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  1. every frame is bound to get primed no matter the circumstances... but both prime and umbra could come... it's just a matter of time
  2. there's no news about it... DE is up for it but sony (in this case) can choose to start another migration... i don't think they will do a migration again, still not exactly sure of the reason though but this is most likely the case
  3. oh greed... one of the 7 sins that everyone is drowning in... everyone being obsessed with money these times... on the other hand you gave something nice along with many others who did the same thing you did
  4. there's no point in making a founder package if the game is this successful already
  5. just the title of the thread made me want to say it... feels like clickbait but still, but yea, again let's just wait until we get our hands on it
  6. why are we all jumping to conclusions here? no one has octavia so we cannot speak bout it just yet
  7. remove the megathread tag... that's something only moderators use here
  8. eh... don't jump to conclusions just yet
  9. you may be the one holding the key... but in the process of loading the game... someone must have a better internet connection than you do therefore choosing the one with better connection, can often tell when someone loads into the game first before you do... also if you have the name display on you should be able to tell who's hosting with the number "1" beside their name
  10. you might want to elaborate on... everything... we don't have a slight idea on what you're on about
  11. also if you got infected then be careful on playing with others as infecting them shifts your alignment to the moon side
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