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  1. As the title says. After this latest patch, some of my orbiter decorations broke: The sukshma series, particularly the Eleva, is supposed to be physics-enabled in the orbiter (like how you can stand on an ayatan statue) Thought you'd want to know! P.s.: I'd love it if we could get a 'settings options' to turn physics on/off for related objects! Sometimes I want to use a brace to make a counter you can stand on; sometimes i want it for decor and phase through. Thanks!
  2. When can we get a 'build your own prime vault' checklist sort of sale? Example: I want glyphs, but don't want the platinum or the prime frame(have it). Glyphs as a 5$ standalone would be amazing. Example 2: I want JUST the accessories, no plat. Can I get it for a discounted price? I want to support your game, but I don't need plat. Example 3: I want BOTH accessories, but already have the distilling extractor or whatever. Is there a half off if you already have one? Example 4: can I get a 90 day resource booster instead of affinity? That's much more usefful - a choose your booster program would be amazing. Current sales platform has some issues for people who just want the pretty options and are space richer than money richer. Rhino prime accessories is currenty 20$: Scarf, extractor, 200 plat. So we can break it down roughly like this: 5$ extractor, 5$ scarf, 10$ plat. (this lines up roughly with plat prices here https://www.warframe.com/buyplatinum ). Tldr: Please assign values to the individual components of a prime vault (accessories, glyphs, boosters, plat, weapon, frame) and let us build our own package. Additionally, please make a 'no frills accessory pack' an option for prime access(not vault). None of those fancy boosters or plat! just gimme affordable accessories, please. Wukong's stuff for 20$ would be a no brainer; 50$ is 'i'll wait until he's unvaulted to pick it up next year'. Just skip to the chase, please!
  3. Nice, but are we going to get the fix for weapons showing stats without mouse over?!
  4. hi, please reduce the cost of the items to be less god awful grindfest please and thanks. I'm adult with only so much time in the day.
  5. Just a heads up, the lotus ephemera drop seems to be broken. Left the stream running the day before, been tuned in for hours now, no drops 😞
  6. Look, I know DE"s ABSOLUTE FAVORITE past time is nerfing ember repeatedly, even after the fact, but how is she supposed to trigger her own passive now? Can we just get a 100% status 100% pure heat damage glaive or something. RIP my javlok riven.
  7. Hi, why isn't the saturn six mask drop less awful, or even tradable? not enouhg time to farm it over mother's day 😞
  8. I agree with this. ALSO, please give us a block key when melee is out -current state of the block game doesn't work/stop shots from right in front. Angle is too shy; we need a 'press button to block and not have it canceled the moment you tap any other control', Please keep acctive block - i don't need to have right click aim from sword.
  9. Hey, is the website counter broken? It doesnt look like its updating at all, evne though poeple are gifting thousands of gifts. Anyway, if we DONT get it, can you add the avia armor and cookie glyphs to the market? Its my favorite armor set and i've wanted prisma avia for years! Or at the very least an event extension? Everyone going home for the holidays, can't play warframe on a plane.
  10. Hi, Could you please move the gear wheel to the left, and restore the emote wheel side by side? Its a good nice feature to use more than 10 total gear items, but i HATE having to hold Q and tab simultaneously. No mouse gestures to get to dances! its super unintuitive. Please fix for the dance party people; put it back to the way it was before with 'no added keypresses to get to emotoes!' unlimted dances and emotes are nice. If only we could get to them easily. Please and thanks
  11. What did you guys do to the sound packs? Legacy sounds for recieving a PM are annoying as all get out! Gah. Put it back! At least make it not so jarring! My ears. Your audio ques were non-intrusive/okay before. This is overdoing it. Legacy options are legacy options for a reason; legacy ++/legacy remix is fine but it needs to be set aside as a DISTINCT different option. While we're on the sound design note? Can we get an Embolyst skin that makes it sound like an ignis, and an Odonata prime that gives the thruster sound of regular odonata? Ditto for
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