content gets stretched thin enough to be seen through while DE toils on more. This is why things like the Stalker drops are still a meme, while direct rewards are few and far between. I think DE earned my money in the past. I still enjoy the Birb, Pirate, and the few other times that I bought things. The issue is I don't want to spend money any more. DE has spent the last two years (I can't speak to before that, as a nearly 3 year hiatus was required) destroying what made Warframe. Constant smaller content patches have been eaten by open worlds, bug fixing is a joke, events are grind fiestas rather than fun (looking at you Halloween versus unseen infested), and DE seems to finally be collapsing under their own ambition as the community fights back. I want DE to succeed. Vanishingly low drop% rates, miserable content droughts, and not following through on promises (read: cinematic trailers to justify a $90 expense is just nutty) is killing the game. It won't be dying a quick death, but the death by a thousand paper cuts is no less of a death. Please DE, right the ship. I keep asking this, but continue to see no changes. Here's to you Ultima, Bethesda, Bioware, Maxis, and now DE. Customer feedback is angriest and loudest when people love you. Please, stop hurting yourself and your game.
  5. Trolling. Yeah. DE lacks the ability to communicate in their forums, and requires dogmatic following of their social media accounts. The same accounts where a rendition of facts has blown up into a war and harsh accusations. I'm the troll for not slavishly paying attention, when they can't even keep their forums up to date with critical information. Let's test the theory. I'll state here that in a week I'll give out $1000 to the first message received in my social media next Thursday. I will set my e-mail to respond to all contestants that leave a reply. In my e-mail tag line I'm going to update that the contest is put off indefinitely, and I'll never update the post here. Whenever you reply to the social media, it must be your fault for not paying attention to the e-mail. Do you not see how slavish devotion to a company is not fun...and them not having a single place for all communication is detrimental? Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe you should try the same stuff DE pulls with billing and a driver's license. Maybe then the incoherence of messaging will be clear, and DE's inability to be professionals in providing information will be clear. None of this is ground breaking. If you want an example go to any professional company, and look at their employee communication boards. Those that have a single point for all viable communication have informed employees, and those who communicate poorly have frustrated employees ready to leave the job. We are DE's employees, as this is a free game. The payers get to skip the grind, and get fun. The people playing for free grind to feed payers. If you don't get that, then I'd suggest free to play isn't the model for you. More importantly, I'd suggest DE starts treating this like a two way street. Look at their website, and tell me where this update is. Critical development gets pushed, and to find it you have to find the developers on twitter, scroll through their posts, looks for notations, and extrapolate information. Meanwhile, the website proudly lists what you can buy from the vault, and the design challenge (players create things DE will profit from, and be paid in slightly more than "exposure"). -Edit- Oh look, now the twitter feed has updated. There's a separate post, leading to another forum, where the update being delayed is a footnote buried in the list of changes. I will take back the fact that they did not communicate this. I am in error. They communicated this as a footnote, while confirming that they'll be just shy of a week late at best. The at worst is impossible to measure, as there's literally no status other than "polishing Friday, but we have Monday off." Again, I'd respect DE more if they didn't make an open promise a week in advance, wait until the last minutes to not deliver, and then give us the "Soon" answer. Just don't make the promise. Practice the words with me "We're targeting a release for the later half of next week. That being said, the update is ambitious and may require some extra time. We'll update you in the middle of the week with a status. This may not satisfy those hungry for content, but we believe that delivering the update with the required level of polish will be worth it." The key here would then be delivering. If Archwing took another week, and my first mission didn't result in literally running in space, I'd have been more forgiving. Likewise with spawning outside level boundaries, Bursas being cheap tanks at the time of launch, and PoE being as unstable as a Jenga tower during an earthquake. DE simply hasn't learned about transparency, and that hurts. Their enthusiasm is appreciated, but wasted when it isn't consistent and communicated.
