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  1. How that happend? Well just spam Molt till you are out of enery. Does it regens (energy syphon)? Well yes but will take some time. Can you pick ups energy drops? Yes and it will help to get back on normal numbers. Any questions about this please dont be shy and ask,I will (try) answering them. Peace from Bulgarian
  2. This happens to me alot and most of the times i am like "F*** it i dont need it anyway)
  3. My thoughts are same.(altough i dont have her and i dont care if banshee steals kills) I agree with you
  4. for me Braton Vandal come without catalyst (and I think it comes without catalyst)
  5. And what if I craft Frost Prime and then take the reset? will it be transformed to BP or will stay battle ready?
  6. i had an instance that one guy droped one datamass to the pit (you know when you fall it respawns you back up) and that datamass didnt spawned (fall infinitely) and we didnt finish (and then i abandon the game) sorry for bad english
  7. tough luck indeed.I hope you guys recieve your rewards
  8. look at them in the wiki (atleast I am doing that) http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Saryn_%28Warframe%29
  9. you have to put the datamass in one of the console and then you have to defend it (within time period).When time reaches to 0 it will drop the datamass and then you have to pick it up and put it on the second console and defend it (within time period)
  10. I feel your pain,but you have to carry on (atleast I did that and i dont regret)
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