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  1. Just out of curiosity, when are you going to make it so that the Heavy Weapon Launcher is awarded when you buy a gravimag with plat too? Its currently gated behind huge amounts of fortuna standing and its one of the times where you can plat buy a thing and NOT be able to use it!
  2. Also, when will we manufacturer versions of Ordnance, or ordnance with special drops/quirks? I like the galvarc, I just wish it was usable, did better damage, and actually fried 3 enemy fighters at once like it say sit does, instead of '1 maybe'. Give it a triple beam(ocucor), not a single chaining beam (gaze). I'd also like it if the forward artillery station was opted in to use Ordnance so they have something to do while hanging out in the gunu chair, and if you could set ordnance by turret (so the pilot can milati, and the side gunners can seeker missile) I'd also like to see an 'anti-crewship' big missile/cruise missile. An ordnance that does, say, guaranteed particle or plasma effects and opens up a crewship to instant-death from regular guns, or can armor shred it in preperation for an artillery run.
  3. Holy WOW was this the wrong move. You got rid of the best part of the avionics system: (actual choice!) The Compact mods that DON'T hog all the space! All the new avionics are so expensive they don't fit. Put it back or just remove the Reactors as a mechanic and let people have unlimited avionics* *or just like, double all reactor capacity. I'm at a high roll tier 3 lavan, and i'm still short like 25-30 avionics in the 'new system' from what I had before. I LIKED the multiple manufacturers angle, but in retrospect, I think the best answer is to have TWO manufacturers for each part, the compact part and the 'big' part, thus having a less complex but still enjoyable middle ground. Railjacks currently feel sluggish as heck in space, and doesn't turn well either. The avionics that made speed possible are nowhere near as effective as they used to be, and boost feels like it does NOTHING for all of your energy bar. Can you 'un-fix' the boost speed, boost drain, and double the speed of all parts and avionics to go with the base speed?'. I hate to break it to you, but drifting around in space was fun at ridiculous speeds and you just killed it. NOT A FAN of anything that makes the grindiest game mode less fun. Any word on, say, tripling Titanium drops and halfing the amount of titanium needed for repairing drops? . This change does nothing for people who have a 'bunch' o titanium already and a ton of parts they WANT to make, but can't because its barely enough for 1x-2x, and valence fusion sorta sucks because there's no way to combine like parts: that its restricted by manufacturer is super annoying because I still don't have a use for all these junky zetki weapons and would love to throw their parts onto my actually good weapons or reactors. Nice change, but it doesn't help me at all: I can't fusion the parts I have already with the parts I've looted already (loot tables have good parts at stupid low drop chances in infrequent drop places, I haven't even seen a vidar reactor much less twice to fusion a better one; let me use the crappy zetki drops to improve my good ones ; an even if I could I can only repair one part of like 19 looted salvage) And... a slower game mode makes me no want to play it anyway. Bring back the Winged mods boosting railjack stats so there's a reason to use them, OR give them a row of avionic slots for the 'flight deck' and expand reactor capacity/lower equip cost all around so there's a reason to USE them.
  4. They've got some use in railjack because its populated entirely by small groups of high level enemies that are all heavy gunner tier tough while also being high level. Eidolon, condrix, bosses. Obligatory 'good in conclave tho'. The best 'snipers' are the ones that have assault rifle modes with them too. Tiberon, etc. I do think that sniper weapons should be gravimag-able, because I'd much rather have the power to call down a heavy ground weapon than an archgun for when I need it. Fluctus can suck it; gimme an ogris or rubico on demand with the funky ammo mechanic and its works out better.
