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  1. Very unlikely due to two reasons: It is Corpus weapon, which receives Vandal treatment. Its name has two words in it, while so far Primed weapons have only one word in their names, unless the weapons consist of multiple entities (Dual Kamas, Nami Skyla, and Silva & Aegis). Not saying DE will never break this "rule", but unlikely.
  2. Borrowing from Overwatch, another "band aid" solution for PUG leeching problem could be an "avoid as teammate" system. With this system, if I see someone leech/afk/grief, I can add the player to a personal ignore list. In the future, whenever I play public, I will never be put to the same team with anyone in that list, at the cost of increased matchmaking time or success rate. Note that this is different than the current "Ignore" function, which if I'm correct only blocks incoming private message, but has no effect on matchmaking.
  3. The requirement of only level 30 gears is only band aid. It does not fix the core problem of affinity distribution and leeches. Everyone has met those leeching Inaros, Limbo or whatever frames that run around doing nothing. Some may pretend not to by killing 10ish enemies each round. Others may even not care just afk. When you point them out, all the responses are "kiss my ass" or "you should leave if you feel uncomfortable of me leeching". As long as the broken system is in the game one day, leeches will exist.
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