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  1. Apollo, Lua is probably my favorite arbitration currently. Corpus are my favorite faction to fight in arbitrations for the challenge of it. I'm not a fan of disruption thematically, how it's explained in-universe, but gameplay-wise I've noticed and appreciate that disruption has certain strengths over modes like survival, defense, and interception, particularly by taking their strengths and shedding their weaknesses. Observations regarding the combined strengths of Disruption, in comparison to other modes: I'm pretty happy with Disruption on a mechanical level. Still uncomfortable about how it's justified in-universe. Re: The in-universe lore behind Disruption: The conduits should probably be Tenno-tech, it should seem like something the Tenno want to do and that helps their cause. Helping Alad V with his dangerous amalgam research is strange enough on its own in its original Jovian home, let alone how it's across the star chart now with the same sorts of conduits. True to its name, it should probably be a sort of disruptive distraction for that background Tenno operative (from survival missions) that's always looting things for you. The player Tenno can be said to be getting comms ciphers from enemies (keys), plugging it into Tenno-tech disruptor/jammer conduits, and thus being a distraction. The buffs/debuffs could be a combination of background operatives pulling strings as well as enemies conspiring to sabotage the Tenno presence. P.S. I also appreciate that Disruption arbitrations are more forgiving when squaddies go down, as you have the luxury of time to find drones and accrue revive tokens between conduits.
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    Competitive WADDAFITE

    Just realized I dropped this in the wrong forum: Warframes feedback Can a mod move this to a more general/applicable location, pls
  3. The Conclave needs something like the WADDAFITE. Competitive balance through simplicity. Tenno paintball? Or refine Lunaro to give us some of that Rocket League/Lucioball action, and with consistently desirable rewards (e.g. ayatans, credits, potatoes, etc.)
  4. Nightwave still has its most glaring issues intact and is still deeply frustrating/tedious compared to old hop-in-and-play-a-little-bit alerts or sorties. The FOMO and amount of ranks to climb is as discouraging as ever. For the same reasons as before, I stopped looking at Nightwave entirely. It isn't fun nor a pleasant experience.
  5. The "Energizing" act is redundant; it's just a kill-count act with an RNG component, as you get energy orbs chiefly from killing enemies. Maybe some people appreciate the difference in fluff, though. Gilding and Forma acts are just evil, and especially rude after you've finished multiple zaws already or have things with 7+ forma, something that becomes a tedious grind without something requiring more of it. Alerts served a fun jump-in-and-play-a-little function that's not around anymore. They were something you could hop into for a fun little bit of play and flexing, especially for a short play session, and really they just needed better rewards. You were also sure to grouped with others in an alert because of their visibility and accessibility. especially when they were offering something people might've actually wanted/lacked
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