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  1. Might want to work on your comebacks there homie. Your attempted humor seems to have fallen flat 😉
  2. Obligatory Primed Chamber when comment. It's been over 5 years since it was last obtainable for the masses.
  3. Why'd you make two different threads about this?
  4. Wasn't this already removed at the beginning of season 2?
  5. Did you really need to start another thread about this? You already posted in this one:
  6. Don't expect them to change drop tables anytime soon. The last time the community asked for it 25 pages of combined feedback between 2 threads was ignored for the Arbitration revisit.
  7. There are other games that've released recently, and for WF Railjack and New War are on the horizon. So no this isn't a cause for concern, people are playing other games until there's new content.
  8. I could be wrong, but you should only get the inbox message if you own rivens that had their dispositions change.
  9. You'll get different answers, but here's my take: Disruption. Newish game mode that allows you to skew the reward drop tables in your favor. I think Olympus, Mars is the lower-level Disruption mission. I got plenty of Meso relics from it, and I think you can get Lith relics. For Neo and Axi relics you'll have to keep playing and unlocking more planets. Uranus Disruption gives Neo, and when you reach Sedna that Disruption mission gives Axi, as well as another frame. Atlas is new so try going into recruit chat and find groups hunting his relics.
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