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  1. Put the rest of the mods in loid already!
  2. Arcanes are garbage. Get rid of them entirely so they don't clog up the drop pool.
  3. I would contemplate murder for an arcane like this: Magus Mysterium: While in warframe, (read, on transferenene in) 100% chance to resist nullifier bubbles, chance decays to 0% over 1.5-2 seconds. This stops your powers from instantly turning off the moment you clip a nullifier bubble BUT you have to kill them fast or they pop off. Its a small safety net. Thats it. Those arcanes are weaksauce btw and need to be livened up pre-release
  4. Great start! However, its not quite good enough: Glaives need 2-3 free(no plat) exilus slots so you can actually use bounce mods, whirlwind, etc or those mods need buffs to include stats like damage, attack speed, etc to make them worth slotting. Glaives need the ability to block or melee when a thrown blade is out. Give it a ghostglaive a la pyrana: gunblades will always be superior because you are never 'locked out' of using the weapon by shooting. Glaives are. Homing mod that adds homing to non homing glaives:. Ie, slap this augment on kestrel to turn it into performi
  5. Hey can you tell the dev team to do the needful and remove the telos boltace from conclave already? Its "still bugged AF". Thanks.
  6. Look, this is a fine patch, but after corona quarantine dragging on the release for SUCH a long time, may patience for nora's lines are growing thin. They repeat, they pop up "constantly" in the middle of a long mission (glass enemies?! again?!) Just like, its great, she's fine and all, but she's grating. Exceptionally, super, more annoying than ordis grating. I wasn't on board the 'shut up nora' button, before but uh, yeah. FEATURE REQUEST: 1) opt-out of nightwave event toggle added when you hit prestige levels. Turns it on to not deal with it as the host. 2)
  7. Hey, thats great and all, but can you bump arcane trickery up a little? 15% is sorta low for a rank 4-5 arcane! its JUST inconcistent enough to be frustrating. Please and thanks!
  8. TYPE: Trading, in game DESCRIPTION: Infested/deimos fish not tradable VISUAL: none REPRODUCTION: Attempt to fill fishtank in trade chat, open trade chat, cry when other fish show up and deimos fish don't EXPECTED RESULT: all fish should be tradable OBSERVED RESULT: Fish don't show up in trade window as a valid entry to put in trade REPRODUCTION RATE: Constant
  9. TYPE: Cambion Drift, In-game DESCRIPTION: Vome and Fass Residue not affected by resource booster, shells too tough/not like resource crates VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Picking up residue after breaking open the colored container. EXPECTED RESULT: It should work exactly like Iradite clusters. (any damage breaks it open, resource boosters double it) OBSERVED RESULT: Shells tough enough they don't break like crates, always a single instance of residue picked up. Residue containers also do not show up on loot radar and should (same as iradite) RE
  10. TYPE: Trading, In-Game DESCRIPTION: Attempting to trade a Baro Kiteer weapon with a fellow tenno! VISUAL: https://i.imgur.com/KEgJnMe.jpg https://i.imgur.com/pRRghkJ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/0DRRMom.jpg REPRODUCTION: Open trade interface, search/find/click 'glaxion vandal', be unable to trade despite it flagged astradable EXPECTED RESULT: Weapon should be tradable OBSERVED RESULT: Its not tradable, despite being unranked REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time Other: Trade chat reports Prisma Shade and Prisma Burst laser being similiarly affected and also m
  11. TYPE: Mission Rewards, Steel path, Ingame DESCRIPTION: Excavation extractors level 1 and shouldn't be, credit caches still in drop tables and shouldn't be, steel path europa VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: play extraction on Europa in steel path. EXPECTED RESULT: Credit caches were supposed to be exterminated from drop tables months ago, and extractors are supposedt o level with enemies so they aren't made of pper mache OBSERVED RESULT: level 1 extractors blew up instantly, rewards were wrong REPRODUCTION RATE: 2/2, affected Cholistan and Valefor and probably all
  12. Sorry, forgot to add this in before posting. This bug is more far-reaching than you expect and absolutely dunks on the new warframe player experience. let me explain: Because of this issue there are some amps that are objectively S#&$ty and the worst. Wwhen I get a friend into the game who LOVED the second dream they are set up for a MASSIVE disappointment window shortly after because we(the community as well) have to warn them NOT to use certain parts or amps, oh, and also the mote amp sucks and you should make anything else given the chance, except these things whi
  13. TYPE: in-game, amps, operator DESCRIPTION: Amps stagger operator VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] REPRODUCTION: Affects all amps with following components: EXPECTED RESULT: Shooting an enemy should NOT tend to affect you more than the enemy! Enemies kill you while animation locked. Amps are not supposed to hurt their operator and didn't before unintended changed swept them up in other classes OBSERVED RESULT: Amps are absolutely garbage and frustrating to use and half my weapon choice is about as bad as 2020. funruiningly horrible
  14. I also suffer from this bug regularly and concistently. It seems like the player avatar is sharing space with umbra and thei avatars are stuck next to ech other like glue. Reproduction is like 6/6, and definitely seems to be proximity based with umbra and based in the logic of whether you pop out of the mech as operator or into a close-by frame that's on-screen. As an interim fix, you can use the fishing pole to force another animation that seperates you from Umbra. Any toss then a bullet jump should let you able to seperate; its possible an emote with sufficient motion will give en
  15. TYPE: In Game Market DESCRIPTION: Mod Drop Chance Boosters Aren't Available For Purchase VISUAL: https://i.imgur.com/01mlb32.jpg REPRODUCTION: Search booster and mod and drop chance in market. EXPECTED RESULT: All boosters available to purchase for platinum. OBSERVED RESULT: Desired boosters not available REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time, restarting does not fix issue. Other: Drop rates for specific mods are so atrocious (deimos set, necramech rares, and others ) its incredibly frustrating you can't even get the booster to help fix it. Boosters are
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