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  1. Apparently Kubrodons shows some resistance towards your tranq rifle's shots. 4/5 Kubrodons I've hunted today took me around 3 shots. The first took me 2. I'm not sure its a bug or not whether this was intended or not. Also take note: They will attempt to knock you down before running off.

  2. On 3/12/2016 at 5:54 AM, (PS4)Simmermon008 said:

    I like some of his abilties and they are definitely awesome! I see the Blossoming Mischief as a kubrow made of light or energy or something like that! And his 4th is cool but It keeps his stationary, which could get deadly during high level missions for farming... Maybe something like the stalkers light orb that rotates above his head? At rank 30 it has 9 spirals, and damage mods increase speed and output but not number? I don't know but its just the "standing stationary" thing with reduced damage isnt plausible for high level endgame stuff, because in some missions if you stop moving you die... And one more thing, are his stats meant to be at rank 30? because 75 total health for a power that drains health is a little low honestly, and it would take up a necessary slot by using a Vitality mod (75x%440=330 HP). 

    But I do love the idea of the frame in general and I think that it is definitely really cool that you can choose to fight or scan him, my question is, can you do both? So what if one player wants to fight him and someone else wants to scan him? can one initiate the fight and still allow the other to scan him? And would he scale to level of the node or off the players? Like if he spawns in randomly for a newbie on earth who has no idea how to scan or what to do, would this totally screw up their current mission or do they sand a chance? Sorry I know I have a lot of questions but  Ireally do love the frame and cannot wait to see the art work!

    True, seeing that his 4th ability is a near endgame material therefore staying stationary and having your team protect you while you do is the key to staying alive(Creator's Tip: Fauxfire and Divine Wrath does stack so incase you're playing solo, you can save yourself by activating Fauxfire to stay alive as you cast Divine Wrath). Thanks for your feedback according to his health pool, it is pretty low despite being a Warframe that drains his own health to stay alive. As you can see I'm constantly doing updates on this Warframe so I'll take your advice and do some tweaking about this and hopefully this will make him into a more balanced Warframe.

    Yes, you can initiate the fight and scan him at the same time but if a single player finishes scanning him, he will vanish without dropping any loot(Note: all players in the team will receive the part even if you're not the one scanning him). Yes, his level will scale to whichever node you're in(at max at rank 30 if you're in Ceres or Europa) so no worries when you're doing a beginner run and he suddenly appears.

  3. 5 minutes ago, SHAHEER9 said:

    Good work Kalvin , I Really like the Edit. :D But still The augment for the 1st ability i.e. Deceitful Transference , is an exact copy of Nyx's First ability. Change it to like......something Unique like , The Enemy on whom this ability is casted will Explode on death dealing ( any number ) of damage , regardless that he is killed by a weapon or ability or an ally, He will explode once ability is applied to him :D ( Only a suggestion , You can make up your own Idea ) :D

    Good Luck :D

    Alrighty, will do that. Thanks for the suggestion. :D

  4. 22 hours ago, Legionofone said:

    It's a cool idea but the dialogue feels kinda rushed and cheesy.  Also I certainly hope there is a concrete way to get him to spawn.

    So far I've made some changes to his dialogue, spawn points and his loot table so. But he will still spawn at random times, gotta make it a chanced encounter. Feel free to suggest some ideas tho.

  5. Kyuubi is based on the Japanese Mythology of a nine-tailed fox demon that feast upon human flesh mostly depicted as a familiar spirit which possessed Magic Powers.

    The Kyuubi Warframe is a nine-tailed fox based Warframe with very low armor and health which makes it up for his shields and his partially utility and crowd controlling capabilities.

    • Health - 100
    • Shields - 250
    • Armor - 25
    • Energy - 125
    • Sprint Speed - 1.1

    Passive - Kyuubi has a built in Energy Siphon which allow him to slowly regenerate energy overtime though your team won't regenerate energy as this is a self passive instead of an aura.

    1st Ability - Playful Deceit

    Kyuubi tosses a flaming projectile which deals fire damage and sets the designated target on fire for a duration of time, sending it fleeing in terror while passing along the burning affliction to any enemy that came into contact with the burning target. Affected by Range and Damage Mods.

    • Unranked - 3 seconds, DoT 20 DMG per second, 3 meters
    • Rank 1 - 5 seconds, DoT 30 DMG per second, 4 meters
    • Rank 2 - 7 seconds, DoT 40 DMG per second, 5 meters
    • Rank 3 - 9 seconds, DoT 50 DMG per second, 6 meters

    Augment Mod - Deceitful Transference

    • Playful Deceit will now apply mind control on the designated target instead. Any enemy unit that came in contact with the designated target will be afflicted by Burn and Panic.


    2nd Ability - Blossoming Mischief

    Kyuubi leaves behind a husk of fiery cherry blossom which will run around drawing enemy fire for a duration time while dealing Fire damage to any enemy that comes into contact with this living husk. When the husk is shot down when before the timer runs out, it will drop a pile of health orbs where it last stood.Affected by Duration Mods.

    • Unranked - 2 seconds
    • Rank 1 - 4 seconds
    • Rank 2 - 6 seconds
    • Rank 3 - 8 seconds

    Augment Mod - Volatile Blossom

    Recasting this ability will cause the husk to explode, dealing 350 DMG to any enemy nearby within a 5 meter radius but no health orbs will drop if the husk is downed from recasting.

    3rd Ability - Fauxfire

    Kyuubi covers himself with a layer of flames which will slowly damage his health per second but for as long as he's covered in flames, he cannot receive any damage from enemies. Not affected by any mods. Can be toggled. Any health loss in this duration can only be regenerated when the ability is toggled off. Auto toggle off when Kyuubi has only 10 HP left.

