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  1. I also love playing warframe with a xbox controller on my pc. The gameplay is amazing with a controller but extremely buggy. Railjack is very sparradic on the pilotseat aims. Adjusting sensitivity doesnt work either. The Tactical Overlay feature isnt accessable or controller bindable. Cant rebind buttons without error messages and extreme distress. Cannot rebind buttons without seeing "bind cannot be on a melee stance button" error and its a huge headache to get binds on the right keys. ~~~What We Need~~~ 1.) Please fix controller bindings to work any action on any button, no locks, let us decide what will work or not for us. 2.) Allow a full list of actions on every button, don't force us to use only certain buttons for certain actions only. (ei. the ability menu on railjack isnt even an option on skme buttons) 3.) Please add a bindable "Toggle UI" button. I'd love to bind select to toggle UI to easily get immersive gameplay when I don't need to UI in the way. I love playing no hud its such a beautiful game but without a toggle I cant keep up with objectives. ~~~~~ Love the new stuff, really excited. Please hear our pleas DE for better controller support. We want it so much more than new content, we just want to play the beautiful game now with our controllers hassle free!!!
  2. This is horrible. Been working on my dojo for 4 years. It's amazing, great design, easy to navigate and 3 levels of thought out and completely decked out. Even had a spot on the 3rd floor to build the new dry dock room. No luck, no room anyway. Another member built 15 extended halls out to the middle of no where and built the doc. I have to spend 2hr per hallway to destroy the impatient work, and now either rebuild tons of hallways in a more reasonable area or we seriously need a fix. I propose two fix ideas: 1. Extend the space between floors so the issues of above and below is solved. or 2. Allow us to rearrange room location WITHOUT disrupting current room decore, or a copy&paste room+decore function. We've spent complete weeks of our lifes decorating rooms, we deserve not to have to regress our hard work. Meantime I'm going to add 2 upward elevators [tip USE ROOM ROTATE before build to assure the elevator goes up, light blue indicates a down elevator, white outline is up] and see if 2 upward elevators wont do the trick. It should if it is indeed 5 floors height, that should get the room above other rooms. Update: The Elevators did not work, I was two floors above the last and no luck, I didn't want to try a third because the time of walking through 3 elevators to a room is miserable and even though the Dry Dock comes with a fast travel, I didn't deck out an amazing dojo to promote teleporting through it. So, I had an obstacle course off by itself that wasnt custom, so I deleted it and STILL had to add two extended hallways out to avoid the 3rd Floor's Observation room. But hey it finally worked. Words to Remember: 1. The Dry Dock cannot be placed if anything is above or below it for *atleast* 2 entire floors down and up. 2. Nothing can be directly beside the node your building it from. 3. If you want the room to build connecting to its center catwalk, click [rotate room] TWICE.
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