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  1. Can't wait to see these changes on melee! This look promising! Because you're doing a mainline update and you're adding various things, I was wondering if, in a future update, we could equip generic skins on zaws/ kitguns. It is a special aesthetic and they're really hard to customize + I think it would fit the philosophy, there is a great variety choosing the stats however if you want specific stats you're limited in your aesthetic choice. This addition should compensate this little lack of variety in the design and give even more chance to use these great-looking generic skins!
  2. Ember: Overall this rework looks really interesting even if I thought she would be oriented as a CC/ support Warframe. - Immolation looks great but it feels strange that you decided to replace Ember's 2nd ability (probably her strongest ability pre-rework) + this ability had an interesting support augment mod. So personnaly I hope you'll find a way to keep this augment mod in the game. -The negative point with Immolation is that it only decreased while using Fire blast and sometimes I don't want or I don't need to push ennemies back, to push them away from me + casting a third ability to manage a 2nd ability, in terms of energy consumption, this is not a great idea. - you probably should add more utility to her one, there wasn't a lot of things to do with it. Maybe if you charge it you can create a ring of fire where she's looking at, like her previous third ability ( the augment would stay the same and replace this possibility). -Visually it looks fantastic (especially Immolation), it is perfect for customization!
  3. Vauban: Tesla: NIce rework, it looks like it has some potential now. Minelayer: the weak point of this rework! Sticky ripline: A mini vortex. I don't see the point of this ability.It was said that it could be use in combination with Bastille, but I don't think anybody will do that. The only use will be if you haven't enough energy to cast Bastille but as a Vauban player you always want to keep a certain amount of energy to have acess to all your ability to stay alive. The ability and the animation look great but for another Warframe, Vauban don't need this ability in its current state. Nail Grenade: Interesting. I can't really judge untill I see it in-game. However I hope it will have more utility than just doing damage. Maybe a guarantee puncture proc would be great so you can have an area with ennemies doing less damage to yourself and indirectly boost Vauban's survivability (and he needs that boost!). Maybe you can add a laser to CC ennemies around and avoid being cancelled by nullifier. Boost pad: Please DE, do not add more forcing mobility ability. This is the worst addition for 2 reasons: 1) It locks an area for players who don't want to use it. You can spam it so the blocked area can be bigger. The troll potential is bigger than bounce, you litteraly can block access to your teammates (Second please: No more troll ability even if it has become a meme with Vauban). 2) Minelayer's system isn't designed to be fast or reactive. Doublejump would always be a better option and you'll go faster than selecting your boost pad ball and then cast it in the direction you want to go. If you want to use a speed boost it means you want to go fast and Minelayer doesn't allow it. Damage amp: The best part of Minelayer. Considering that Minelayer is a slow and non-reactive system, I think every ball (for Minelayer) should work as Damage amp.Because this is a buff so it last over time, it follows Vauban even when he's moving, you don't have to spam it and so you spend less time in the menu thinking about which ball you have eqquiped, how many times do you have to press 2 untill you have the right ball and if you have to do a short click or keep pressing 2. I don't have a problem with Minelayer being based on statics mechanics but I think Vauban should benefit more of their effects (or should I say a part of their effects) while moving and a buff like damage amp is a great idea. Orbital strike: Why not. I just hope it is not just a pure damage ability. I would add a temporary slow effect on remaining ennemies. Bastille: The fusion between Bastille and Vortex is such a great idea! Now I hope the team buff will be a survivability buff/ armor buff (a bit like oberon). Concerning the debuff, it is always appreciable however it seems a bit stupid/ unskilled (you press 4 and the armor is gone) and illogical. You're already doing more damage to ennemies because with bastille they don't move, with vortex you can easily inflict collateral damage and you also have the damage boost from your passive. I would prefer an effect who decreased armor/ shield over time while in vortex mode. The old Bastille should only give a buff and vortex should only debuff, it is visually more logical. Overall, for now I have mixed feelings about what you showed. There are great things, bad things, really great things but also really bad things. To sum up, some abilities have a really nice potential (Tesla, his new Ultimate, Damage Amp) and only stats will confirm this potential. Some abilities need just a little bit more utility effect (Orbital strike, because a pure damage ability isn't really interesting) Some abilities need more utility effect to be viable (Nail grenade) or to justify their existence (sticky ripline) Some abilities need to be rethink/ refound (Boost pad) because it doesn't fit with the gameplay of Warframe or it is a troll ability. You do not do a rework with the idea of doing another rework in 6 months. In the devstream, I had the feeling that synergy between abilities was missing, so pay attention to this very important point but I totally trust on this point. On previous devstream, Hildryn, Wisp and Gauss looked bad and without a lot of synergy and when they were live it was the opposite and a good surprise. One more thing, I would like to see a buff in his stats like you did with Hydroid (especially armor buff). In my opinion, he really looks like an off-tank and it is really frustrating to get down more often with him than with any other frames. And I really hope that all his abilities are limited so he can no longer spam his power, this is a disaster in terms of visibility. I wish this feedback was useful and wish you good luck with the next steps of the rework.
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