  5. Do it! All the lame weapons should be maxed out! I'd agree, mostly. Some weapons just don't hold acandle to newer ones, and a super new weapon is just going ot have more modern stats and status/crits less stuck in the days of 'oh 5%/5% is good enough', while at the same times things like oh, the Multron and Vulcax - NO riven is going to help those no matter how good it is. My request is this: Can we set a riven disposition floor at 0.7 or so? Past a certain point ANY riven at low dispo jus sucks and isn't worth using; leading to a cycle of 1) find the next best thing, trash its dispo down to 0.6 over the next 2-3 updates, making its dispo garbage even if its not necessarily needing one to be good 2) repeat. All popular, good on their own weapons are taking this fate, and its dumb that more or less any nice recent weapon that doesn't have any flaws is on a steady nosedive. Its nice supra's getting some love again, for example but its been like , years at this point, and there needs to be a tapering off of 'okay its S#&$, only entheusiasts are going to keep using their fave gun, we can stop paying attention to the data there' the closer a weapon gun approaches minimum dispo. Basically, Rubico is always going to be 0.5 because its rubico, not because of the riven making it good. This is in part due to certain breakpoints existing, needing ot hit 100% status due to certain base amounts, or a 0.1 disposition change no longer ensuring a multishot breakpoint. I also think there should be a meechanic to gild a riven, removing its tradability, in exchange for dispo downfall protection, but that's a conversation for another time.
  6. Strongly agree. The self-damage window is too long and should be acceptable without modding for it; and the enemy damge window is pathetic; the blanket 'it works this way for everything' isn't great and should be adjusted for all explosives on intent. If an enemy is in the 10% damage window, the tenno should never stagger ever. Please fix my propa amp, or bring back self damage for operators. Or just give them all innate permanent stagger resist.
  7. This is what I want to know as well! I stopped playing because scarlet spear has these issues: Where are those gold arcanes? Like, duh! This was supposed to be the farm all the missing ten event after the recent patch? At least it feels that way, and I'm not the only one. Its impossible to get the tier 3 emblem in a busy flotilla: I've tried a super fast ground team thrice now, and the pacing is off so it ends before you can get the high tier payout! What about prisma fluctus? Just because it was spoiled by accident in patch note doesn't mean its no longer releasable! like dang, this would be the event for it. unless there's another archwing related event upcoming or baro is just slow??? Conversely if you pick a slow-tilla to try to get the payout you get nothing if it doesn't finish. This is my biggest gripe with the event. NEVER should a player be able to be stripped of reward for invested time for reasons solely outside their own control. 1: if you can't start your own flotilla freshly and have other people join with a totally full timer due to technical reasons, THEN its entirely reasonable to make it so that you always recieve payout for contribution no matter what. 2: Missions need to be able to overflow 100 condrex/murex a little so that people inside can finish their payouts/missions. This shouldn't be an issue because of the instance cooldown reset! Who cares if it goes to like 110-120/100 because there's a reset period anyway? not being 'duped/cheated out of' some rewards (due to the event being structured wierdly somewhat) is better. 3: This feels like the coronavirus epidemic forced reconsiderations of the grind and event duration and cost for everything and the forced work from home situation just added to dev teams not talking to each other as much as they were used to. Its understandable, but the launch was rough. On one hand, its entirely acceptable and I forgive your situation because the rest of us are stuck at home beside you - on the other hand, we have to deal with the consequence of waiting for responses and fixes. Its a tossup. The casualty is wanting to continue playing because of spending too much effort early 4: the longer the event goes the more likely it is nobody cares at the tail end and you can't earn rewards at ALL. 5: Anomaly shards ought to be a rare drop, mission-end reward timer, or something 6: At least put the high tier reactors on the space group mission drop tables? The gatekeeper to high tier railjack content is good reactors, and the rule of space is you get the stuff you need to do space from doing space missions. Alternatively, Scarlet creds should be able to buy ship equipemt directly, like a plague star. Would cash out creds for titanium. 7:Relics. So many relics. too many relics. Can the tier 2/3 rotation include flawless/radiant ones like ESO? It doesn't have to be top tier Personal irritation and bug report: The Sukshma Eleva decorations physics state is still broken in the orbiter. It should be standable like a socketed ayatan. This is relevant because I don't want to have to farm scarlet spear for consoles to stand on JUST to make a staircase in my orbiter and they're the only workable replacement. Except for simaris consoles, which are way to expensive to farm, so first world problems i guess. Its petty, but at the same time its stifling creativity.