  6. You miss the point. If I release an update at 80% on a Thursday, so that I have a day to patch, I didn't really release something complete until Friday. I released a buggy test on Thursday, and used the following day to patch it into a viable enough state. Calling it "never updating on a Friday" is less than honest, especially when you consider this game has been in development and beta for longer than any other MMO. Specifically, WoW took 4-5 years of development. Unreal Tournament 2003 (the base for 2004, which I'm citing as a shooter that DE worked on) was a couple of years as far as I can tell. Both games could have been developed from scratch, with extra time, in the time DE has taken thus far. This all misses a fundamental point. In their usual fashion DE has not provided a critical update, because apparently social media is more viable than their own forums. The update has been delayed...and the punchline is that it's coming soon(tm). I give them respect for finally eating the delay properly, but they lose most of it back because it doesn't appear clearly in the forums (despite the promise of "next week" still being present. One step forward and two back, right?
  7. Are you for real? I really can't tell if this is a troll, or taking DE as completely honest and factual. It takes no more than a few minutes to disprove this statement. Might I suggest DE's own record keeping: https://www.warframe.com/news/warframe-update-history https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bc3Mn86n1ArcP2d8yWQdR6HG1ITPx7nuFVUi8dN0v2o/edit#gid=1463251372 Latest Friday update was 3/15/19. This followed Buried Debts coming out on Thursday evening, as a buggy broken mess that barely met Alpha qualifications in this OPEN BETA game. The promise of "no updates on Friday" is a technicality that nobody who understands the history would repeat without a huge grain of salt. Soon(tm) is a meme because DE has a long history of releasing late, buggy, and broken content. Their "open beta" for the last 6 years is pretty much admitting this. I'm putting my money on the livestream, assuming the mode is 80% complete. The update will then drop, as a surprise to meet the "coming next week" promise they made. We'll have until Friday mid-day to have a buggy mess, and there'll be a 24.6.1 and update before the end of the work day Friday. The weekend will be a grind through the last of Nightwave season 1, Baro, and the new content, until Tuesday of next week when a proper 24.6.2 launches. I'm less interested in further demonstration of the game mode, and more interested in the new content. If we've got more low % drop chance BPs, then it'll be a demonstration that DE is incapable of understanding people will only tolerate so much grind before they drop the game. If they can be earned, and aren't behind a grind wall (see: Profit-Taker), then we're back to a good place (while awaiting Railjack, which almost a year later is still vapor). Hopefully this is a step in the right direction, after Nightwave has proven to be less than an improvement over alerts and content has been very sparse and grind heavy (read: Thermia fractures). Otherwise, it might be time to let Warframe rest for another 6-18 months. That would offer 4-12 frames and some real content to build, and at this rate all that would be missed is gimick weapons (read: Wolfsledge) and event weapons which will eventually be a Baro inclusion.
  8. 2% drop chances. That means a 98% chance of not dropping. To calculate the amount of runs required, for 99% of people to get the mask, 0.99 = 1-0.98^x. 0.98^x = 1-.99. x = log(0.01)/log(.98). x = 227.948. For 99% of people to get the wolf mask you'll need to run the event 228 times with a 2% drop chance each time. Alternatively, I've run the event about 150ish times. I had the mask drop twice (reported by others, because you only see it once). RNG isn't a way to get happy people playing the game, and this is why a 2% drop rate for arbitration rewards is also a burning dumpster fire of garbage. DE doesn't seem to get that yet, so onward we go with less rewards, more grind, chore wave, and the like. Hopefully version 2.0 learns, but I've been banging on about this forever. The Xiphos is a giant middle finger to everyone, with 0.50% chance drop rates (read, 5 out of 1000). DE has doubled down on this crap, with the Lato and Braton Vandals inside the ESO game mode at 1.01% chances after 8 rotations (admitting some are a whopping 2%), and the ephemera all being garbage chances after similarly long periods. DE either can't do the math, don't believe the math is unfair, or this is how they believe the game should work (to push people into buying items). As demonstrated to this point, DE is willing to say they are listening, and then demonstrate that they either weren't or did not understand. Either way, the net result is painfully stupid grind for players. The saving grace is this grind is tolerable because the game is "free," and monetization is allowable. I don't agree, and I want to spend money with DE to support a good game. Unfortunately, at this point the game seems to be moving toward a miserable grind for everyone. If the game supported a fun challenge, long missions would be nice. If the rewards were not literally the definition of useless (ephemeral is a thing that is fleeting and inconsequential), we'd have a discussion. Instead, we have a grand total of 3 useable auras (Steel Charge, Corrosive Projection, and Energy Siphon for newbies) with a silly grind new forma that allows us to use any aura....that will require a grind for event credits....that expire at the end of the event...and the credits offered require 20,000 points to earn a single aura polarity (if a good aura mod is even available, given they only refresh weekly). Warframe used to be fun, with a bit of grind. Now it seems to be layered grind, that you can eventually feel happy about, until the next change nerfs anything used by the community too often (read: Arca Plasmor continuing to be nerfed isn't about its power, but it being easy to use). It even seems like the partners are finally stepping it up, and calling out the broken state of the game. Whenever your marketing arm starts to fight back you know something is terribly wrong. Hopefully DE sees this, but if the history is any indication DE will just view the introduction of a new console generation as a bunch of "new" players, and miss out that a lot of old players never come back. I don't know about everyone here, but my friends list is the home to some painfully long times since last login (slightly shy of 1500 days), so that "millions of registered accounts" isn't a surprise when so many people try it, get frustrated, leave, and never come back.
