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  1. I would say a few things could use some help in Railjack. 

    1. Several Intrinsics feel useless. The largest cultrate of this is the Tactical tree as nearly half of the Intrinics feel weak or pointless, for example the Rank 5 ability "Overseer", Overseer gives the "Crew Chase Camera" which still doesn't explain what it is or how to use it. Also the Rank 7 & Rank 9 (which both reduce cooldown of Tactical Avionics by 20%) feel weak as most Tactical Avionics feel weak. To top it all off (pun intended) the capstone abilities for both Tactical and Piloting are absolutely pointless. You need to get 512 points just to rank up from 9 to 10 and what do you get for it? The ability to warp from the ship to crew members and +2000 damage when Boosting into enemies. Really? They just feel so pointless, especially when compared to the capstones for Gunnery and Engineering. 

    2. Too many Avionics are required to make the Railjack feel useable. Armor, Hull Strength, Turret Damage, Turret Heat Capacity, Turret Crit, Turret Status. These all feel mandatory on the ship which take up a LOT of your Avionics and leave very little to make the ship feel your own. The sheer amount of Avionics Points you need to make a ship that can survive late game also limits you to use the Vidar Reactor. The Avionics system feels like the old Mod system from WAY back in early Warframe where Warframe abilities took up mod slots and capacity. Back then it wasn't uncommon for players to remove a couple of their abilities just to have the mod space and capacity to give the other 2 a decent build. 

    3. Archwing. Archwings feel absolutely useless in Railjack missions, used for nothing more than to allow you to use the Slingshot or to enter Objective bases. If memory serves, we were suppose to get an Archwing overhaul along along side the Scarlet Spear event, which was about 10 months ago. Heck, each of the 4 Intrinsics Paths have bonuses to Archwing at Rank 8 and several of the Railjack Components give bonuses to Archwing so the two are obviously meant to work together. Sadly in the game's current state, there is no reason to go into Archwing for things like combat so even if Railjack is smoothed out it wouldn't feel complete without Archwings also getting their fix. 

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  2. On 2020-12-12 at 12:17 PM, MonsterOfMyOwn said:

    I agree to disagree. Make his tentacle deal significant damages (while still being a source of loot), and give him a bit more mobility (3+4+2= move the pond and the tentacle), and you'll get an ok warframe

    Than we actually agree, I was comparing Hydroid's current ability set vs Vauban's abilities. I do agree with your ideas for changes to Hydroid's abilities but I don't think they do enough. I believe that if Hydroid is in his puddle while he summons the Kraken, the tentacles should pull enemies they grab into the puddle (doing both tentacle AND puddle damage). They should also change the Augment to his 1 from simply doing Corrosive status procs to stripping armor because it suffered GREATLY when DE changed how status procs were calculated with the Damage 2.0 update. 

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  3. On 2020-12-04 at 3:03 AM, MonsterOfMyOwn said:

    Not sure. His kit is somewhat consistent appart from the anti synergy between his 3rd and his 4th.

    He just need a better synergy between his 4th and his 3rd, and some better damage scaling.

    Instead of buffing his 4th damage while in 3rd, make the kraken stay in the middle of the pond (and follow you when you move), and make npc take both 3rd and 4th damage. And make the damage of his 4th scale with NPC levels

    I would have to disagree. All of Hydroid's abilities are focused around Crowd Control, and when his 1, 2, & 4 have a tendency to either ragdoll or flail their targets around the entire tile, it becomes rather useless. Let's compare him to the poster warframe for Crows Control, Vauban. Without the use of Augment mods, Vauban can do everything Hydroid can do and more. A single Fletcher Orb and a single cast of Bastion is strong enough to kill multiple Exemus Bombards within seconds and that can be done with a simple balanced build. Hydroid would have trouble killing any targets he has put under his crowd control, and good luck killing any enemies past Star Chart with your puddle before you run out of energy. 

    With this and the copious amounts of evidence stated throughout this thread, it's more than apparent that Hydroid needs a complete rework from the ground up. 

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  4. On 2020-10-03 at 6:29 PM, (PS4)MegaZatruz said:

    I hope that someone from DE is seeing these comments and take into consideration, at least

    Me too, I am not even close to a Hydroid main but I hate that there is a frame which has literally no reason to be used as there are frames like Vauban who do ALL of his jobs better except resource farming which now Khora and even Atlas are pushing him out of that niche. 

  5. 12 hours ago, SolidSnake8774 said:

    Hydroid is not as bad as some people are making him out to be. I dont think he needs a full rework but some tweaks/adjustments to tighten up his kit and possibly fuse some redundant similar powers. Some I proposed here: 

    I'd be more inclined for Frost to have a rework than Hydroid. Not that Frost is bad, but his kit is far more outdated than Hydroids including his augments.

