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  1. Ok, i'll say inmediatly that i can (and want) be more spcific on the title but this a little compilation of some bugs i´ve recorded and i just forgot they existed until today. Maybe some of the bugs are already patched so im starting with the new ones and add some context: EPHEMERA This doesn't have a video but if 2 people have the same ephemera (was Seeding Step) the colors will match between host and client (one was pink and the other was green, the colors changed on the mission). Dunno why. LUA - BLACK "TEXTURE"?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgQAQ0hbrsE : A black "thing" on certain room on LUA, i didn't encounter another spot like that on the rest of the mission, recorded on 10 - 08 - 2019 - LOCKERS AFRAID OF THE WALL? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pex7x9uz2lU : Im not entirely sure if this a bug but i never encountered the lockers like that in the past, they are way far from the wall, recorded on 12 - 08 - 2019 ARBITRATION - I BELIEVE I CAN FLY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZTavRyE0-I : This is a wild one and possibly game breaker, but too old to be sure if it still exist (recordeed on 12 - 04 - 2019). I was on arbitration, suddenly i was able to "noclip" around (and my teammates were able to see that too). I used "/unstuck" many times without success until we finish the wave and u can see i was still noclipping on that screen too. Never encountered something like this before. FORTUNA - Umbra stopped working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DITBfZlVFQ : I was on Orb Vallis trying to teach my lil bro to grind in there when i fall in the hole (mounted on the kdrive) and then unable to "move". I mean, i was moving but there is no animation for that movement. This is an old video, maybe you patched this! (recorded on 12 - 01 - 2019) - Umbra doesnt care about physics, again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_775jrDC6g: This is my personal fav, as you can see, umbra doesn't care about physics and just dont want to "move" at all. I mean, again, he is moving but without animations. I was able to do even bullet jumps like that. Old video again, was recorded on 16 - 03 - 2019 That's it for today, i promise i will post new bugs the same day i've encountered the next time... And let me know if this was usefull, please. Peace!
  2. 1) 20+ mins if u are not playing chroma or another buffer frame (like, u know, people want variety, that's why we have 38 frames right now (without taking count the primed versions). DE is forcing (AGAIN) a meta. Same mistakes of the past. 2) I've played more than 80 times the bounty 2 mission, I can do it under 3 mins, u wanna know how many repller systems i have? ZERO. Z E R O. And now i'm stuck leveling the vox solaris syndicate, because i need 5 repeller systems to advance. Doesn't take "4 mins" getting a repeller system. 3) DE PROMISED THIS: "ARCHGUNS WILL BE OP, AND BECAUSE OF THAT THEY WILL GET SOME LIMITATIONS (like ammo, like cooldown). Lorewise, archguns are the only possible gun to put damage on the profit taker, because their firepower. Archguns are in a bad state right now comapred to normal gear, they aren't the "befeer power moment" as DE promised. Stop this kind of justification of DE, DE are awesome developers, but they are humans too, not everything they make it's perfect in the way it is, that's why they need feedback, and comments like yours are a step back in the way to make a game balanced between what is the vision of the devs and the playerbase.
  3. After reading this patch note I really don't have any reason to fight that boss. I have an horrid internet connection (because yes, humans can live outside big cities with good internet) and I run almost everything on solo and obviously this wasn't an exception. What I got? A chaotic fight with endless spawn of enemies, getting hit from everywhere, serious fps drops, a big gun with COOLDOWN (that cooldown forces me to JUST use that gun when I summon it, bc its the only gun who harms the boss), AWFUL reward pool, a TIMER IN THE FINAL PHASE!!! If u (like me) were out of ammo, it's over. Now u nerf something who make the fight a little easier for those players who can't or just don't wanna go in groups. Dunno, this isnt fun at all, im not playing this and actually im thinking about take a looooong stasis dream on warframe
  4. THIS. Just uncheck dx10 or dx11 (both if they appear). I hope this give you a partial solution :3
  5. The second error is related to Dx10/dx11. I was the same until i disabled those directx and i just play in dx9. Never happened again
  6. When you are going to fix this or at least explain this "new mechanic" if its that the case?
  7. since the release of fortuna my cypher don't work at all. It's a very annoying bug since I have (equipped) 100+ crafted, I was hoping this would be fixed but it still persist, please do something... I tried drop everything from my tools wheel and put the items back and didn't work
  8. the "fantastic job" wasn't intended at all, how many times people will have to tell to make it clear for ya?
  9. we need real raids. Would be nice gather some folks in public instances (a la WoW) and doing several real hard missions with new units to get awesome loot. I dont wanna become a bullet sponge, i wanna be tactital, i want gameplay for frames like vauban instead just spamming 4 to win
  10. But u can't, nullfiers are a thrat now, no for dmg, but bc your abilities are disabled, even if u are running inaros you are going to lose your bonus armor and probably would be dead due "new" (old tenno) mechanics added to the corpus units . They just nerfed mos of the damage to half, its not like they are hitting 1 dmg per shot
  11. excuse me, are we playing the same game? How its possible to do a complete bounty if you are going afk? Most of stages has limited time (few mins), how this can be possible, even if the enemies are "nerfed" (they are beign FIXED)
  12. The dmg will still be nice at higher levels (thats how the power scales in the game), allowing both kind of players (new and veteran) have a nice time, vets would have to build threath tho, i can't see how this can be such a problem for ya. Wanna challenge? Go and do solo arbitrarions for at least 1 hour. Let the new players enjoy the game too, Fortuna IS INTENDED to be newbie friendly, that's why they even do an ad campaign across some states on USA, to attract more players, thats why they are giving free stuff for viewing streams, to raise up the player base of the game. I really hope they add some more challenge to veterans, but this kind of challenge can't be for newbies and you have to deal with it
  13. I'll not read 7 pages of thanks and report of bugs, so i apologize if some of this bugs are already psoted: - "Ability in use" bug happening a lot due corpus nullfiers and scrambus. Very annyoing, just reset if u die or go to fortuna, i'll try more options. - Credits stuck in some bountys or RESETS (imagine having 800 credits and suddenly bam, 0 again... not fun). If that happens, ruins the whole mission, bc the target NEVER spawn
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