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  1. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: Fashion for railjack needs improvements: Color copy busted, no search bar REPRODUCTION: Enter drydock console and open up a crew member appearance interface. Cry that it doesn't work, or that regular armory does it better. EXPECTED RESULT: 1) There is a search bar to filter all options present on: All decals, all syandanas, all attachments 2) copy main colors doesn't work. You are able to copy colors from default/warframes just fine, you cannot do so with base colors from hired members OBSERVED RESULT: 1) its a frustrating experience that doe
  2. TYPE: Ingame Graphical bug DESCRIPTION: Rear Upper area of railjack slingshot lighting/lightmaps are broken and not working properly VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Launch mission, starts out fine, then breaks somewhere. EXPECTED RESULT: it looks like a dark mess! OBSERVED RESULT: It doesn't look like a dark mess! REPRODUCTION RATE: Pretty concistently. A friend in clan was able to duplicate the bug on their end. Suspect it has to do with older graphics cards/drivers, as a third clan member in the same mission was unaffected. I'd say 85% of the time.
  3. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: Piloting intrinsic showing railjack Points Of Interest don't show for crew positions besides pilot VISUAL: not necessary REPRODUCTION: Buy intrinsic level of piloting that shows intrinsics. Go into mission. Hop in non pilot chair. Doesn't show the appropriate icon. EXPECTED RESULT: I wanna see the white dot for POI whenever I'm in any ship station so I know when to get out of the ship but can't see. OBSERVED RESULT: When I gun a friends railjack I can't tell where the objectives are and its dumb and frustrating, show me the blinky white i
  4. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: Overloader Mod Doesn't Give More dome charges VISUAL: not necessary REPRODUCTION: In plexus level up and equip max rank overloader. launch mission. Do not get more than 2 dome charges. Big disappoint. EXPECTED RESULT: 1) where are my five dome charges from before the patch!! 2) Overloader should give the player more dome charges. OBSERVED RESULT: 2 dome charges isn't enough/ REPRODUCTION RATE: Constantly/100% of the time
  5. This is a great step in the right direction! However!, there's a little more to go: You need to add the Archwing Deployer to the archwing quest rewards and skip the whole farm/grind/cetus thing entirely. This thing. Fix this thing next. Remove the 'i have to do WHAT to use my archwing i just did the segment for?' Also the archgun deployer. that needs to be decoupled from profit taker now that necramechs are a thign.
  6. Hey DE, its absolutely BS; that early adopters and railjack players in general didn't get enough endo to max their stuff out. Here's some examples: Blackout pulse is 30k to max. it should be a 5 rank gold mod. Its 30k endo, the credit was 10k endo. Mods that were maxed before the script should be maxed afterwards, free. If the mod rank went up, then its stil maxed. If that' is impossible, the endo credit should be in the ballpark of: 30k endo per 10 rank gold mod (2-3), 20k per silver (2) 10 rank, just so everyone isn't in the hole just from the patch to be where they were before.
  7. Thanks for the heads up! Can you make any comment about when operator amp stagger will be addressed? This event forces operator use when your mech is down and its just awful. about half the possible options just are unfun and framelock you. Is it a thing the team knows about? why has it gone on so long? Thanks!
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