    Well unlike Hydroid, Frost does something relatively well. He is king of Defense missions and his Avalanche strips armor so why does he need a rework more than Hydroid? He has a mission type he is the best for as well as good CC and Armor Strip. Hydroid only has CC and most of it ragdolls enemies or flails them about, making them hard to shoot. 

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  6. I have been getting back into Grendel lately and I have noticed a few things in his kit which could use some tweaks. Whether or not he is in need of a rework is up for debate but he is surely in need of a few tweaks here and there to help him feel a bit smoother in game play. I would be going each of Grendel's abilities for a refresher and say how I believe they can be tweaked in order to help Grendel turn Missions into a 3 Course Meal. Please note that the changes are only suggestions. I simply wish to get the Grendel ball rolling about how to help our favorite hungry boy. 

    Passive: Grendel gains 50 armor per enemy in his stomach. 
    I like this and don't want it to change at all. 

    1) Feast: "Get in my belly!" This is your Eat ability, 
    Changes: This ability has a drain as well as a casting cost. The drain can be very detrimental as it is multiplied by the number of enemies in your stomach. This discourages the player from gathering enemies which all of his abilities need to function. A way to fix this would be to double the base drain but to have it be static regardless of how many enemies you have in your stomach. 

    2) Nourish: Digesting an enemy to get one of three buffs and healing.
    Changes: There are one of two things I would do to help this ability. Either A) Increase the healing because only healing 20 HP at base is ridiculous, or B) Remove the Healing and increase the duration of the buff. These changes are to help Grendel actually use this ability as most builds would have Duration lowered to having more than 1 enemy in your stomach doesn't drain you like an Eximus Leach in an Infested map. Also the heal is so minuscule they should either buff it or remove it as right now it does next to no healing. You're guaranteed to take more damage from standing still to cast it than it would heal. 

    3) Regurgitate: Slit an enemy across the map into his friends.
    Changes: This one is a simple buff as currently the spit up from his Feast does everything better except for range. This would be a simple buff of the ability also doing damage that is proportional to the total HP of the enemy you just spat up into his friend's face. I mean if you toss a Grineer Bombard into a Butcher, of course it should do a lot more damage then vice-versa. 

    4) Pulverize: Slam into the enemy as a wrecking ball.
    Changes: I like most of Pulverize and wouldn't change most of the numbers. The only problem I have is the inertia and momentum when fighting up hill. It's almost impossible to climb up hill or stairs without a lot of momentum behind you. 

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  7. 23 minutes ago, Letter13 said:

    It's a new system. It's going to need a lot of fine tuning. Patience is a virtue, and providing level-headed constructive feedback (regardless of whether it's positive or negative) is perhaps the best thing you or other players can do to effect positive change (i.e. help improve) in the game.

    I think a lot of the anger from the community is from fear that DE hasn't learned to calm down with the nerf bat. Remember how quickly Khora was nerfed during the Scarlet Spear event when DE themselves seemed to forget that her ability to heal the objective wasn't a glitch but a feature? This reduction of MR and nerf to popular abilities (yes, they chose them because they were popular, not because they thought they were strong) seems to be another case of this.


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  8. Just now, (PS4)Madurai-Prime said:

    It was either this or nerfing them later after people already subsumed their frames then getting the backlash from that.

    The update isn't out so no one has an excuse to go rage mode. 

    This ISN'T rage. It's a calm dialog. We have both seen DE be ridiculously quick to go for the nerf bat. Remember the Khora nerf during the Scarlet Spear? That's I would admit is a large source of annoyance but I want to have a civil discussion. 

    Also the suggestion about how to help the Helminth system was to not only point out a still ongoing problem (quick to nerf and forgotten veterans), but also give a possible solution in hopes to hear either other solutions or even possible ideas for the Helminth variations of the abilities for DE. I would admit the ideas I had were off the top of my head but were only meant to be examples to get my point across. 

  9. 12 minutes ago, (PS4)Madurai-Prime said:

    Please don't speak for us. I have no issues with the adjustments. 

    There is no issue at all, really. There are just entitled angry people on the forums that are unpleasable.

    The MR 8s will realize once they get to the Helminth that they don't have enough resources to participate, and they will have to go do some farming. If they do have the resources? Good for them, nothing has changed as they clearly put their time in to acquire said resources.

    The abilities that were adjusted will be improved with the mods already going onto your frame. You'll live even though you cant have a 40 meter Nidus pull.

    You obviously haven't read the article as not all of the changes are simple "Reduced Range" or the such, several are hard caps such as with Helminth Defy. No amount of modding would be able to change that. And what's wrong about wanting every ability to be viable? Rebecca herself stated at Tennocon that several Helminth abilities would be different but later it was stated that the abilities would be buffed, not just the Helminth versions. So simply giving the weaker abilities a variation to make them more viable would not only have DE keep their word but also increase the pool of abilities players would use. 

