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  1. But we actually have those with unairu, madurai, zenurik and vazarin... Tell me, how making you invulnerable to damage and status while healing 60% of your life for 5 secs isn't healing or being just not worthy? How being invisible while making your allies also invisible and with 80% DR isn't a defensive bulwark?
  2. considering how fast this game gets, dunno if this viable but probably it would be better than what we have right now
  3. would cause the same clunkyness. Try ti use gear wheel fast while moving.
  4. You aren't the only one with this issue, but honestly dunno how they can improve this
  5. He should share a bit with Atlas
  6. I hope we could get it like you specify tho, but I'm pretty doubtful about what they can pull off working from their homes
  7. The first episode we got was on Tuesday, don't rely on days.
  8. Wasn't a garry and harry drop? Anyway, I use them when I unveiled rivens for weapons I don't like. Never paid attention to what I got when I use them.
  9. you have to invest 5 formas to reach mr 40 wich grants the max rank for the weapon, I've tried to leave them on 30 and the profile doesn't show it at "max rank". You still gain mr until lvl 40. P.s: i wanted to say you have to invest 5 formas anyway if you want all the mr exp
  10. Eh, I said that because he is stating the resemlance of the Dax Soldier with Nora (both of them black womans), you can't tell if she was whatever sorts of mythology, from Ancient Greek to Indian, and Middle Ages to Sci-fi. So, yeah, just another black woman, sorry if you find it offensive or something, but the resemblance it's just the color of their skin. If that dax soldier was a white woman, this thread wouldn't exist.
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