  9. DE, let's have a talk. First off, when the community responds to Nightwave with relief that 2.0 "Will suck less" you've done something catastrophically wrong. The massive amount of feedback should have let you know this is a failed experiment, but you're barreling forward with "less grind and chores" while keeping all of the underlying reward issues. I shouldn't have to say this, but a house built upon sand is one doomed to collapse under its own weight. Nightwave needs to find a better foundation, not to be made slightly less annoying. Besides, soon enough everybody else who is poorer at math will realize that Nightwave is less rewarding for everyone than the Alert system was (though hiding new content between more than a 10 week wait to push players towards the store is making that obvious). Now, let's talk about the fundamentals. These issues have been in the game for months to years, and should be addressed if you expect people to tolerate the grind. First off, syndicate drops are still a mess. There are at least two which cannot be picked up due to level geometry (infested tileset, the corpus tracked vehicle moves backwards and forwards, occasionally obscuring an explosive barrel, and above it is a ledge which you cannot stand on) (sabatoge missions in the void, after entering the torsion device portal, the immediate right underneath a flooring gradient in the water, whose geometry prevents picking it up). Moreover, if you start the level and it somehow doesn't succeed to place the syndicate items it spawns one at the start, which can't be picked up. Once the objectives are complete you then have to run all the way back to the start for a single items, because picking it up at the start is prohibited....because? What is more recent is the inability to connect levels. You're running through a corpus tile set, run toward the green beacon, and slam into a green door. It doesn't raise, so you figure it's another pathing bug. You run around, and cannot find any remaining path forward. Go operator, run back and forth like an idiot, and have to disconnect and fail the mission because the level spawn or pathing have somehow borked the level itself. More interestingly, the corpus defense tile utilizing the huge elevator before entering the tiered objective layout (6 spawn points, 8 locker rows present at the objective after the elevator). I've had a heck of a time spawning out of the map here, assuming I am not there at the start of the mission. We're talking OD-Exterminate levels from four years ago levels of frustration. Please, can we get a fix for the broken rewards systems, game breaking bugs, and rewards systems transparently copying other popular systems while mathematically offering less opportunity for new players to progress? I may be an experienced player here, but I can't recommend Warframe to anybody wanting to get into it now. For all of the amazing fun, there are idiotic contrivances which kill the game for anyone not already invested into it. Alertium....ahem, Nitain... is an infinitely worse concept than Argon, but we've still got it game. Argon is still a frustration, but the constant access to the void at least mitigates the frustration of harvesting it. Heck, even Kuva's gotten Kuva survivals. Unless disruption is a Nitain pinata, then new players get either more MR or more power. To force the decision, when so many of the weapons in this game are mastery fodder, forces new players to decide between raising MR but having nothing to be powerful or to be powerful but capped at progression. If this isn't clear, try playing the syndicates at MR 8 and MR 20. At MR 8 you will take 15 days to get 132,000 points, while in slightly more than 6 you get that at MR 20. If I were just starting out I'd hit the MR time lock for tests, the MR lock for Nitain, the power lock for not being able to get Reactors and Catalysts, the power lock for not being able to get aura mods, and the game would immediately be something to throw out. 40 hours for Darth Vader looks about the same as your 2% drop rates, and look how that worked out for EA. If you don't understand that, it's time to go.
