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  1. Hey, I like the updates.. wish I could choose a "Simplified" veiw and have it as before though... Not a fan of having overlay screens over everything if not nessecary. Any chance we could add Forma count to our new "advanced view" loadout list??
  2. Fixed with last hotfix, everything works right now! Thanks!! Would still like to see binding buttons done easier... and a special request: hud hide/show binding! Game is so beautiful without hud in the way but i need to toggle it for extraction or objectives!
  3. The only problem with reseting my controls to default is the default binds are hard to recustomize afterwards to get back to my set up. I have to literally fight the system denying my binds until it finally takes...
  4. Once again you wouldn't *Have to* recruit 50, it would be an open option. I don't know why some say they would hate to *have to* recruit more. Its just become an open option. and @Fellas92 your right about that. But I have 30 active members only 2 havent been on this entire week, but even with all 28 playing this week we only ended up with 3 - 8 on at a time, I was hoping with 50 member cap all active we could push those numbers just a small increment higher so the clan could be sustaining around 2 touching on 3 full squads online most of the time. Once again this wouldnt *force* you to have more members via resource wall like an upgrade tier would. It would just increase the current tier cap up by a small increment incase you DO want more members without taking the giant 70 or 700 member leap to next tier. I do agree however that Ghost limit of 10 is pretty damn small also, 15 would be nice. 15/50/100/500/1000 would be nice clan tier sizes.
  5. Thanks! We really need it! Controller play just seems so much more immersive and cant wait until its nice and fixed!!
  6. So to clarify, I dont want a mountain clan to have to recruit a whopping 700 members if they want to upgrade to a Moon, Just like I don't want to recruit 70 more to become a storm. *and* the 30 member max is just not enough, so if we had 20 more spots it'd be sufficiant as a clan group. Optionially keeping the ratio of clan size pattern, Mountains would also gain 200 open spots they could use, before they were at max and *had to* recruit 500 more members to meet resource wall (down from 700). It's all gain, no one would be forced to upgrade past that huge wall of 700 members, infact its be 500 members from mountain to moon. *and* your mountain clan could have 200 more members currently if you wanted to, but that doesnt effect resource wall because you are allready in mountain tier and wouldnt have to upgrade for those extra 200 roster spots. Otherwise if your a max mountain clan of 300 and want just a few more members youd be out of luck and have to tierup to 1000 max moon clan and go on a near 700 member recruiting spree to meet new resource demands assuming you still wanted to workon your dojos architecture. As a moon clan, it can cost up to 15 nuerodes and 30, 000+ of 5 different common resources to build one single piece of decore. And usually a few hundred pieces of decore will be in a room. You need 1000 members to accomplish that. If you just upgrades from mountain to moon your 300 members are going to have to grow tremendously by 700 to meet those demands. Im proposing giving you a 200 member start!
  7. I wasnt saying you *have to* recruit 200 more members, yet the option too do so would exsist without having to upgrade to next tier and a resource wall that would** force you to add 700 more members to your clan. See that gap im talkn about? If shadows and mountains gained the ability to have up to 20 and 200 more members, respectively, there would be a smaller resource wall to climb. The resources for building dojos is a huge cost. Plunty over half million of even rare resources like nuerodes and gallium. My dojo isnt even has vast as the ones Ive seen. Those who build know the resour es way beyond the research lab resources side most clanmates do see. This is the feedback I wanted and I do want more of your thoughts on topic! Thank you! But know the resources wouldnt be increased andyou wouldnt be forced to add 200 more members, it would be an option opened up and if you wanted to upgrade to a Moon clan, youd only need 500 more members instead of the 700 difference now!
  8. Yep, issues with Channeling Melee taking priority over other binds it may share a button with. Noticed the controller bindings are also really hard to reassign, please take this time to make controller rebinding have no limitations, i should beable to bind any function to any key and let ME decide if its impractical, instead of the system denying a bind.
  9. Help! This update broke my controller's function! I have Melee Channel/Secondary Fire on XBox button B, along with Ability Menu 3rd Ability is B. It used to all work fine but now since this patch all B will do is channel my melee, even when I'm trying to use Ability 3 or Scope with Sniper, neither functions work now, Channel takes priority and won't let Ability Menu selection or Secondary Fire. This had happened before and you all had to hotfix it, please hotfix it again! Ruins my gameplay! 4000+ hours and plenty of cash spent too devoted player here!
  10. it happened before and you all had to repatch. hopefully this hotfix wont take long, cant use ability 3 like this unless i use keyboard 😕
  11. Last update with Wukong skin ruined my controllers ability to select ability 3, because it also Channels Melee. Used to work for both Abilities Selection normally then Channel when I had Melee. Now when I try to use 3rd ability with selection open it keeps channeling melee... Please fix quick it demolishes my gameplay!!
  12. You say its fine because you are not being effected... For us who are being held back by it it could use the change. If it doesnt effect you please refrain your comment. 😉
  13. I like tha ranking system and Im glad for the fix thanks! Love seeing clans get love. That being said, can we reveiw clan tier roster max? I propose instead of 10/30/100/300/1000 we do 10/50/100/500/1000. As a Founding Warlord of an all members active max roster shadow clan, here is why》
  14. As a Shadow Clan leader, I feel that 30 members is a bit too low. I realize it fits in the organization of 10/30/100/300/1000 for clan sizes, However 30 active players usually gives you about 3-10 clanmates on at a time. If we increased clan sizes to a 10/50/100/500/1000 setup, where Shadow Clans had 50 members, that would on average produce 5-15 constantly active clanmates! What a better expierence! It went from under one squad on to always a squad and a half! All Shadow and Mountain clans would benefit. The main reason for not wanting to become a Storm clan right now is because of the HUGE resource multiplyer between shadow and storm clans. PLUS I feel like 100 member spots is excessive for a player who likes a tight small group to play with, however 30 is just not enough!! Any consideration would be loved! I want my clan happy and right now even with everyone playing weekly, we need just a few more members, but not the huge jump to 70 more!! Any Shadow Clan Warlords or other tier leaders feel the same way?
  15. Can we pretty please have a Bindable Hide UI key mapping for controllers and keyboards? I love the game it's so beautiful, sometimes I don't want to the UI to spoil it!
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