  8. Also , please add stance forma to plat market and 3 pack bundles. Same as aura forma already!
  9. Hey, could you credit my account with the missing 8k scarlet credits? Bug report : Team placed 10k: Scarlet spear instance victory payout was short : Scarlet spear's victory payout should be, per the event post: End of Wave Bonus Tiers: If you defeat the required amount of Murex in a Scarlet Spear Flotilla, you will get bonus VICTORY PAYOUT. Your Victory Payout earns you more Scarlet Credits Operation points depending on your rank! Rank I (Ground or Space): 2000 Rank II (Ground or Space): 6000 Rank III (Ground or Space): 10,00
  10. Fan request: Can you please make Stunning Speed (nightmare mod for pistols) either a LOT BETTER, or make it add to flat status chance AFTER the percentage adjusments (like, say, flat +20% SC) like Shattering Justice for sobek is? now that primed quickdraw and sure shot buffs are a thing, its a contender for 'worst mod in the game' and really needs a rework to be useful. even if you tripled it like the other mods, 30% would still be really low. a few of these maybe: '40-60% reload speed, drain to 7 at max, a lot more status chance, 20-25 flat status chance, or being an exilus'
  11. God yes please. I get why its a thing (for console players) but for the love of gosh, keyboard twiddling, and not accidentally selecting things - let the pc players turn it off. I've found a few areas that are.... lacking polish as well as work differently than you would expect. Let me show you what i mean: Step One: Operators need love Its silly that: 1) you are able to search for amps in inventory, but NOT on equip operator screen! 2) You can search for amps specifically by part in inventory (eg, 'anspatha brace') 3) Why isn't there an amp search bar? The functionality is there! It already works! Just shove it in the equip screen at the top!! 4) Operators need to be able to buy extra cosmetic slots. Just give em the D-E-F + slot buy prompts! Step 2: Lich Love Its silly that: 1) Trading liches have a better interface to see what all you HAVE than your actual own inventory 2) The lich search bar in codex doesn't search by type. You cannot put in CONVERTED to get a list of liches you have on hand! 3) Kuva weapons don't show their elemental % in armory. You have to toggle a valence transfer to see the actual percent. At least put it in the item description? 4) Trade post is dojo-wide, and the lich trade post should be too. Its foolish to make someone join that room just to trade. Make all trades work dojo wide, no fuss, no added hastle. 5) No good way to preview converted liches because its hard to see which one are on hand 6) Can we get a 'kuva lich specter' to imprint off a specific lich as a means to summon a particular lich 7) being able to see your lich allies and preview which looks like/has what needs to be more obvious 8 ) An in-mission lich, on its health bar, right below its name, should really display which tenno it belongs to, so there's no question who has to go parazon it and nobody is wondering if its theirs or not. Example: Jitt Jett, Udoshi's nemesis. Step 3: Personal pet peeves I personally (a viewpoint that may or may not be shared with other players) miss the concise armory screen that showed cat/pets on the heavy weapons screen, and don't like all the extra clicking to change basic loadouts! I'd prefer to have a 'one page' armory loadout that has everything in the same place, no tabbing, or at least the option to turn 'use non-tabbed armory page'. Like this! Just have the camera 'zoom too' the apropriate arsenal spot (pet, tenno, operator, archwing) upon mouseover, like it does now/used to! Please and thanks!
  12. Hi! Will you be addressing sentinel, moa, specter and Umbra Bad Shooting Habits at this time as well? (where they appear to be overcompensating/leading a target and stray shots just go WAY off course?) With the status changes, is Condition Overload getting fixed to be back to 'normal'/as good as it was before the crit changes in melee 3 obseleted it? Rest looks great tho. I've often thought sentinels should behave like exalted weapons so new players odnn't have to superfarm endo just to use a cool robot space buddy. Are the fortuna sentinel guns going to get any love? What about a 'Moa Only Augment' that sets the tazicor, vulcax and cryotra reload to 0?
  13. Thanks for the update, and (even mildly) showing you can revert bad decisions! When are we going to get more operator cosmtic slots, by the way? been waiting for some time, but it seemed to slip by each patch!
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