  10. I find it interesting that the argument here seems to be whether or not Arbitrations is an endgame mode. There's an argument that nothing in Warframe is endgame, which somehow is finally gaining traction in the community. The non-answer of "fashion frame is endgame" is an answer that should have died years ago. This being said, what do we have? Let's shear off the star chart's missions, because the only way they'd scale to a challenge is if you entered an endless mission and just let the timer run up. What remains? Conclave, Arbitrations, Sorties, and the old competitions between clans during events. Conclave is...let's call it a cat for those who prefer dogs. PvP in a game centered around co-op missions isn't exactly a great idea, and the implementation left a lot to be desired. It's fair to say that you don't level in PvE Warframe to access PvP, so Conclave isn't endgame. Arbitrations are a challenge, only in that they promote specific build types and penalize others. If you enter an Arbitration without a Nidus, Saryn, or Rhino then you're hurting yourself. Those arbitration drones punish glass cannons who require powers to scale, and the duration requirements for relatively minimum rewards (2% and lower drop chances mean they want you to grind forever) means this is a time sink first and a challenge only to promote the time sink. Arbitrations can be argued to be many things, but the lack of reward and challenge with a heavy reliance on time sinking means they aren't endgame. Sorties aren't endgame. Once per day, variation from 10 minutes to 45 minutes (depending upon RNGesus's mission selection), and rewards that functionally don't exist statistically (I see you there legendary core) mean it's a challenge to bring people back daily with reward potential. None of this even touches on those weeks where after a sortie you get ayatan-ayatan-endo-ayatan-endo-ayatan-ayatan rewards. Yeah, that week was a frustrating mess. Finally, events. Warframe doesn't have clan competition anymore. I can't call it endgame, because I still remember the weeks where infested sectors switched hands between groups who taxed the crap out of the missions, making them not worth doing, and the retaliatory wars to bring the taxes down. Combine that with things like the Ignis Wraith, and you might have an endgame if Warframe did events constantly and alliances didn't just ROFL stomp people because individuals had no business in Warframe. So, with the above stated why are the Arbitrations an endgame? Why do they matter? Umbral Forma and some very unique mods. Both things are hidden behind poor drop rates, which is the only reason to keep playing. Game modes, spurred only by the juicy rewards and poor drop tables, that highlights the fact that certain frames simply can't play the mode (looking at you Nyx, though only as a poster child for power creep eating a frame, and the mission types not matching your power set) is a bad joke. What would endgame be? Cut 90% of your player base out, and lock the endgame behind a test. Completion of the test would award access to the endgame, and you'd only get a weekly chance at it. Upon completing the test, award some cosmetic that could be displayed and make it good enough for people to want to earn. Have the unlocked endgame scaling fixed, or a test bed for fixes coming to the regular game. Wipe all player progress, similar to the conclave, and create scaling difficulty where unlocked progress unlocks mod slots, powers, and increased stats. There's nothing like being stripped of power to appreciate earning it back. Keep mission types bouncing around but optional, so no team can go in unbalanced. Allow everyone get rewards, and make the primary focus of the rewards vaulted relics. Pepper in spicier things like Umbral forma BPs (2%, 3 forma and 2 Nitain), Aura forma BPs (5%, 4 forma and 2 Nitain), and even tokens to collect for unique weapons (15%, where 20-30 tokens are needed and they drop in 2-5 bundles). You demonstrate skill by starting over, teamwork by not getting stomped, and rewards by accessing old content to sell to new players (and stabilize markets by letting older players sell newer players vaulted components for lower rates that don't make the game seem pay to win). In short, Arbitrations are broken as they currently are. The logical solution is to pull out what worked (largely the rewards and cost-benefit balance inherent with the powered-up items), combine it with what used to work (power level limiting during events, forced team balancing), make sure to offer choices for players (selecting the subsequent challenges from assorted mission types), and make something that rewards sufficiently with a few non-essentials which would make their drops an excellent change of pace. The above percentages would make getting a full boat of Umbral Forma stupid heavy on the grind, giving veterans a clear reward for huge investments. The increased cost of Aura Forma balance out their relatively limited usage (again, 4 forma would allow you to mod 4 frames wit extra useful slots, that would make up for anything but Umbral builds) and relatively common drop rate. The coins give you a safety net, that doesn't vanish, so that those who took a hiatus could still earn rewards before they come to Baro a year later. This mirrors your previous events (maximum total loadout points), your current mass murder mode (ESO/SO teleporting between locations which vary), the ability to highlight any game modes, and even the possibility to modify difficulty after everything unlocks by applying a weakened debuff similar to the keys needed to unlock the derelicts. Despite the above, I firmly am expecting Arbitrations to die. The reward to grind ratio is nutty, and people will see that soon enough. Once they realize an Aura Forma is functionally a painful grind they'll give up and we'll have Conclave 2.0. I...wish I could say that I was genuinely surprised. Unfortunately, it seems like DE "heard our feedback," filed it in the metal cylinder (garbage can), and proceeded with whatever they wanted. If Arbitration had better rewards, didn't highlight the broken nature of using a power function rather than an s-curve for enemy scaling, and those drones didn't penalize a large portion of play styles, then Arbitrations could be a near endgame challenge. As it stands now, they're a poor shadow of Sorties with less potential and a greater waste of our time.
