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  1. Oh, awesome! Thanks for the heads up. I like to think I pay pretty good attention to wf changes that are released on PC before making it to console but I had no idea we were still behind on lich changes...
  2. This change was great, but before larvlings could display their weapon you made it so each consecutive larvling killed would never produce a duplicate weapon. An equivalent change was also added to the updated system so each downed larvling would never *show* a duplicate larvling, but the first change was never reverted. The problem now is that after you kill a lich with a particular weapon, it is impossible to get that same weapon on your next lich even when "farming" larvlings to try and get it to drop the weapon you want just because your last lich had that weapon. I only realized this after running ~100 missions trying to get a different element for the weapon I got from my last killed/converted lich. Given the 1/16 chance you'll get any weapon (1/15 i guess bc of this unintended issue) it takes about 35 runs for a 90% chance your desired weapon will have appeared, or about 70 runs for a 99% chance. I got to about 90-100 missions before realizing this change from earlier in the year was probably still present. At least I got 18k kuva out of running all those missions. I know this was just oversight, but I hope someone sees this so it gets changed. *console is still waiting for a few lich changes
  3. WAIT, so will ANTIMATTER DROP go through WORMHOLE too??? plz plz plz All the other changes sound great btw!
  4. 1st. Host should have control to allow crew to use navigation, the refine option, and certain abilities. That's been mentioned above I'm sure. Navigation was given to everyone because trolls would sit on it and not let anyone use it. But on the other hand, now players who join my crew will navigate us before we are ready (ie 20+ mods left to pick up and derelicts to run through) or will jump us to a new mission when we (and I, the host/pilot) want to go back to the dry dock. I think it worked better under host control but it would be even better if players could leave mission without having to abort completely. 2nd. When I am in my dojo, and the sentient anomaly shows up, the icon will not appear and access to that mission will not appear until I travel somewhere else then select navigation again. This is an issue throughout warframe, but it's especially annoying here. The dojo has many quirks like this where access to the rest of the game differs, ie kuva lich parazon screen, navigation, and potential traders spawning in your railjack so you can't invite them to trade even once they are in your actual dojo, etc...
  5. If "hold to confirm" needed to be added anywhere else, it would definitely be to the "force start" option when in public squads. Running radiant relics with public squads means you have about an 80% chance that someone force starts the mission on accident before everyone is ready because they double tapped start (square).
  6. I was super excited to see this hoping it would finally fix doors not opening fast enough. Unfortunately, this did not fix that. Using any frame faster than grendel still means running face-first into nearly every door just before they open. At this point, I vote all doors should automatically open once inside any tile-set (kind of kidding, kind of not), or at least make them open when 20+ meters away to account for lag or a host with poor connection. Sure this is fine sometimes when host or solo (probably how DE tests everything...) but come on, fix this. Warframe gameplay relies too much on movement and speed to have to deal with running into doors because they don't open fast enough for Warframe's gameplay.
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