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  1. It's be amazing to play Wyrmius/Flappy Bird/Fighter Frame from mobile. Imagine if they made a companion minigame too or even made the app like a digipet where you play/feed/pet your companions and take care of them in mobile app whenever you want until you can play some Warframe next!
  2. honestly, the minigames in Warframe like Wyrmius, Flappy Bird, Fighter Frame all should be playable by the app. Even a 2d game like "Lost Sector" (that lil game they worked on for phones a few years back that was Frost kickn as old school style) wluld be a dream come true. I'd even PAY real dough money to play this out of the Mobile App as a DLC or unlock. It would be really nice to create companion mini-games like even a cheap 2D kubrow fetch game or hell, make them into digipets through the app where you can feed/pet/play with them all day mobile before you get onto warframe lol
  3. I have the same problem 2060ti geforce.... wonder what causes it? Its very emerisve breaking for eidolon hunts
  4. I love the mobile app. However, I'm at that level now where I have most planet resources I need and my pet is very efficient with staying in good spirits via segment upgrades. Although the app is still useful to look at my current equipt build, checking cycles and current events, that is still a very limited lost of use and many other unofficial apps have options to view the same such things. Such as discord bots for info. Suggestions are as followed to make the app a must-have!!: 1.)It would be absolutely amazing if we could play wyrmius, flappy bird or even frame fighter fro
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