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  1. Yeah off-topic ^.^


    Java , C# , C++ , Ruby, Pascal/Delphi


    for the other particular ( web like and stuff)

    Html, Javascript , Rails 


    Nowere to put it

    C#.net and ASP.net


    But my ruby on rails is a little rusty ^.^ 


    Oh yeah i i'm working on regular SQL and Oracle ( they hae a code like interface for scafolind tought)




    I'm proficient with Javascript as well (and some others, like shell scripting, VB, etc) but I try to avoid those :P

    There are some nice frameworks out there that wraps Javascript (so you don't have to deal with all that) so I tend to use those more. 


    And as for VB and such, well let's just say... old and legacy stuff from companies that don't want to change.


    SQL is nice as well, but I prefer Postgresql (not even talking about the "dead" Mysql).


    So many languages, all have their ups and downs. 


    Read an article a few days ago about a guy who programmed an XCOM game in Excel.

    Just let that sink in.

    He used MS EXCEL.


    Now that is impressive. Imagine the pain that he had to go through! 

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  2. Question 1:  


     - Since it's the end of October and the Saryn rework is not yet released, I'm assuming there is still some work left to be done.

    What have you added/changed since the last time you showcased her?


    Question 2:


    - ETA on the Saryn Orchid skin?


    Question 3:


    - Are there any more warframe/weapon augments coming?

  3. Cool. What a great grate, my great great grandfather had a greater grate than this grate. Though it didnt have the great design like this great grate, do you think the grate is the greatest grate of grates or is it just great.







    My processor is melting...

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  4. Hmm.. it looks like they have applied cloth physics to her dangling bits. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    Though I can't tell if she still has that lobster tail or not. A bit too dark.


    Anyway, DE you can have my money.... ALL OF IT!





    Since Trinity Prime is black, this means that Saryn Prime (most likely the next one) will be white!!  Hopefully she will have a Hemlock/Queen inspired look. All hail the queen!

  5. Kinda hoping this thread gets locked. It just seems like complaining because Equinox isn't male even though she is representing masculinity which is commonly found in males. So yeah, the Yin Yang theme is still being represented in regards to masculine + feminine forms.


    Another thing some people do not seem to grasp is, you don't have to be a male to be masculine and you don't have to be a female to be feminine. These are qualities that both people of both sex can have.


    You don't need breasts to be feminine and you don't need a penis to be masculine.


    Feminine male:



    Masculine female:



    Oh god why...


    M-my neural sensors!!!

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  6. Question 1:


    What have you done to improve the overall movement system (like side-rolls, handsprings, ledge grabbing, etc)? 


    As of now we can't cancel our attack animations (especially melee) into a roll for example. So if a butcher gets you during your attack animation you are pretty much done for since you can't cancel into anything. Another problem is is that the dodging (animations) sort of locks you into place and it just feels stiff as it doesn't flow that well into the rest of the animations. 


    Question 2:


    Since stamina is going away, what changes have you made to blocking?


    With no stamina we would be able to block forever (though only from the front).

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  7. Game related questions:


    - Q1: Are you ever planning to add bosses that can be defeated by using stealth and puzzels (think Mister freeze in Batman: Arkham City)?


    - Q2: Are there any other boss reworks coming?


    Non-game related questions:


    - Q3: With the release of the recent Rhino collectors statue and the older Excalibur statue (I have them both) I'm wondering if you are committed to producing a statue of all the warframes and/or release them on a more (faster) regular basis?

    As it is, it would take quite to get to all the warframes, especially because you keep adding more of them!

    And are the prime versions considered as well?

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