  11. DE, I want to make this clear. Your player base is asking for rewards, the choice at rewards, and the ability to have challenge. The realization of this is Nightwave, the Wolf, and now Arbitrations. You've missed the point, but I can see why. Nightwave does offer better rewards, and the wolf credits offer the ability to choose. The failure here is that to make these choices happen you've significantly altered progression and the ability to get the random drops needed to progress. Specifically, Nitain and Reactors/Catalysts are something new players absolutely need, but instead of being able to get them infrequently you've made it a direct opportunity cost with the Wolf Credits. More problematically, the credits disappear so grinding will arbitrarily have its value zeroed because you don't want another currency like ducats (which older players have in the thousands). What about the Wolf? Statistics look pretty wonky on these, and you somehow justify this as a grind wall that is acceptable. I don't, and the math is crap. Let's say you have 10,000,000 registered accounts. At 6% spawn rates 600,000 people see the wolf. This seems like a lot of encounters, until you figure that 9,400,000 don't see it. Then you figure that for 99% of the 10,000,000 to have at least one spawn there'd have to be 75 runs per person. If each run is 5 minutes, that's 375 minutes of runs, or 6 hours and 15 minutes of grind. That final 5% would go down to 0.1%, again 10,000 people having never seen the wolf, after a total of 112 runs or 9 hours and 20 minutes. Remember that quote about not putting things into this game that are grindy, and especially not as an event you want us to participate in? None of the above even touches on drops. Let's talk the 3%, 2%, and 1% drop rate shenanigans. I don't want too many words, so let's just give the %, 50% drop rates, and 99% drop rates. That should show us when half of the grinders get the item, and when it's ubiquitous (as in only 10,000 people are still sitting frustrated, which is somehow acceptable). 3%, 50%=23 runs, 99%=152 runs 2%, 50%=35 runs, 99%=228 runs 1%, 50%=69 runs, 99%=459 runs So the Wolf spawns at 6%, the drop rate for parts is 35%, and the motor and bp share and 11.28% spawn rate. 6%*35%*11.28%= 0.23688%. So, what's the likelihood that any single mission drops the motor or the bp? 0.24%, 50%=293 runs, 99%=1942 runs. But I hear you say the bp and motor are both 11.28%, so the combined drop chance is in fact 22.56%. You'd have a point, but eventually you'll need one or the other. At only a 50-50 chance, you've got to run a minimum of 293 different Wolf drops. 5 minutes each is 24 hours and 25 minutes. Over 10 weeks, that's about two and a half hours of grind a week. If you'd look at a 99% drop rate it's be 161 hours and 50 minutes. That's either two and a half or 16 hours a week just grinding for the sledge. Add on the hour survivals, 40 wave defenses, syndicate missions not spawning the Wolf, and other shenanigans and you're saying that I have to spend a whole day every week playing this game for the chance to get a single weapon. So drop chances suck, and the new systems are less rewarding in exchange for the illusion of choice. What about the Arbitrations? The newest hotness has a forma cost of 4, a Nitain cost of 10, and an argon crystal. You get it at either a 1.5, 2, or 2.5 percentage drop rate, with the missions rewarding these potential drops at half the rate of anywhere else. Death is no longer permanent, but the debuffs for collecting revival tokens can be if the dead disconnects. Worst of all, the broken scaling is still in full effect, with your one outlet (powers) arbitrarily disabled by the drones in the game mode. What do you win? After 30+ reward drops my winnings are endo, endo, endo, and endo. The worst part being that an endo farm on Sedna yields better endo values, and the points required to grind Kela for the Saryn parts and unique mod drops. Is Arbitration better. One positive for revivals being possible. One positive for adding new rewards and making costs for conversion of stars lower. One negative for the rewards still being terrible. Two negatives for the only new content being a statistically insignificant drop. One point negative for the crafting cost being a transparent way to absorb forma and force expenditure of Nitain. Three points negative for broken scaling to be the source of challenge. 