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  1. I tried the new arbi, I like the pace of rotations and really I cant compare the old and new rewards rotation (sorry I didnt pay enough atention to that), but one thing i've noticed is VITUS ESCENCE its barely visible at all, was an struggle to point the exact position when you already taked it due vaccum/fetch. I think they should be more visble and, preferently, marked down as the ayatan stars or reactant. That would be pretty useful.
  2. Im not sayin "people shouldnt be polite" im sayin "you dont help people expecting them to be polite" and "people is free to choose if they are polite or not". Your argument is the same as the "nice guys" with girls "im beign nice to you why you dont give me what I want? Jeez what a selfish girl she dont love me back despite everyrhing ive done to her". "Im reviving you why you dont give me what i want? Jeez what a selfish tenno se dont type "ty" despite I stoped using my fav weapon for 5 seconds to press X to revive" Do you see it now? Learn to do the right thing despite the results of your actions, dont expect a prize for anything you do. Its not pointless beign polite, its pointless to stop helping someone in distress because didnt type "ty".
  3. Ive said, again, that i dont expect anything from anyone, if they dont revive me if fall down I have my owns to do it, the thing about "you sre not ibligated to say ty or help" comes in both directions. Irl people will not be sayin "thank you" for everything you do and no one its obligated to do it icydk. See the point above.
  4. I dont expect anything from someone, even irl, I do indeed thanks people but because I like it, not because im obligated or something. In the game if someone falls dowm could be for a ton of reason, im no judge for the lacks of "ty" to appeal my needs. I genuinely hope you have some irl expirience to change your mind tho, because th real world doesnt work as you think
  5. That probably won't happen This probably will happen
  6. why you wouldnt revive someone because they didnt say "ty" wtf, not saying ty isnt bad or rude at all, rude and bad is chosing not helping someone in distress because they didint type ty to appeal your needs
  7. If theyvmade something as the sacrifice (the best quest imo) im all in om everything they wanna release. That quest is top tier story, narrative, music, feelings trip...
  8. I frecuently use cp and ds based on what content im going to do (since infested impedation still appears to be buged), i dont really care what people bring tho. Sometimes I even use power donation, as an avid operator player I really dont care that much and just wanna help my teammates as much as I can she*
  9. Yeah, happened to me too, Ive just checked on bugs subforum and people have made threads too, so I think they will launch a hotfix asap
  10. I asked for permission for uploading this, I have no way to edit the names because even if I cennsored them on the left, I ended up showing up by just seeing them because that's how the system works. If this violates any rules, PLEASE let me know instead of just deleting it, I wanna know if I made a mistake to not making it again (like with the first screenshots, no one said anything but by luck I've uploaded somethign by mistake and ended up seeing they were deleted because a request from a tenno involved).. This is ONE example of the things I encounter almost every day (no just arbi, every mission) and why I decided to rely on the operator + umbra combo instead conventional defense frames. I don't have the intention of making fun of the people of the video, shaming them or saying "i'm better than them" or something like that, just wanna show WHY I play as operator + umbra and how effective can be, nothing more, nothing less. Next time I see an excavation I will go on solo and make the final video of this thread at all to provide DATA instead ASSUMPTIONS. In case you didn't see the frames, they were: Nova, Banshee, Limbo, Frost, Inaros. I loved that Inaros, I didnt understand what he was saying but had the courage to keep until almost the end. I could probably survive longer but I was pretty tired and demoralized in the end and the enemies were too strong to just get endo (I have everything I want from here except a riven for my 2 archgun)
  11. Maybe the floofs may enter on the rotation too instead of always appearing and taking 3 slots, just a suggestion
  12. That's excatly why im saying. I get the cataclysm (i also dont like it, will be much better if the nullfiers just past trhough your bubble instead of destroying it, but the dash rift? Why?
  13. I've just did it for myself and you are wright about the amp, maybe it's a bug? Because i'm pretty sure it wasn't like this some time ago
  14. the only thing I hate about the rift is why the nullfiers take you out of the rift even if you are the only one in there
  15. Ive said the same thing except the amp part becsuse works for me, or at least thats the last ting ive saw when I cared about that.
  16. This. I've dont have much time commenting in the forums, but the complaints / feedback here are the most awful thing I've seen in a long time. It's like people think it's easy doing everything they want and thinking DE is lazy because they dont implement things when they ask for it. If they knew how hard is coding, modeling in 3d, giving form to new ideas, working on bugs, working on balance, sumarize raw data from millions of playeres around the world and much more work we dont event know about we'll simply would stop doing thread everyday than are more chlidish rants than useful comments, probably the "feedback" tool would be better handled by the devs, but we are pretty far from that. All I get is they do indeed look for feedback but most of the time based on "popular" threads here or in reddit most of the time, maybe because that implies huge portion of the player base involved on similar complaints/feedback, dunno really, maybe it's just my idea
  17. You choose your language in the launcher? Because thats the only way I had at least and yes, that changes everything, you even need to redownload some things. I did that to sell things on that msrket before I knew about warframe.market. Im linked to chileans, argentinians, peruvians, bolivians, brazilians, and mexicans pretty often and almost never with people from other places. Maybe its just chat servers and the game just links you with the nearest connection besides your game language
  18. I hate using english because changes the chat region too, I would beign able to just choose rhe language of the whole game rather than just text + speech. At lest they sound og
  19. Too bad, 2 khora and 1 frost wrent enough, if i taked another frost im pretty sure we couldnt last the same as umbra + operator, because I had to heal the excavators pretty often, enough to stay alive the whole mission and do good damage. Maybe dont insane dmg as a "dps frame". I have one video from a few hours back where I played with a limbo, octavia and mag and me as umbra, but they died too much despite their kits and I had to extract alone because they requested it and losing the ability to perform a longer mission. I never died too. If I use a vazarin operator with any frame who rely on energy, I had to drop pizzas like a maniac, zenurik would be better and they are still afected by eximus energy drain (the most unit in longer missioms with infested enemies), also if I use from heal my warframe would ve inactive and with umbra I are indeed still using my powerful gear despite using operator (that's why most poeple were complaining on the first place and why i'm doing endurance test with the operator alone). As I said many times: 1) You should try for yourself, copy my build if u need, because indeed I do almost every content (except orbs and eidolon) as umbra + operator every day in solo, pub and squad and most of the time my performance its the same (never dying, healing most as I can, reviving allies, providing CC). 2) All you are doing here is making assumptions about how bad I performed and just believed the guy who did worst on the mission, stats doesnt lie, because I dont even was the host to have a "scrambled stats" as you suggested, that kind of things happens when you are the host, if you wanna state the opposite, provide screenshots as I did. At least provide data to sustain your assumptions. 3) Im getting pretty tired responding just assumptions from a person wbo lacks of knowledge and experience with operator + umbra and thnk that combo "works just in the index", its pretty near to talk to a wall. See point 1.
  20. Strange, amp saves for me and ys, Its not tied to the wsrfrane. Ask for a tied to warframe loadout then, because rhey have indeed loadouts but not tied to the frame. I think they should replace the school one with the "clothes" one and from there be able to save everything (clothes, amp, school, arcanes)
  21. maybe im too rusty too bexause i do t understsnd what are you saying. If its for the spanish, im pretty sure vay hek is vay hek on almost every language
  22. Yeah isnt clear but works nice, I play most of the time as operstor and find it pretty useful
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