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  1. On the new hotfix thread we got: Well, no, it's still there. The only "red tint" you've taked away was on the Shedu itself, but how about THE MOST IMPORTANT RED TINT? I can't use the weapon, i'm still seeing weird after doing this video (i'm using the most pue black to show it. It's still appears with other energy colors, making this WORSE). I can't use the Shedu like this, please, fix it.
  2. No, it's still there. The only "red tint" you've taked away was on the Shedu itself, but how about THE MOST IMPORTANT RED TINT? I can't use the weapon, i'm still seeing weird after doing this video (i'm using the most pue black to show it. It's still appears with other energy colors, making this WORSE). I can't use the Shedu like this, please, fix it.
  3. Exactly, dunno why would put effort creating new damages with old damages just to don't use them because their own mechanics (auto combining elements). Maybe we are getting closer to damage 3.0?
  4. I can't understand why DE made this. Seriously, this doesn't make sense at all...
  5. But if you have all the 4 60/60 you have explosion + corrosive or radiation + viral, those damage types doesn't proc... So the only ones that would proc are slash, impact and puncture?
  6. I can see the problem actually. Focus on status and crit chance if the weapon allows it, a few weapons and builds works just with 1 type (but is a monster on that focus,, status or crit chance). Take out spiled strike from the skiajati, in melee more speed = more dps, more status chance, more critchance because you hit more times (it's like the multishot of primary and secondary weapons, but not the same). Viral + heat is a nice combo right now. Try to level up the 2 sacrifical mods. For the primary, multishot is key, always, that improve everything on your build. For the Skiajati, I would do something like: http://warframe-builder.com/s/663c45c60e4dae00 For the Rubico Prime, I would do something like: http://warframe-builder.com/s/d0b9da7da740a001 Try those builds and please tell me if worked for you. I case you don't have amalgam mods or you are missing some primed ones, it's ok too, just use the normal version. If you don't understand why I used those builds, please tell me too and I'll be happy to explain. Cheers tenno!
  7. Hi. With the introduction of railjak, DE had the wonderful idea of bringin new damage types ( https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Damage#Empyrean_Damage_System ). According to the wiki: That confuses me, because HOW I CAN USE MULTIPLE ELEMENTAL DAMAGE MODS IF THEY ARE COMBINED AUTOMATICALLY? We are forced to put 3 of the 4 elemental mods if we want to do one damage type (i.e. corrosive + heat = just heat). I'm getting this right? If i'm correct, having the 4 60/60 elemental mods just boost the status chance of physical damage types?
  8. Don't follow youtubers builds, some of them are depressing, but you can use most of them like a guide and then perfect it to your own playstyle. I would like to help you personally in game, but since probably we aren't on the same servers (I'm chilean, spansih server) the ping would be awful or I wouldn't be able to link things for you (like mdos or arcanes). But I can give you advices from my own experience: - The wiki is your bible. There is a ton of info on there, the comment section is priceless, because provide more context to some things you couldn't catch on the wiki page itself. - Youtube is a guide. Instead of putting catalyst on everyuthing like a maniac (or a bored vet implying both terms aren't the same) look for videos and see how the weapon works. Don't marry a content creator, look for someone who do reasonable builds or at least use more info instead memes to keep the video more serious and straight to the point. What is a reasonable build? A build without 9 formas on everything they made. I've saw some builds on some channels that are worst than a more cheaper one (like umbral gara vs a non umbral gara i.e.). - Dunno how the things are in your region, but most of the time people are pretty much misguided by youtubers on region chat and that can be confusing sometimes, I would advise to avoid it if possible. - Forums and reddit are good resource of experiences. Like the comments on the wiki, you can view others experiences on the game, but contrary to the wiki comments, you have to dig harder to find a good thread. - Don't burn yourself farming, that will fill you with hate, dread and despair. Later we will see you consumed by your anger stalking other tennos who have the things you've been farming for months. Seriously talking tho, don't burn yourself, everything will come to you eventually if you play the content. - MR is a thing who most of the people find useless, but beign able to put a forma and have almost the same capacity for mods as if was lvl 30, is something pretty nice. Dunno what your MR is, but reaching 16 should be a priority, because everything on the game is unlocked for you at that level (all the weapons are unliocked on mr 14 iirc, mr 16 is for rivens). Also, the higher the mr, most easily you can farm standing for syndicates. - Until you have a functional vazarin operator (who can push you on every content with every warframe), zenurik is probably the most usefull thing for you. If you are running zenurik, magus elevate will keep you alive most of the times. With vazarin, you can ditch magus elevate from your build and focus on other things (like arcane guardian, arcane strike, etc) - Warframe have an holistic approach to most of the content. That means, you don't have to focus just on the frame or the weapons, but on the TOTAL sinergy you can achieve. For example, I use a strange build for umbra + vazarin operator, most of the people would laugh at it because it doesn't have str or eff... But I don't need them at all, because I don't use the frame most of the time. - Don't try to do "new things" until you have the experience with the meta and a "meassure" to compare things. The first META OP DESTROYER weapon I got was Tigris Prime and dispatched it from my build when I got vectis prime, later acceltra and in the present the shedu. "But there is a bunch of other op meta weapons!" yeah, but like I said, I rarely use my frame (now i'm using it because i'm having a blast with the new moves for nikanas) and those weapons are nice for umbra when he is free from the oprator control (because the reload time mostly) (p.s: see? holistic view). hell, there was a time I was using just hikou prime and a melee and umbra was a beast, master of infinite shurikens. Sorry if nothing of value was added to you with this long comment, but I wish you luck on this journey. Have fun dear tenno. EDIT: I forgot to add! DON'T BUY RIVENS OR VAULTED PRIME PARTS UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
  9. The bot in spanish servers is awful. Better expand the dictionary or just turn it off, that thing kicks you even if you are just helping someone, sharing builds or experiences. It's pretty damn annoying, new players have the hardest time with this system, because they don't know about the "forbbiden words" like "buy" (comprar in spanish. E.g: I want to buy some orokin reactor how I can do it? That's a direct ban). Then those new players are talking to us on PM because they don't understand why they were kicked on the first place, so, players act like a support chat in all the meaning of the word, helping people to understand the game AND the "forbbiden words". I hate this bot with all my soul. I hate this lazziest approach to moderate a chat, because using human resources was infinite times more awful due the "selection" of those human resources (more info if anyone wonders about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNfC7Bgq9ig ). So, there are 2 choices imho: Make the bot work better on every language OR turn it off and hire people who isn't related to someone on DE to avoid such situations shown on that video.