1+1-1-2-1-3 = -5. On my subjective scale, the changes have amounted not to growth, but retardation of any momentum that Arbitrations could have developed. I'm not going to touch on melee. I'm not touching the new broken items on the Plains (read: Loki's invisibility is literally useless when enemies look right at you despite being invisible, and Dargyn can shoot you with impunity depite being invisible, etc...). I'm not touching the Eidolons suddenly doing more damage, without it being in any patch notes I can see. I'm also not touching on the fact that Limbo seems to be in the process of getting nerfed into the ground because enemies suddenly seem to be able to disregard the cataclysm+stasis bubble as a basic feature. No, I'm explaining the items which are insulting to the investment of veterans, and actively making the new player experience detrimental for keeping new players. If that isn't enough to highlight the problem, the 100ish pages of Nightwave feedback at 16 pages of feedback from this change should make it clear there are issues. Barring that, the youtube content about warframe is finally aligning again. Whenever that happens, it's likely because you've made something very good (Railjack and PoE), or a mistake of epic proportions (moderators, "exploits" possible through bad coding). I'll give you one chance to guess where I believe this falls. If it's missing still, I'd suggest Tactical Potato. Arbitrations are still a poorly rewarding non-starter of a game mode six months later, and these changes have not moved us forward.
  12. I propose that Megan and Danielle start grinding Arbitrations for a set of 5 Aura Formas (one for each possible free frame slot). I also propose that they not be allowed to leave until they get the 5 that would allow you to mod all 5 free warframe slots with aura formas. Given that it will take in excess of several hundred rewards just to get the 5 (3% will have all five after 300+ runs), maybe they'll use the lesson learned to understand that 38+ hours of Arbitrations (assuming no downtime) is not endgame or fun. Alternatively, let's ask them to earn a single archgun riven, the required nitain, and a Catalyst so you have enough capacity to actually use the riven on an archgun. That might be a more reasonably 6-20 hours (depending upon available wold credits), spread out over weeks. If people don't get why players are salty, it's because the math tells us we aren't valued and new players are going to eject quickly as too much content is inaccessible. DE has implemented professional moderation, and the result thus far seems to be a complete lack of communication. Those of us who have been through this before (initial forma bp drop, vacuum, etc...) are already preparing to scream, because it's the only way to get listened to. DE should know this by now, but every time it seems like it has to be learned all over again. This would have gone over less....rocky...if we weren't in the middle of multiple game altering shenanigans. Melee 2.9, reworking the plains into a pop-in factory, the suggestion that archwing will be nerfed to "make k-drives viable," Arbitrations being altered to be less rewarding and more challenging, and the inclusion of new content at vanishingly low drop percentages is too much crap. If I wanted this kind of disrespect I'd be playing Anthem or Destiny. Now it seems like all three looter shooters are converging, and that's a good reason to let all of this die. At one point I wanted better from DE, because they were capable. Now I just want them to stop mirroring the toxic crap everyone else is doing, because their buggy mess of a game was at least fun in small doses. Now, the fun is gone. The new content is 97.97% grind and 0.02% fun (the rest is bugs ranging from memes to BSOD). Worse than all the rest, DE is not talking. It's nice that they aren't promising the moon, but absolute silence isn't a good look. Muzzle the enthusiasm, promise the little things, and surprise us with the bigger content. The math is simple, and it'd largely silence the extreme reactions on both sides. What do I know though, I'm just one of the people sinking money into the game? I must have an axe to grind against you, and thus my feedback is worthless. Just like everyone else who sees this as a repeat of previous mistakes, and knows that only the loudest voices influence you to change.
