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  1. I am keeping an eye on void fissures since i only spend my neo/axi there, to get that 100% relic drop from any mission type. Since the update i have not seen one. I asked in chats but not a single person even responded to a query - bloody goldfishes. So unless some1 confirms that they are still in the game i declare that there are no more endless axi mot survivals for anyone.
  2. Hats. I think DE would make 1kk dollars just from slots for fedoras.
  3. Yes, the ever present mass of casuals. I would feel very down if there wasn't so many of them to walk upon.
  4. It could also be ignorance in the preformed squad. Disruption arbitration. 3 people are dead. Host presses "leave" in the middle of the screen - coz the game pushes this option on him and the next dead guy - that will be the first thing he sees on the screen after the load. In the old days of long survivals when 3 people are dead they would HAVE to wait for the 4th to die, or him to extract. Could be an easy fix to this bs, like a cooldown on the leave button for the new host or something.
  5. Oh man, do you think it happens constantly, like a symptom or something? Get over your "good internet" it's not nineties - everybody has good Internet, even your grandma. I think i have around 4000 hours clocked, but this happened like trice or so, with the resent one being the end of it, since this new arbitration mechanic that encourages ppl to rage quit. I can only guess about you, maybe you are this super cool guy that can afford to lose an hour into nothing and forget about it in the next second, but i think you are simply not on the same page yet. DE could do something, but i, myself, pointed out in the op it won't.
  6. Like 90% of the americans don't even know what ping is. But they do always point out to people, while on eu server, that they have a good #*!%ing internet provider. These days slow internet is extinct, get yourself a new calling card.
  7. Ye, i would like to see you giving piece of your mind to Mao, Stalin or some pharaoh.
  8. I don't think you understand what host migration limbo is. Lets say there are 4 of you. Identical internet and everything. Coz you are not so different from the next guy. You left. You are now the new host, but other you have to connect to you now, so you load a bit later than you, lets say a second. You quit again, after half a second. At this point you may be able to become the new new host or be just sent to orbiter. Most likely you will be sent to orbiter, as if there was no mission at all.
  9. I don't know man. I think loosing 100% of what could have been from an hour of disruption arbitration qualifies as 'loosing everything" than and there. Or are you saying it was just one hour? One of many others? And i hav'nt lost everything that i have in general? Was like 18 vitus essence from rotations, plus pick ups, plus raw endo, plus those new arcanes, sculptures, mods. I can crudely transfer that in platinum. Some people beg on their knees in trade chat for 10 times less.
  10. So basically, by your own logic, - a videogame can't force you to do something, yet you object for any attempts at it. Fascinating. "Can" does not equal "will". You are trying to argue that out of trillion people everyone will alt-f4 on the spot, as soon as they are ready to go, rather than having to wait a minute or two.
  11. Like are you for real? In wut region do you play that every single scrub will alt+f4 whenever it feels so. Attempting to force people to do anything has been one of the more practical solutions to the variety of problems throughout the history of human civilization.
  12. Absolutely everything that have primed, wraith, prisma, vandal versions.
  13. You can always force host the public game, at least on PC.
  14. This has to stop. Usually i don't host, coz i'm a huge hardass when it comes to profit run recruiting, but i'm taking for the rule to only ever host things like arbitrations myself. These randoms you meet in recruit have no hosting discipline. You are dead and feel useless? Press "leave", the next dead and depressed wisp, or something, that becomes host will also press "leave" as soon as possible, coz #*!% the people who are still in the process of loading, right? And so on until the last guy will be lost in the limbo of host migrations, loosing everything. I shudder to think wut happens in pubs. Ofc DE won't disable "leave" for host, so sad tenno will keep loosing hours of rewards to this thing. Word.
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