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  1. Good. Canonically Railjack has the big guns while Archwings are infiltration tools to get where big ships can't fit.
  2. Balas pointed middle finger at me. I cut out this finger and use it as a nuclear reactor for my boat, thanks Balas.
  3. Yep, usually I am a solo player myself, but finding randoms is not that bad. I do hope it will stay that way, and people won't get bored too quickly. One thing I am afraid now that I reached Saturn, is that it will be even harder to find a crew or active railjack to play with people if you don't have friends (or have friends but they don't want to play Railjack specifically)
  4. A thing worth mentioning, is that when you hear ramsleds alert from Cy, you should boost on reverse and shoot out "optimists" before they board you
  5. I looked at steam charts, I looked at pathetic "game awards", and I ask you why should I care?
  6. Than again, those people who say that Empyrean is objectively bad update, are ignoring those, who's way of play is different than theirs.
  7. Dude, I have yet to kill Hydrolyst, I have not maxed any umbral forma, I can barely survive arbitrations, my entire everything is S#&$, and I did first Earth node second try. If you tried to solo it, well that might be where your problem lies, it is NOT a solo experience. If you did it with a team of at least 3, than how the hell you have problems with doing the railjack missions?
  8. I wouldn't say that people are the problem, or that they shouldn't play a certain way, because it's a game for them, and it's their choice to decide how they want to play. That said however, I do agree 100% with what you want to say - people make their own problems and than *@##$ about it on forums to cry on DE. They don't know what is their problem.
  9. I noticed that Warframe Forums is the real PVP
  10. Forum daddies will always be salty about everything. You can't spend a day on Warframe Forums without "THE END IS NIGH" post.
  11. Yes, the skies are falling, nukes are flying, and warframe is definitely dying...
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