  13. DE....WTF? I can't be reasonable here, because you aren't being reasonable. 1.5, 2, and 2.5 percentage drop rates. If you hate us as much as Bungie and Bioware, just say it. If you want to give us the middle finger, please expect that the response will be anger. If 50% of the population only wanted to get 1 of these things, at the A rotation only, you'd be looking at 46 runs. If you wanted to get 5, that same population would only have 3% who earned all five forma after 230 runs. At ten minutes each, 2300 minutes, or 38.34 hours of grind for 3% of the community to earn 5 of the things. If you're especially unlucky, and you're in the 5% who get the reward at the lowest frequency, strap in for more than 199 runs to get a single one. Being clear, the point here is that no balance to reward timetable will fix this stupidity. The fix is to increase drop rate chances. If your "part 2" doesn't do this then you don't understand the statistical underpinnings of an RNG reward system and should really crack open a book to understand why this is insulting. Math aside, let's be real here. You are making an "endgame" with rewards based on RNG. One of the rewards requires 10 Nitain (a reward not reasonably farmable, and with alerts dead a direct trade for cosmetics or reactors/catalysts), 4 forma, and an argon crystal combined with grind that literally tells your player base that endgame is a merciless and boring grind. Stop for just a second, and think about this. This crap is literally why people quit Anthem (loot drop rates being crap for the required investment). Instead of learning, you're steaming ahead with Nightwave to kill the new player grind, and Aura Formas to kill the "endgame." If this isn't fixed, consider this another lost customer and somebody who will espouse exactly how incompetent and spiteful the developers are to their community. If you missed it, this kind of crap is spiteful whether you get it or not. It tells us either pay up, or demonstrate that your time isn't valuable. For one time learn DE. The Xiphos, Hema, and initial lies about Forma BP drop rates (some of us don't forget) should have taught somebody something. If they haven't you are incompetent in the extreme or revile your customers. I can't tell which, but either one means that you belong in the EA/Activision list for video game companies that don't deserve our money. I'm tired of asking for better. Fix this, or I'll simply parrot the message you are giving us. If that is unclear, the message received is my life is not valuable unless it's paying you to not waste it. It's not about what the white knights will retort, that if you don't like it you don't have to do it. What this is about is you losing track of your rewards system, and compensating by forcing us to grind because you give us 98% loot that isn't worthwhile. The millions of alloy plates, more than 86 million credits, and enough ferrite to build everything requiring it ten times over is a testament. The Argon Crystal decay is a testament. The Exilus Adapter slot unlocks prove that you literally are building in extra layers of grind. This isn't the response of a competent developer to their community, it's the response of somebody incapable of delivering content, who is looking to stretch content out because they promise so much more than can be realized. If this is DE, and the disrespect for our time is all you are capable of, fine. I don't consider your statement a personal attack, and maybe you'll understand that I'm offering the same impersonal frustration. Alternatively, respond with a ban. Respond by wiping this comment, and proving that you don't care. I would prefer active malice over apathy and false attention being paid. It only took the community in open revolt to get vacuum to all sentinels, the range not nerfed, and eventually to have pets get fetch. Maybe in another 2 years you'll finally understand why Arbitrations are not fun for most people and locking rewards behind paltry drop chances on a game mode highlighting the broken enemy scaling was a profoundly wrong-headed "fix." It's like fixing a lopsided cake with a set of garden shears and napalm. Of course, ESO and the Wolf function off the same layered poor math. Maybe during the next update you'll offer a forma that allows all mods installed to be upgraded to a prime value, with a drop rate similar to winning the lottery?
