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  1. Not a bad start, cool graphics but locking the crew to board and leave the Railjack is a big defunct of railjack feel. Multiple Ice caves/derelicts or exploration areas or other ships to board in one node would be enjoyed. Giving you the option to "stay at it" or leave when you want. As far as space fights go: Railjack is cool but only one person can pilot and have that cool "dogfight" feel. Everyone can Archwing and it is cool but at a scale-size, your still pretty slow and somewhat squishy... Why can't we have a Gear Item to have our selected Orbiter pick us up from Archwing and
  2. Wierd and unrelated response.. are you talking to me or leaving yourself a memo for later by quickly scrawling it down wherever you could fast? Either way, thanks for the feedback... I guess? You can all ready move your oribiters around during loading screen, why can't we fly them in Railjack content...
  3. We need a way to launch and use our own ship publicly. It currently doesnt work unless their is no players on the node... So I can't even reliably enjoy my own railjack unless i go solo...
  4. Railjack has been an awesome ride from the start. However, there is a gap to be filled between Railjack and Archwing. Railjack as a huge crewship is slow and only the pilot gets to have that epic dogfight feeling, abliet at a slower pace than any flight sim ever. In Archwing mode, you still are slow because of your size scale, and although it is a lot of fun killing a few ships while making a mad dash toward the enemy crewship, if you decided to battle it out for long you surely will die with any archwing build! There lies the gap. The perfect sized gap to be
  5. Hey all! I have been throughly enjoying Corpus addition to railjack! Most importantly the Command with crewmates makes it feel so good to play solo!!! I have a few "atmospheric" requests!!! Command Crewmates have to be more useful during the boarding party side of missions... Otherwise the command tree is still useless and solo play still near impossible. Besides that very serious point, here are some not-so-serious, light-hearted ideas. Assuming they do get fixed to help with those Orphix, Volitile, Defense gametypes and become very useful.... Here are some things tha
  6. Hey all! I have been throughly enjoying Corpus addition to railjack! Most importantly the Command with crewmates makes it feel so good to play solo!!! I have a few "atmospheric" requests!!! 1.) Can the crewmen just appear to be useful when not on missions? Instead of simply running around doing nothing can they do some emotes that make them atleast look like they are checking on the railjack? I feel like i'm paying them to do cardio lol meanwhile the no-name generic npcs are all over the ship working. 2.) What if you could "earn" training points on a reputation based l
  7. this is true and it does basically lock up for over a minite on loading back into the dojo from any mission. -if you go to dry dock from railjack it doesnt slow load. -if you govto dojo from star chart it doesnt slowload. ***But if your returning to dojo after a mission it slowloads and takes like 2m*** Also** Can we get better connectivity with our squad?? I dont want to have to reform my squad everytime someone needs the dojo or relay... Can you make it so we can freely load in and out of dojo or relays while stayingin the squad?? really tur
  8. 😆🤣😂 Is this is a bad time to bring up why can't Operator ride the K-Drive... I mean ventkids can do it... and they ain't even all fused up with the void power like us, we can blink away instead of biting the dirt easier lol
  9. This is the best lol good laugh thanks! great comments all around good group lol
  10. I was wondering if I could get like a high five from DE for submitting this screenshot... The golden hand pets the lucky kavat...
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