  10. Wow, it's looks like there is no info on the internet about the sigil instead of buying it too see how it looks and works: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bloodshed+sigil+warframe https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Sigils https://steamcommunity.com/app/230410/discussions/0/1739974199627787249/ You can continue looking on here: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=bloodshed+sigil&t=opera&ia=web Don't blame others because you didn't read or didn't search BEFORE purchasing something. I can't imagine how you buy things like tech irl.
  11. This is pretty much irritating, my eyes are suffering because the white-red color that can't change. I can't use the shedu anymore because of that (and I wish I was joking or just exagerating), this situation is worst if you are and operator/umbra user. Umbra shoots a lot and the red thing makes the game unplayable because I can't see at all (or gives me eye and head pain)
  12. Calling them about UI QOL related things calling them "mechanics" is a mistake. Focsing on stupid things like "this shield should be more low than now when holstered" (i'm pretty sure you've readed that freacking spam comment on every update since the first melee rework) isn't calling them out.That's what I'm talking about, because thta's what you implied on your previos post and I'm talking about it. Complaining about the grindfest and citing archiwng as the "last big mess" you remember isn't helping, because this happens on every damn update released, PRIORITY is key word here. For me (and everyone I think) is most important beign able to play the mission fine rather than just getting all the things you've listed (because yeah, they are an additive to the mode. Unless you don't like it at all) Oh yeah, a massive map who cannot be rendered for any old machine who can barely play half life 1, it's must be DE fault. Of course. Oh yeah, having a poor internet causes problem on a p2p connection, DE FAULT. Right. I'm not expecting anything from DE, sometimes they deliver, sometimes they don't. That's why focsing on critical and grame breaking stuff is better rather than F5 spam the same things on every update thread. 1) Same as Fortuna, POE, hell, even arbitrations. As you've said, this isn't new, if we start to talk about "hey, this is buggy because is new"... Well... 2) UI things are a reallity, but this mode isn't the "worst" about it "since archiwng" (as you've stated on your previous post). 3) I'm pertty sure there is only 3 sets of avionics for each one (Vidar, Lavan, Zekti) and avionics doesn't have rng at all. RNG is on the reactor, engines and shields. Also, as I0've said before, Dirac is dropping pretty much on almost everything, 2 missions later from my post on here I was able to level every grid for avionics. Because I play the game. Because I loot things. Because I wait for my team isntead just going to the dry dock on the end of the mission. But yeah. needs more UI related fixes. We should know more details, but that doesn't mean "avionics sucks". 4) How they can be poorly defined if they literally tells you the focus of the house who made the part? "This house preferred avionics capacity instead blabla" is a reallity. More info is always welcome for me tho. And about the RNG, as IDC at all (I only care about beign unable to cancel a repair) i'm not gonna talk about it. If it's bad or not, I'll leave it to another discussion (a valid one from my pov, because there must be a balance on that). 5) I agree on some things here. Amesha is the only meta because if you don't use it, you run out of energy, you are oneshoted, you can't make enemies slower. Dunno if buffing archwings would surpass that, I think it should be looked on both sides (enemies and archwings) to fix that point. That's why, again, FOCUSING (focusing: noun "the concentration of attention or energy on something) is more important rather than just ranting on how isolated ths mode is from the rest of the game. Focus on the base, then on the following stuff. "Several intrinsics" sounds like a lot but is only achieved on level 4. 16 intrinsincs on total iirc (going from 1 to 4). You get plenty of that, again, playing the game. Reparing stuff, refining stuff, making stuff, killing stuff, flying around. How you can complain about it, is beyond me. I've played warframe since the almost beginning, AFAIK loki come with the mods for the abilities from the start rather than farming it. You were able to choose if you keep the 4 abilities or just the ones you've liked (or worked better on that content). Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I was looking to respond the rest, but this statement is SO pedantic, I laughed and then erased the rest. Good luck going like this IRL.
  13. Wait what? I didn't spent a single dolar on this update and got plenty of dirac, avionics, upgrades for the ship and resources with easy and not grinding like a maniac, completed all the nodes without much troubles (but I do agree it's pretty bugged, but not unplayable), got 3 shedu parts on a few runs and I like the content too. I hate the bugs but I think POE was way more bugged than this (and also grindy as hell, like fortuna). Every update it's the same thing with the grind, read the threads about the leeches and Old Blood in general, but people forgot apparently 🙄. I think is better for everyone just reporting things and giving feedback and complaining about more important and game breaking stuff rather complainings about just playing the game (and the mode) at all, because spending money is just for people who don't play at all apparently. Also, why someone would keep and old upgrade? Just dismantle it and you don't have to spend money on more slots (if that exist, idk)
  14. what if you start the game and see for yourself what happened to your precious rivens?
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