  14. Talk about disappointment. Heck, Primed disappointment. Arbitrations have scaling restored, with penalized revives. Rewards are still what they are, with all new cosmetics. Oh look, the next Exilus adapter has dropped. This time instead of unlocking a slot it makes the polarity of auras completely meaningless. On top of that, the drop is random. It's random, and the loot table has not been updated. DE. Stop. I want to swear and rage, but at this point you just don't get it. Adding in new crap behind a mile long grind wall, so that people who have already applied forma to get one of the two worth while polarity slots for Auras (V and -) can grind for something only good on paper is....frustrating. How you miss this is beyond me. You either go steel charge for power, or dash for corrosive projection. Everything else is ok, but has no place in the meta for the exact reason these changes to arbitration are insufficient. More "challenge" is not a function of using a broken power scaling system to make bullet sponges, but that's what you're doing. My opinion is simple. Screw arbitrations. It seems like you listen, then you put out something like this that is...at best a half measure. I speak English. Somehow it seems like your grasp on feedback is in some non-English language. We want challenge, and resulting rewards. What you've delivered is a reminder that the only way the broken scaling is balanced is by using powers, and those powers being arbitrarily blocked isn't fun when bullet sponge McGrineer can one shot you without the splash damage effects you experience on the same weapon. But why even provide feedback? At this point Nightwave 2.0 better resurrect Tesla, Einstein, and solve world hunger. It's the only justification I can see that would make all these recent backwards changes have any sense to them. Alternatively, and far more likely, this year at Tennocon we'll finally see not heavily scripted Railjack video. You know, one where you phase through the ship wall and have half of your resources plundered to build a hat for a Kubrow whose BP drops 0.2% of the time from 30+ minute survivals on Corpus planets exclusively. That way we can get the joy of Nullifiers and Combas. Sigh. What a waste.
  15. Might I offer a counter? Each base frame can be earned once, with a varying degree of grind. Each account starts with three frame slots, can earn one through the story (Excalibur Umbra), and if they do the Nightwave can earn a fifth slot. The frames which can only be earned once include Mirage, Chroma, Gara, Titania, Octavia, Revenant, Limbo, Nidus, Inaros, Garuda, Harrow, and Atlas. 12 frames which can only be earned once but must fit into 4 slots. The remaining unlisted frames could be earned functionally infinitely, without having to be purchased. Highlighting the Primes (sans Excalibur) as something time locked is missing the base frames you only get one crack at. DE has built in the need to spend real money. Even if we factor out the starting platinum (75) and the amount we've gotten free (at least 75 more, depending upon how long you've played and what you've seen), you're looking at 7 slots for 12 unique frames which cannot be had again once sold. I personally think this is fine, but functionally makes you spend at least $80 on the game once, to get the platinum to buy slots (independent of the prime and weapons which is functionally the core of your purchase. Again, DE is not a charity. They don't hide this, and have not been anything but clear on the need for investment to keep the game going. None of this reflects on the Nightwave, nor is it a point of contention (personally). This is tangential to the discussion of the Nightwave. It related back via the "rewards" being less rewarding than would be reasonable considering the previous alert system rewards. Edit: Unrelated to the above response, I believe we've hit peak stupid in Nightwave. In one week we've got 40 wave defense and two 60 minute survivals. The former is something that you literally cannot do without a good Nekros, and the later was wiped away last time because it was a mess. On top of these...gems....you've got a Clem survival and a conservation mission. What was last week again? Right, stuff that was mildly challenging but could be done by anyone (8 runs of Orb Vallis bounties being the longest stretch). On a different note, the wolf spawned again. In nearly 8 weeks of gameplay he's dropped the two most common drops twice. But at least he's dropped a boat load of uncommon mods....Sigh. This event gets better, entirely dependent upon RNG. Tasks are generated by RNG, sorted by RNG, and the only saving benefit seems to be when RNG gives you an easy week that allows you to "play the game in bite size chunks." Noting heavily there that this terminology was used to sell ESO and SO as new game modes. Please, stop DE. Nightwave is a steaming mess. The Alert system was imperfect, but was less of a chore than Nightwave. More importantly, new players were rewarded and offered better choice (if an alert for a reward was not desired, it would always come back later). Right now, Nightwave is a weekly chore list which punishes if you don't accept whatever goal pops up, and an hour of grind will only reward you with 15 wolf credits. Maybe if earning prestige was worth it (yeah, 15 credits is a bad joke), and we knew how much each missed challenge impacted us, it'd be worth it. As we stand now, Warframe becoming a simulated farming situation, circa the Farmville era, is a step in the wrong direction. Previously, the farming was well hidden because we could choose how, but between Cryotic, Kuva, and Nightwave that illusion has largely been destroyed. If this is the future, consider me like the rest of my clan, onto new things. If DE can't fix something after 8 weeks, then there's no hope to bring in new players. No new players, unless console expansions occur, are the death knell for this game. That would be a shame.
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