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  10. Ok DE, look. We all know that you want to keep the game balanced and want everyone to have fun, there is NOTHING wrong with that at all. Though if there wasn't a problem than we wouldn't' be talking here now would we? I am sorry to say but your current method of "Balancing" the game isn't helpful for either you (DE, the company) or us (The players).

    It's bad for you because you seem to have a very itchy trigger finger on the nerf bat and are willing to swing at anything that moves (NOT saying that's what you actually do, just that is what it seems like from the player base). On the other hand it is bad for players as you have stated that the abilities nerfed in Helminth were ones we were excited over the most. Do you want us to keep our excitement away from you? Do you want us to never discuss how to help each other become stronger with things like builds? I don't. That's a 1 way street to a toxic community. 

    There is also the MR Rank drop from 15 to 8. This is actually a very bad thing for 2 reasons. 
    1. New players are already bombarded with a LOT of mechanics from quests, to soon 3 Open World areas, to Archwings, to Railjacks. Adding Helminth to the resource grind would overwhelm a new player with grind and have them leave the game. Not to mention that MR 8 isn't hard to get to. 
    2. Veteran players have felt ignored for literal years now.  So when we were told we were getting something special, it was like Christmas only to have that crash and burn a week later as we were told the MR would drop by half. It suddenly went from getting a large gift for Christmas to getting a single gift but being told you had to share it with your little brother who also got several things for himself. 

    So, how do we fix this? 
    Well there are actually quite a few things that you can do and I would be more than happy to list them.
    1. This should go without saying, UNDO THE NERF! Make those abilities back to their prime. These would still be popular either way. But how to make the other abilities look like viable choices? We'll get there.
    2. Increase the MR requirement from 8 to 12. This should make it so the player has to be decently skilled and understand all of the mechanics of the game before they can go switching abilities as well as having enough of the required resources to keep the Helminth Happy. 
    3. This is the most important one, BUFF THE OTHER ABILITIES. Either give them better stats or add gimics to them. AN example would be for Helminth Tesla Nervos would instead of spawning 4 Nervos, now spawn 6 or for Helminth Terrify to make it so feared enemies to have a chance to be open to finishers when running away. These are off the top of my head but they are meant to be sort of like mini-Augments. It would make the weaker abilities much more tempting while leaving the top 6 untouched. 

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  11. Patch 27.0.12
    STILL can't edit Engines, Thursters, or Shields. I have a darn Zekti Shield array waiting to be equipped for 2 WEEKS! Because of this glitch I have been unable to not only upgrade my ship, I am unable to scrap any salvage for the previously mentioned parts so it's really starting to fill up and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

  12. I can not do anything to my Shield Generator, Engines, or Generator. Whenever I do, my ship spasms and doesn't let me go to the selection screen I can research what I want to research. It has a chance of not happening the first time I go to the Dojo when logging in BEFORE a mission but afterwards it never lets me in which sucks because I just got enough resources for a nice new Shield array. 

  13. Hello, I am a long time player. Love the game. Anyway, there seems to be a glitch with the interaction with the Danaus skin with several Shields & Swords weapons. When the weapon is visible and holstered with the skin attached, the sword would not shrink on the Sigma and Octantis, leaving the sword clipping and stabbing through the shield. This visible glitch also occurs with the Silva & Aegis Prime and the Ack & Brunt. These are obviously different than how they are suppose to react, with the sword shrinking into the shield to hide it until you switch to melee like before. Sorry for the probable mistake on the "Category", I just didn't know which would match best for Weapon Skin Graphics.


  14. 9 minutes ago, DeMonkey said:

    I have a cloud walker replacement thread somewhere as well :3

    Perhaps we should help DE think of new abilities by listing off all of Wukong's tricks and abilities from the story. Especially since WUKONG NEVER LEARNED CLOUD WALKING! Yes he could fly on a cloud but he couldn't fly by himself. 

  15. I actually believe Wukong doesn't need a HUGE rework like many people say BUT his 3 (Cloud Walker) has to go. 

    Passive: Tenacity: Buff it. instead of 50% bonus combo duration flat, change it to 50% on Melee weapons, 100% on Exalted Weapons. 

