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  1. Hybrid , there some issue's with the drivers. Not sure if it would be a problem for WF though
  2. Right trying to explain what could have happened and what could be the problem. And what circumstance were talking about, everything that comes around the corners when development is in progress. PhysX is growing been trying to find out more on the PhysXInfo.com site see if i can get the data on cards and ratings. There are no problems only solutions, finding the right one requires looking at ALL directions.
  3. Only way to test this game and see if the servers/clients/physx/game engine etc etc is on full load. See this as a benchmark like you would do when your oc'ing your rig, testing everything under full loads. If there is nothing to do, no content, no game as it suppose it would mis represent the end product. This beta test shows the flavors of the final product, flavors might change or flavors might be added. The ONLY way to do proper testing is like this, you can not test client/server/engine load by just throwing some pc's at it. Thousands of people need to play, mash those mouse/keybo
  4. This game is still in BETA state so there testing out options and methods before a official release. There bound to be trouble with a game in beta testing, when this game is the official release you would have a valid point. True, there are games that give you the option on how much PhysX you want enabled. Been trying to find out what cards support up to what in what version of PhysX myself. Only good reference materials so far is the Physxinfo.com site but there slightly out dated. Never said it was forced of the PhysX development just that with how much PhysX i see at full specs i
  5. Let me show you a simple example, i wanted a PhysX card but based on my current motherboard i only could install a PCIe 2 card. So i looked for the best card out there with PCIe 2 and i ended up with a ASUS GT 630 4GB DDR3 RAM. Now this little card has a 96 cuda cores, 810 Mhz clock, rates 4 out of 5 for a dedicated Physx card, combined (physx and rendering) rates 2 I did this cause my GTX 660 rates 4 combined, so it could use a little help, now all the physx runs very smooth. Now let's look at the GT 9600,rates the same as the GT630, but is a older card with less cuda cores. As PhysX
  6. That would be above specs indeed, main point i was trying to make how much CUDA cores and GPU clock speed?
  7. It works with older card minimum VRAM is 256MB, that lowest entry point. That said as devs put more PhysX the minimal of 256MB would not be sufficient. WF is really using allot of physx so it is demanding on your card, i think 256MB would not be sufficient. P.S. the amount of cuda core and GPU clock speed is what determs that final performance of PhysX. Put a GT 640 with 4gb of DDR3 as PhysX card to support my GTX 660, what does not need that much ram.
  8. I am guessing you got the Nvidia Experience installed and you installed the new beta drivers this week. Roll them back i got crashes with those drivers as well,
  9. TBH not so excited about Vauban, waiting for Frosty prime with a Scyte
  10. Try to update all your drivers first. with low end systems it is a vital part of keeping pace with newer games.
  11. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Running_Warframe This will help you :)
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