    • Drains 9HP ar Unranked per second
    • Drains 6HP at Rank 1 per second
    • Drains 3HP at Rank 2 per second
    • Drains 1HP at Rank 3 per second

    Augment Mod - Reflective Fire

    • Fauxfire now reflects damage for as long as it is active, dealing 125 Fire Damage back to the attacker. Any enemies that dies from this will drop health orbs.


    4th Ability - Divine Wrath

    Kyuubi turns stationary and began chanting for a duration of time. As long as he's chanting, he takes reduced damage from any enemy melee or projectiles. When the duration ends, enemies within his line of sight will be marked by a tractor beam and will be dealt heavy radiation damage. If Kyuubi bleeds out before the timer finishes, the original damage dealt will be halved. Affected by Range and Damage Mods.

    • Unranked - 2 seconds, 3 enemies marked, 250 DMG per unit
    • Rank 1 - 4 seconds, 5 enemies marked, 500 DMG per unit
    • Rank 2 - 6 seconds, 7 enemies marked, 750 DMG per unit
    • Rank 3 - 8 seconds, 9 enemies marked, 1000 DMG per unit

    Note: This Warframe isn't farmable from any bosses but instead can be obtained by scanning him and him alone. Each time he appears (the lights will flicker and Lotus will say there's an anomaly nearby or the Warframe itself will send a transmission if this is the second encounter.), the player is given the option to either scan him or fight him. If you defeated him, he has a moderate chance of dropping rare resources and low chance for a very sought after Legendary Core. However when scanned, he will vanish after the player finish scanning him and everyone in the Team will be rewarded a Kyuubi component at the end of the mission.

    He will spawn at random tiles on Earth, Europa, Ceres and Uranus. Drop chances may vary for each encounter.

    • Earth - Kyuubi Blueprint
    • Europa - Kyuubi Helm Blueprint
    • Ceres - Kyuubi Chassis Blueprint
    • Uranus - Kyuubi Systems Blueprint


    Kyuubi's Loot Table

    • Orokin Cell
    • Neural Sensors
    • Neurodes
    • Vigor
    • Intensify
    • Energy Siphon
    • Legendary Core



    First Encounter

    When Spawning

    *Lights will flicker*

    • Lotus "Tenno, I sense an anomaly nearby. Be careful, it might be a hostile."

    When Encountered

    *Lights flickers for the second time*

    • Lotus "Tenno, is that?..."
    • Kyuubi "....."
    • Lotus "Hurry and scan him before he vanishes!"

    After Scanning

    *Lights flickers for one last time as Kyuubi vanishes*

    • Lotus "Tenno... That was the former husk of a warframe called 'Kyuubi'. I thought he was lost when he died but turns out his warframe is still walking as a ghost of the past."
    • Lotus "He will not rest, not even when I told him that his mission ended a long time ago. But as long as you meant no harm to him, he will not retaliate."

    If the Player fights him

    • Kyuubi “Enemy…”
    • Kyuubi "Must... Terminate..."

    When a Player is downed

    • Kyuubi “Stay... Away...”
    • Kyuubi "You... Are not... Worthy..."

    When a Player dies

    • Kyuubi “Rest… In peace…”
    • Kyuubi "Do not... Wake... From your... Dream..."

    When he’s defeated

    *Lights flickers for one last time as Kyuubi vanishes*

    • Kyuubi “Never… Again…”
    • Kyuubi "My... Journey... Ends..."

    Note: The player will no longer receive the same transmissions after the first encounter, but instead will receive a transmission from the Warframe itself for every encounter starting with the second encounter.

    Second Encounter

    When Spawning

    *Lights will flicker*

    • Kyuubi "Are you... Worthy?"
    • Kyuubi "Who... Are you?..."

    When Encountered

    *Lights flickers for the second time*

    • Kyuubi "Are you.. Friend?... Or Foe?"
    • Kyuubi "Will.. You fight?... Or Flee?"

    After Scanning

    *Lights flickers for one last time as Kyuubi vanishes*

    • Kyuubi "Friend... I see..."
    • Kyuubi "I entrust... My powers... To you..."


    • *Edit 1* Changed the 4th Ability so it doesn't look like a Nyx/Nyx Prime copy pasted ability.
    • *Edit 2* Changed the Health pool to a slightly higher amount since the third ability drains health.
    • *Edit 3* Changed the 3rd ability's HP drain amount.
    • *Edit 4* Changed some of the Transmissions/Quotes
    • *Edit 5* Added exact Blueprint parts locations and loot table.
    • *Edit 6* Changed the effects of 4th Ability and from AOE to Line of Sight type Ability.
    • *Edit 7* Added some minor changes to the abilities and the introduction text.
    • *Edit 8* Huge changes made to most of his abilities.
    • *Edit 9* Changed his health to balance out with Fauxfire.
    • *Edit 9.5* Fauxfire will automatically be toggled off if Kyuubi's health drops to 10.
  6. Somehow I tried ranking up from Rank 18 to 19 and my game just freezes there. I can move, I can still attack and run around but the orbs didn't spawn at all. I melee the enemies as told in the test but when I killed of fall the enemies, the orbs just won't spawn and now I'm stuck in that test. Giving up there means I'll have to retake it. Well played...

  7. This is a recent encounter of a bug where I've already completed the Stolen Dream quest but then there is another Stolen Dream quest in the Pending and when I activate it and played it, the quest is now stuck at that one map where you have to retrieve 3 of the Codes from the Corpus map. Thanks in advance.



    I've tried verifying the download cache but it seems that the quest is still there.

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