    1: Iron Jab: Other than the obvious FIX THE BUGGY HITBOX DE! I believe adding some synergy to his kit would be great. When used while using Wukong's Primal Fury, the pole is much thicker, doubling the max range of impact from 2 meters to 4 meters (animation wise it would be poking with the max thickness, refference, use Primal Fury block combo)

    2:  Defy: It's good as it is, moving on

    3: Cloud Walker Doppelganger: In the book Journey to the West (were Sun Wukong is from), using clones/Doppelgangers was one of Monkey's most useful and used tricks. Wukong would summon 1 (or 2, depends on balance) sectors of himself. These sectors are immortal but have a time limit which is affected by Power Duration but otherwise act as normal sectors. This Synergies with Wukong's Primal Fury as if you have it active when casting Doppelganger would cause the copies to also wield the same weapon and explode once the duration runs out (or ability is nullified). {The simplicity of this ability is also meant to reduce time for coding and making new assets}

    4: Primal Fury: Increase the Crit chance of the Iron Staff by 15%-25%, (I know that's about the same as Valkyr but she also has lots of knock down and had immortality tied to it.). And Either increase the status as well by 15% or give the pole a passive Shattering Impact as Impact damage scales the worst of all. Now having multiple passives would be confusing so I can see the removal of the "Growth" passive where combo counter = reach and possibly bring it to the length it is at x2.5 multiplier (maybe 3) or even the length used when seeing it in your Loadout. 



  16. On 6/22/2017 at 2:05 AM, AdunSaveMe said:

    There's no excuse for needing datamining to find out basic mechanics. This has been an issue for years, and it's not going to get any better by ignoring it.

    Given some of the things DE has said in the past it feels like they're afraid of "spreadsheets", or making the game too much like an MMO. But this absolutely does not excuse the lack of information present in the game. It's seriously driving newer players away.

    The codex needs to be used to describe, in detail, every mechanic of an ability or weapon. No, the solution is not to put the wiki in-game, or to have links to it. The solution is to have the information itself in the game.

    This is too true. Destiny was heavily criticized for using out of game sources to give information. I know most, if not all dataminers are really huge fans of Warframe who just want to give the community the information we need to use half of the weapons and frames. Seriously, for a solid year we needed them to help us know passives of Warfames and we STILL need them for hidden weapon mechanics such as the Silva & Aegis block mechanic. But the solution to datamining is simple, create an environment where we don't need datamined information to use the freak'n items and weapons. I know, seems stupidly simple, but think about it. Why would you need to datamine if DE simply hands the community the information we would originally need to mine to find? 

  17. 1 minute ago, Grimmboski said:

    these videos are specifically collated from the reddit responses, and placed here as I am not a major youtuber, nor a content creator for Warframe, I think that Mogamu, Tactical Potato, Brozime, AGGP and others have enough of a following that DE is fairly likely to see their videos regardless, where this is literally just the content generated from the reddit warframe community, and not necessarily my personal opinion until the second video where I attempt to clearly define a workable set of tweaks to Oberon's kit based on said feedback. 

    I see. The videos did hit the nail on the head. Not 100% behind all of the ideas of how to fix him but I think all Oberon mains have agreed on what abilities need the most changing and his main problem areas. So at least it shows DE where to start looking. 

  18. 1 minute ago, SenorClipClop said:

    But my whole point was that Smite is dealing tons and tons of damage as it is now. It's two-shotting Level 80 units, which is something that no other power in the game can do for the same energy cost.

    If we compare Oberon's 1 to other 1s in the game that are standard "Warframe lobs a damaging projectile in target direction" powers, the implications are clear:

    • Ember deals 400 damage and inflicts a proc, with a 150-damage AoE
    • Frost deals 350 damage and inflicts a proc, with a 150-damage AoE
    • Ash deals 500 damage on up to 2 targets and inflicts a proc, dealing half of that damage over time
    • Volt deals 200 damage and inflicts a proc, chaining to up to 5 enemies
    • Nekros deals 500 damage, inflicts a proc and deals minor area damage behind the target
    • Oberon deals 500 damage, inflicts three procs (Rad, Puncture, Knockdown) and creates damaging projectiles capable of dealing hundreds, even thousands of damage to the same target or ones nearby.

    If this isn't "actual damage", what is? What is our expectation of what Oberon's 25-energy spammable power can do?

    I never did say it was a perfect idea, simply a suggestion. It's good to see you did some research and your argument is not simply reactionary. The scaling would allow it to deal more damage than the average 1 (though rivaling most of the 1 abilities of more recent frames) but scaling armor would keep it from going insane. Of course testing would be necessary to determine how effective this solution would be. 

  19. Just now, SenorClipClop said:

    Interesting. But don't you think this would be overpowered if Oberon built high Strength and used it on non-Armored targets?

    An excellent observation. But Flesh also has a resistance to Radiation, granted not as much as Shields but still some. By no means do I believe that 5.8% is the end all solution, simply an example to make it easier to follow my logic. This method is meant to reward building strength so Smite can deal actual damage. The down side is that you're basically building Oberon to spam 1 ability since his other abilities require a bit more of a balancing act in terms of stats. 

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