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  1. On 2021-07-01 at 10:38 PM, Surbusken said:


    What if people aren't in a clan. I guess they are just going to have to create a dojo for Yareli?



    Yes, that's what I did. You're welcome to join mine if you need one, as mine exists for the sole purpose of accessing game content locked behind dojo.

    Whoops, did a necro. Found this thread through the search,

  2. This is great. Cherry on top for what I was already using.

    Resonator 1 Zephyr has been very serviceable CC and survivability (after all helminth bugs were fixed) when the tanky bois (e.g. Revenant, Inaros, Wukong) are too humdrum or lacking in CC needed for a specific mission type. Just gotta keep an eye on the timers and keep the energy flowing. (Resonator is close-range CC, Turbulence is projectile protection, esp. with higher range, and Airburst/Tornado are situationally but frequently useful.) Turblence already made her ideal for those Fortuna bounties that have you defend a mobile drone, but the helminth system has been a great CC boon.

  3. Y'know, Bonewidow probably would've been fine if it just had Voidrig's kit with an exalted sword & shield combo in lieu of Voidrig's 4. (The shield augmenting the charging movement is also nice) To justify marching into the fray, the sword also needs to do filthy good damage. Maybe give it a radiant wave that both extends its reach and dazzles with more flashy particles.

    If y'all don't want to give Bonewidow omnidirectional protection, then we're going to need to have a talk about how you have your defenses backwards, in terms of design philosophy.

    • The melee attacker that goes into the fray to get surrounded should have omnidirectional protection.
    • The ranged attacker can afford to block only from one direction by positioning and distance.
    • Same deal with Garuda and Mesa.
    • Considering the damage on Voidrig's 4, Bonewidow having to march into the enemy's face just to hit them with a sword (with a sheet of paper for defense, because you're likely surrounded) pretty much needs to be a guaranteed kill.
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  4. I'd recommend removing the cycling action of Xaku's 3 just for usability.

    Combine Gaze with Deny's laser. The laser would be how you apply Gaze.
    Make Accuse the hold-to-cast.

    Alternatively, invert the cycle control. Tapping should cast, Holding should cycle.

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  5. Forcing everyone to fish, mine, and tranq animals as rank-up requirements ain't good, because they're not universally fun activities for everyone, and they're certainly not why people flock to play Warframe in general. And it's not just the concept, it's their execution; these side activities are often tedious, less productive feeling, and comparatively unfun. Wandering around the map pulling your hair out looking for that one subspecies of critter just because you need it to swap Warframe abilities isn't very cash money.

    It wouldn't be as much of a bother if these things all just plainly showed up on the minimap and that's it. Mining spots, fish locations, conservation animals. 

    You'll be harder pressed to find many whose idea of fun is manufacturing fish highlighters and buying specific baits just to wait around for their building materials to possibly float by.

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  6. 9 hours ago, Bohba13 said:

    Not a fan.

    The xoris is a stat stick at best. This nerf makes it useless. The whole point people were using it was because of its interaction with mele abilities and exaulted meles. This interaction made it so these abilities and exaulted meles could keep up with actual mele weapons. This doesn't add choices it removes one.

    This comment right here sums up one of Brozime's points about the nerf being nonsensical

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  7. So, why make an infinite combo duration melee and not expect it to affect all the melee combo dependent frames?

    Anyway, Xoris wasn't even the best option for frames that scale off combo duration, it was just good quality of life for having to build some combo again every odd short time away. Maybe turn this infinite duration into a primed mod, instead, to force a slot sacrifice.

    Eyeballing nerfs for the actually good mods that make enemies die in a reasonable timeframe also isn't the way to go about things. The Gladiator set allows exalted weapons to just get a taste of Blood Rush to just barely keep up with regular melee weapons. Really wanting time and forma back now.

    How about turning the team's focus to making choreographed and smarter enemies to challenge us, instead of nerfing half-decent damage options?

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  8. 17 hours ago, (PS4)OnyxCrimsonBlur said:

    I feel like nerfing the bramma was a mistake. Honestly, I think there needs to be more high powered weapons and they need to be MR locked. I have earned my rank and earned my place and I just get annoyed that we can't have nice things. "Too many players using the weapon" is not really a good explanation to nerf something. There was nothing wrong with the weapon as it was and honestly the Kuva weapons should be end game. MR20 locked and let us vets have fun with high powered weapons and give us the high level missions to use them on. Sure, it's nice to feel like a badass and wreck things, I've been playing the game for 7 years now and some of the 'balancing' changes are just because too many people are playing with the newest weapon. Let us play the way we want to play and stop nerfing things just for the sake of nerfs please. I enjoy just playing the game how I want, when I want. I hate having to shelf weapons because the nerfs often make them broken and unreliable. It's happened to, too many of them. It's sad, really. Put the Bramma back, make the other Kuva weapons stronger as end game power weapons for vet players and just let us have fun. That's my two cents. 

    All of this

    For as much as they agree this is a game about power fantasy, they sure do like keeping things that fulfill that out of the hands of high MR vets. This has mostly just made me stop using it at all, rather than bringing it to a fair place.

