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  1. GrandMasterV

    Warframe Builder

    Would like to know what dictator is messing with my builds, to short of a description i put in there what is needed. Boring a reader with a wall of text is not my thing to begin with what it does and how it does it is there. All you need to know,
  2. GrandMasterV

    Poll: Key Rewards As Syndicate Offerings.

    Keys should be offered in several levels ATM other levels offer nothing of much interest so that you keep grinding more XP. With the below people will be grinding more XP to get keys. In case of a new prime pack you can ninja nerf the drop rate for specific keys if you wish. Syndicate Lvl 2 10k rep for 5 keys 1 guaranteed T3 and 4 randoms. Syndicate Lvl 4 20k rep for 5 keys 1 guaranteed T4 and 4 randoms.
  3. GrandMasterV

    Eyes Of Blight: Postmortem & Results.

    Well shooting the core was the idea, the nodes where multipliers. Clear cut exploits as proven, there will be grey area's but everyone with a bit IQ can make up if it is okay/kinda/no go.
  4. GrandMasterV

    Eyes Of Blight: Postmortem & Results.

    Audited Leaderboards Any clan/alliance using exploits should be punished period. Up to the leadership to keep there shizzle together no moderators, period.
  5. GrandMasterV

    Clan Caps Coming.

    Just use the Clan tier names for the hall name, makes live so much easier on everyone. But i find it some what annoying i need to build a hall for my clan, halls should be given on there current members list. Ghost Clan: up to 10 members. --> Chost Hall Shadow Clan: up to 30 members. --> Shadow Hall Storm Clan: up to 100 members. --> Storm Hall Mountain Clan: up to 300 members. --> Mountain Hall Moon Clan: up to 1000 members. --> Moon Hall
  6. Actually i did, Eve Online, FC, Scout and WH Dweller.
  7. Forgot to add, the wonderful tears of those over sized clans! lovely! brilliant! and gives me a butterfly feeling in my stomach! Server can not handle it, to much load on server(s) Has no point being or running such a large sized clan. Has no function what so ever to be over 1k members to begin with, and i doubt you see 1k online at a time in any point i time. Probably compensating for something else!
  8. The jump from tier to tier is to large, adding more tiers might be wise.
  9. GrandMasterV

    Livestream #5: May 8 @ 2 Pm Edt

    Question: Will there ever be something like a Tier 2/Tier 3 and beyond in terms of warframes. Extra mod slots/polarity's, higher levels(beyond 60 with catalyst) other then prime who have a slight better base stat. And does this include more solar systems to accommodate higher levels?
  10. GrandMasterV

    Lotus Intel 2 Received.

    VICTORY! Now what we getting exactly?
  11. GrandMasterV

    Warframe Lore Database; No Cats In The Future

    Perhaps a lion, male lion that would be cool. Bad pussy cat!(tweety)
  12. GrandMasterV

    Looking Back: Learning From The Glaive.

    LOL all this fuzz about one weapon released on consumer demand. Anyway i'll buy/build it when i feel like it. Almost seems like a bunch of junkie's not able to get there daily fix. kinda lame! 4 junkies and counting keep those minus votes coming please!
  13. GrandMasterV

    Warframe Lore Database; No Cats In The Future

    Never said you did not have the right to use the forum in any way to provide info. I merely stipulated that there is a wiki. DE could hire par-time staff, you need only 2 people roughly to run a wiki of such a size.
  14. GrandMasterV

    Warframe Lore Database; No Cats In The Future

    Written by some one else is the bases of any wiki. Any of this is also written by people who might be biased. Only way to ensure up to date factual content in a wiki would be a DE run wiki.
  15. GrandMasterV

    Warframe Lore Database; No Cats In The Future

    There is a Wiki for WarFrame what is probably better suited for this kind of application.