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  9. On 2020-06-08 at 5:15 PM, Drachnyn said:


    On the the bramma itself: Melee weapons always have and still outclass bramma in its current form. It was one of the few weapons that was almost able to compete with melee weapons. Other primaries just suck and even more importantly have no place to use them. There are almost no enemies to warrant single target damage, so why should anyone care about weapons like the stradavar or the sybaris. Buff the other AoE primaries and secondaries so they can atleast pretend to compete with melee weapons.

    Again you are just nerfing the most popular thing without looking at reasons why they are popular or what could be a constructive change.

    Basically all of this. Bramma felt like what an endgame weapon should be in a game supposedly about power fantasy and horde combat (see endgame builds nuking mobs in games like Diablo or Path of Exile). The ammo economy is the worst part about it. An ideal solution is to push the original iteration's availability further to the backend of the game, be it as the Bramma or as a new weapon like a sentient bow.

    I hope DE is satisfied with their usage numbers now.

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  10.  I hope DE is happy with their Bramma usage stats now, because I certainly won't be using it after these changes. The ammo economy is horrible on it, regardless of what they've done to the bomblets.

    To think we could've had a nice endgame weapon for once, after so long and so many hours of game and grind. Back to Shedu and Fulmin.

  11. On 2020-05-26 at 10:22 AM, BahamutVoid said:

    They have to be different species/sub-species. Getting more than 1 perfect capture on a Sunny Pobber will not increase the counter. You also only need to get to the Outworlder rank to be able to complete this challenge, as you can satisfy the requirements with Sunny/Delicate/Subterranean Pobbers and White-Breasted/Dusty-Headed/Red-Crested Virminks. Or you can join somebody who has other echo-lures unlocked.

    That's a useful clarification, the inclusion of subspecies. Having only two lures, it explains how it progressed.

  12. The Bramma changes are disappointing, though not surprising. As it was, it was exactly everything I hoped for in an endgame Warframe weapon after hundreds of hours, several years, and numerous boss fights.

    Even with proper aiming, I'm running out of ammo for it fairly frequently now, with vigilante supplies, and it's still very potent for high level enemies. The ammo capacity could be bumped up a bit. You already reduced the bomblet count. 

  13. 5 hours ago, parabashka said:

    Have you tried to use search on forum before posting?


    I have seen that there are older threads on the topic from last year, and assuming it's a bug, this is May 2020; a reminder feels warranted if it's been left to the wayside.

    If it's a deliberate feature and not a bug, that also needs to be clarified and fixed, and so, again, a reminder of the issue is warranted.

  14. Nightwave still frequently does not count perfect captures, at least in the Orb Vallis. After reaching 4/6, I've gotten 4 in a row with only one counted, giving me 5/6. I try to catch two per sandbox instance, then head back to Fortuna, then back out. Still happens.

    This is very frustrating.

  15. The vacuum increases are all well and good, but I fail to see why manual pick-up is needed at all on Railjack missions, when you can just *bloop* loot drops directly into the player's inventory. It'd be forgiven and convenient for the type of gameplay it facilitates. Kill something, you get the notice on your HUD that you got something for it; simple.

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  16. I just want a chill-out game mode I can bring any frame or weapon to flex for some mindless fun every once in awhile.

    Suggested mission type: Distraction (Chill Survival)

    • The Tenno are here to create a distraction for operatives elsewhere. The mission progresses on a timer, but the timer stagnates if the Distraction meter is allowed to deplete.
    1. Unlike survival life support, the distraction meter depleting won't get you killed, it will only halt the mission timer until you contribute more distraction.
    2. Unlike survival life support, contributions to the distraction meter can be guaranteed with kills, not a random drop.
    3. This can serve as a more casual chill-out mission type, where you're free to roam and kill enemies on a non-linear map, without having to keep a careful eye on a kill timer or defense objective, only your own skin. Survival without a gun to your head to keep up a particular pace/efficiency.
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  17. Not sure if this is an issue with Titania as well, but Titania Prime's razorwing archmelee attack lunge currently takes you to an enemy target's feet fairly consistently, right into the ground, obfuscating some visibility and definitely putting a hiccup in her mobility. And I mean when flying at enemy head height most of the time. Mostly it obfuscates visibility and it's always followed by having to ascend out of it every time. If I'm near the enemy's uppermost body bits, shouldn't I be pulled towards those areas, instead?

    I'm guessing it's tracking the mob's base location?

    Edit: Also, makes stringing together attacks from one enemy to the next harder, because you're more likely to catch ground geometry.

  18. Would be nice to have an icon that indicates whether the shield gate is available.

    i.e. It indicates whether you've let your shields fully recharge, at a glance. Did your shields fill to full before that chip of damage while you weren't looking? Will it gate the next heavy attack?

    This is immediately useful for knowing whether it's safe to recast Revenant's mesmer skin, and Rhino's iron skin if using iron shrapnel. It may be useful for others, too. e.g. Limbo popping out of the rift to recast or banish enemies in. Perhaps it could be on the leftmost edge of the shield meter.

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